Greyhound Awareness League
G42 2EB Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Organisation Name Greyhound Awareness League
Country (UK) United Kingdom
Postcode/City G42 2EB Glasgow
Street PO Box 7577
Phone 0870 888 7277
Contact Person Heather Kennedy

Organisation Description
The Greyhound Awareness League is a Scottish charity (recognised by the Inland Revenue under charity number SC031037) who rescue and rehome ex-racing and abandoned greyhounds and lurchers. We are dedicated to raising public awareness of the plight of the retired greyhound. Our aim is to encourage members of the public to meet (and hopefully adopt) greyhounds and lurchers and to dispel many of the myths surrounding them.
GAL is a non-profit making organisation run entirely by volunteers who give their spare time freely. Many volunteers have specific jobs to do, others help at events or with transport, etc. We rely totally on donations to help us save the lives of dogs who would otherwise meet a far less fortunate fate.