Personalized Greyhounds, Inc.
17013 New Cumberland, PA, USA

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Organisation Name Personalized Greyhounds, Inc.
Country (US) USA
Postcode/City 17013 New Cumberland, PA
Street 765 Fishing Creek Road
Phone 717-742-7264
Contact Person Peggy Levin, CEO

Organisation Description
Personalized Greyhounds is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation, designated as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, providing greyhound adoption services in the greater Harrisburg area, other parts of Central Pennsylvania, suburban Philadelphia, and northern Maryland. Our staff consists entirely of volunteers dedicated to finding loving, quality homes for former racing Greyhounds, and educating the public about the availability of these affectionate, gentle companions. Our volunteers also act as advisors for greyhound adopters after the adoption is complete.

All adoption fees and expenses are used to cover expenses involved with readying the dogs for adoption.