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Save Longford Track, Ireland

Longford Track Supporters Club Fundraiser:

At a meeting held at the track on August 15th a survival plan for the future of Longford Greyhound Stadium was discussed. Over 100 people from all over Ireland attended and heard that basically there are 2 options for the track:

* Close down on Friday August 23rd
* Deal with the urgent issues raised by the Fire Officer and other financial requirements by raising funds immediately.

It is estimated that if we raised €25,000 in the next 2 weeks that racing at the track could continue to October.
It was clearly pointed out that raising these funds will NOT guarantee that racing will continue after October. The track will also require a further €20,000 to survive after that.

Basically it’s a big gamble, but faced with the other option of closing immediately those in attendance decided unanimously to fight for the future of the track. The Longford Track Supporters Club have formed a fundraising committee with the aim of raising €25,000 as soon as possible. This figure is easily attainable as the goodwill is there. We are asking owners, trainers and anyone worldwide with an interest in greyhound racing to contribute to the fund.

Please click on YES if you would like to help.

Thank you for your Support.
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 Flyin Man of God
 Gable Dodge
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Greys Betsy RossMi Designer 
Deco Dogstar 

color Brindle
sex male
weight 32 kg ~ 71 lbs
date of birth 19 DEC 2014
land of birth US USA
land of standing US USA
ear mark 124D-65529
studbook US-GSB NGA (2016)
racing owner DAVID L. HAYS
1st trainer Miguel Valenzuela
1st kennel Nova Kennel, Inc.

Flying Bluefield
 Kiowa Sweet Trey
 Oswald Cobblepot
HB's CommanderAkbar 
Princess Donna 
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Flying Rimes
P's Raising CainRaising Dust 
P's Fulbright 
Rikasso Lassie *Fearless Ace 
Westpark Model 

Blood Quota of in five / twelve generations
Generation123456789101112  Generation123456789101112
7.8% 7.8%
Dutch Bahama



4.7% 3.1%



Pedigree analyses
Ancestor Loss 6 generations6.35%
Ancestor Loss 9 generations44.72%

Direct Sire lineDirect Dam line
View 34 gen. sire line Pilot 1820View 38 gen. dam line Marcia 1819

39 offspring of the dam Flying Bluefield

NameSexDobLandColorSire ^DamOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Fly Heidi KlumfFEB 2013USRBDBD's GraysonFlying Bluefield01502315AA
Fly Kate HudsonfFEB 2013USBDBD's GraysonFlying Bluefield01842723OPEN
Fly Pot Of GoldmFEB 2013USRBD's GraysonFlying Bluefield0000
Fly White WidowfFEB 2013USRBDBD's GraysonFlying Bluefield086157A
Flying Big PapimFEB 2013USBDBD's GraysonFlying Bluefield090149A
Flying Blue KushfFEB 2013USRBDBD's GraysonFlying Bluefield02063230A
Flying Grape ApemFEB 2013USRBD's GraysonFlying Bluefield01011420TA
Kay Blue BirdfAPR 2014USBKDragon FireFlying Bluefield0000
Kay Blue BoymAPR 2014USBKDragon FireFlying Bluefield0000
Kay Blue By YoumAPR 2014USDKBDDragon FireFlying Bluefield01092215AA
Kay Blue FieldfAPR 2014USBKDragon FireFlying Bluefield045510A
Kay Blue GrassfAPR 2014USBKDragon FireFlying Bluefield01342016A
Kay Blue ThrufAPR 2014USBKDragon FireFlying Bluefield0000
Kay BluejayfAPR 2014USDKBDDragon FireFlying Bluefield02803C
Kiowa ArgentinafSEP 2013USFFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield05996C
Kiowa BelizefSEP 2013USFFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield03155C
Kiowa BrazilfSEP 2013USRFFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield0811611OPEN
Kiowa ChilemSEP 2013USBDFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield02455A
Kiowa ColombiamSEP 2013USFFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield04725C
Kiowa PakistanfSEP 2013USBDFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield03324D
Kiowa PanamamSEP 2013USBDFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield06656TA
Kiowa ParaguaymSEP 2013USBDFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield01212D
Kiowa VenezuelafSEP 2013USDKBDFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield0000
Deco AmastarfDEC 2014USRFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield080166A
Deco BarbettefDEC 2014USBDFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield061910OPEN
Deco CalexitmDEC 2014USBDFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield0500D
Deco DogstarmDEC 2014USBDFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield01011418A
Deco EarlistarmDEC 2014USBDFlyin Man of GodFlying Bluefield081217A
Deco ArchdukemDEC 2015USBKTrent LeeFlying Bluefield07687A
Deco Baron GreymDEC 2015USBKTrent LeeFlying Bluefield058816SAA
Deco CountessfDEC 2015USBKTrent LeeFlying Bluefield0000
Deco Duke GreymDEC 2015USBKTrent LeeFlying Bluefield068810OPEN
Deco Earl GreymDEC 2015USBKTrent LeeFlying Bluefield01051217OPEN
Flyin WheatfieldmJUN 2012USBDWW Apple JaxFlying Bluefield0931414A
Flyin WheatgrassfJUN 2012USBDWW Apple JaxFlying Bluefield0102818A
Flying BluegrassfJUN 2012USRBDWW Apple JaxFlying Bluefield01021310A
Flying FescuefJUN 2012USBDWW Apple JaxFlying Bluefield01134819SA
Flying HayfieldmJUN 2012USBDWW Apple JaxFlying Bluefield0801111A
Flying PrairiefJUN 2012USBDWW Apple JaxFlying Bluefield41472824A