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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

To join and be part of an organisation that is making a difference on a world scale please click YES
Damline of Swift Ideal

1Swift DirectfMAR 2016IEDKBDRazldazl George *Swift Alicia
2Swift AliciafOCT 2010IEBDVans Escalade *Vatican Reba
3Vatican RebafJUL 2005IEBKTop Honcho *First to Return
4First to ReturnfJUL 1999IEBKPepes Dilemma *Sadlers Return
5Sadlers ReturnfOCT 1993IEBKApril TrioVelvet Coat
6Velvet CoatfMAR 1991IEBKBurnpark BlackSand Jam
7Sand JamfJAN 1984IEWBKSand Man *All Jam
8All JamfMAR 1977IEWFClashingLady Broadford
9Lady BroadfordfOCT 1974IEFWBroadford BoyLady Hunter
10Lady HunterfJUN 1965IEWFDromin FlashLadys Gift
11Ladys Giftf 1960IEFMan of PleasureLady Oh
12Lady OhfAUG 1954IEBDSandown ChampionOrphan Duke
13Orphan DukefAPR 1948IEBDCaptain BrownClogher Cross
14Clogher Crossf 1943IEWBDHeartbreak HarryKnockdown Girl
15Knockdown GirlfJAN 1938IEBDWWithering WindNancys Charm
16Nancys Charmf 1934IEWBDSandfield ChieftainPassion Girl
17Passion Girlf 1926IEBDFit of PassionMind Yourself
18Mind YourselffMAY 1924IERFClare Boy IIILady Hasty IV
19Lady Hasty IVfAUG 1919IEWBDCommandant PearseErin's Isle II
20Erin's Isle IIfFEB 1916IEBDAyleacottyEthel's Darling
21Ethel's DarlingfSEP 1913IEWBEHidden SmokeDainty Lass
22Dainty LassfMAR 1908IUWBEFight for FreedomDinna Forgive
23Dinna ForgivefAUG 1904UKBKSpytfonteinFree Wheel II
24Free Wheel IIfSEP 1900IEBKJolly Rover IISand Lark
25Sand LarkfOCT 1897IEBDWild LeaderCastle Lass
26Castle LassfAPR 1896IERFFreemason IIKilcara Lass
27Kilcara LassfMAY 1892IERBrunt and CoWild Duchess
28Wild DuchessfMAR 1887IEBKHawkeWild Jewess
29Wild JewessfDEC 1882IEBKWWild TraleeFly (Bourke)
30Fly (Bourke)f 1878IEBDWLuck's AllLook Out
31Look OutfMAR 1875IEBDWPrenez GardeLaughter
32LaughterfMAY 1871IEBKSir StaffordFly
33Fly f 186xIEBKWSpicy BittOld Fly
34Old Flyf 185xIE unknown dogunknown dog