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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

To join and be part of an organisation that is making a difference on a world scale please click YES
Damline of Adbell Charlie

1Ballyregan AbbiefMAR 2013IEBEBallymac VicBallyregan Fifi
2Ballyregan FififOCT 2009IEBEDroopys ScolariAmigan Girl
3Amigan GirlfDEC 2005IUBETucks MeinBlondie White
4Blondie WhitefFEB 1998IEBDBoyne WalkStreet Tiger
5Street TigerfAPR 1994IEFSkelligs TigerTullig Patsey
6Tullig PatseyfAUG 1988IEBKAulton VillaTullig Rosie
7Tullig RosiefAUG 1985IEFYellow BandTullig Sally
8Tullig SallyfJUL 1981IEBDSand Man *Airdrie Hill
9Airdrie HillfOCT 1973IEFSpectre Yurituni
10YuritunifAUG 1964IEBDPigalle WonderRather Fancy
11Rather Fancyf 1959IEWFRather GrandMillies Fancy
12Millies FancyfJUN 1955IEFPaving StoneMillie's May
13Millie's MayfMAY 1949IEBDBella's PrinceRacing May
14Racing MayfJAN 1945IEBDOpen EventEdna's Hope
15Edna's HopefJUN 1938IEBKOrluckInler May
16Inler MayfAPR 1932IEBKInlerMountain Mary
17Mountain MaryfJUL 1929IEBKDuneynie CastleRoddenfoot Maid
18Roddenfoot MaidfJUL 1928IEBKNobody's FancyGlory Galore
19Glory Galoref 1921IEBKViceroyMay Moon VII
20May Moon VIIfJUN 1915IEFSylvan ToppFriendship IV
21Friendship IVfJUN 1913IEBDDonald McCawClever Jane
22Clever Janef 1905IEBDJim's PrideSurging Sea
23Surging SeafJUL 1894IEBKCagliostroSalmon Fly II
24Salmon Fly IIfJUL 1892IEBKSouth LondonderryOrdeal
25OrdealfAPR 1887UKBKNorthern ExpressOlive Leaf
26Olive LeaffMAY 1884UKBKBen BattleBetsy Birkie
27Betsy Birkief 1880UKBKWDon't Despair *Hearts Delight
28Hearts DelightfFEB 1872UKBDWBrigadierHebe
29Hebe fJAN 1867IEBEWCanaradzoHawthorne
30Hawthornef 1861UKBEWDandyDespised
31Despisedf 1857UKBKJalapEdith
32Edithf 1852IERLobsterLufra
33Lufraf 1849UKFWSir OliverEdith
34Edithf 1840UK ColonelSmart
35Smartf 1836UKRStreamerBride
36Bridef 1832UKRBaronVerity
37Verityf 1830UKBETurpinKate
38Katef 1824UK Hercules Marcia
39Marciaf 1819UK unknown dogunknown dog