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Damline of Charlote Scarlet

1Shes SmashingfAPR 1989IEBDManorville MajorLynn Shamrock
2Lynn ShamrockfAPR 1981IEBDWShamrock SailorOnly Three
3Only ThreefJUN 1978IEWFMillies ExpressCould Do
4Could DofAPR 1976IEWBKHederaRattoo Trixie
5Rattoo TrixiefMAY 1972IEBKPat's MajesticRattoo Swank
6Rattoo SwankfJUL 1968IEBDWonder Valley *Swanky Girl
7Swanky GirlfAPR 1966IEBDGallant Old BoySwanky Echo
8Swanky Echof 1959IEBDRiver BrookSwanky Luck
9Swanky Luckf 1957IEFGlittering LookTunny Lady
10Tunny Ladyf 1950IEFShaggy LadTunny Princess
11Tunny Princessf 1946IEBDTanistBright Bacardi
12Bright Bacardif 1938IEBDBrilliant BobMiss Cutlet
13Miss Cutletf 1929IEBDMutton CutletTown Speed
14Town SpeedfJUL 1923IEBDThree SpeedLismore
15LismorefAPR 1919IEBDOsprey HawkEaster Week II
16Easter Week IIfJUN 1915IEBESeason TicketBallyogan Lass
17Ballyogan LassfAPR 1912IEBKGloomyBlue-Eyed Lady
18Blue-Eyed LadyfJUN 1909IEBKMutigBallynunnery Lass
19Ballynunnery LassfAPR 1905UKRFStrange MysteryVae Victus
20Vae VictusfAUG 1898UKBKFabulous FortuneKilrosa
21KilrosafAPR 1892IUBKWHalstedMisty
22MistyfMAY 1888UKBKMistertonMa Chere
23Ma CherefMAY 1883UKWBKRolloMagnolia
24Magnoliaf 1877UKBKWPeter SimpleTopsy
25Topsyf 1875UK Sir CharlesSaddle
26Saddlef 1868UKWFClipperFan
27Fanf 1865UK TopperSweet Lily
28Sweet Lilyf 1862UKFWDavidunknown dog