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4303 second generation offspring, female branch, of Moral Support
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Aero CoefFEB 1993IEWFMoneypoint CoeAero SignalMoral Support00000
Aero LadyfFEB 1993IEWFMoneypoint CoeAero SignalMoral Support00000
Chief SignalmJAN 1994IEBKPolnoon ChiefAero SignalMoral Support00000
Cove LadmJAN 1994IEFPolnoon ChiefAero SignalMoral Support00000
Lucky LotfJAN 1994IEBKPolnoon ChiefAero SignalMoral Support00000
No ChiefmJAN 1994IEWFPolnoon ChiefAero SignalMoral Support00000
Rowles GemfFEB 1993IEWFMoneypoint CoeAero SignalMoral Support00000
Run ChiefmJAN 1994IEFPolnoon ChiefAero SignalMoral Support00000
Shes the ChieffJAN 1994IEWBKPolnoon ChiefAero SignalMoral Support00000
Signal ChieffJAN 1994IEBKWPolnoon ChiefAero SignalMoral Support00000
Aghadoe BluebellfAUG 1988IEBEAghadoe DreamerAghadoe PetMoral Support00000
Aghadoe BulletmJUL 1991IEWBEKilcannon BulletAghadoe PetMoral Support00000
Aghadoe MairefAUG 1988IEBDAghadoe DreamerAghadoe PetMoral Support00000
Draughts LadyfAUG 1988IEBDAghadoe DreamerAghadoe PetMoral Support00000
Fossa CarolmAUG 1988IEBDAghadoe DreamerAghadoe PetMoral Support00000
Fossa PeachfAUG 1988IEBDAghadoe DreamerAghadoe PetMoral Support00000
MediumfJUL 1991IE/ESBEKilcannon BulletAghadoe PetMoral Support01021519OPEN0
Aidens LeadermAUG 1991IEDKBDLeaders BestAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Bahanas BestfAUG 1991IEBEBDLeaders BestAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Bright MadamfAUG 1991IEBEBDLeaders BestAidens SupportMoral Support40000
Cash ChasemAUG 1991IEBEBDLeaders BestAidens SupportMoral Support00000
ChattanoogamAUG 1991IEBEBDLeaders BestAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Loher BustermSEP 1992IEBKArrancourt DukeAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Loher DawnfSEP 1992IEBKArrancourt DukeAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Loher HousemSEP 1992IEBKArrancourt DukeAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Loher RosefSEP 1992IEBDArrancourt DukeAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Loher SpidermSEP 1992IEBKArrancourt DukeAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Loher SupportfSEP 1992IEBDArrancourt DukeAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Loher TigermSEP 1992IEBKArrancourt DukeAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Seaview RamblermSEP 1992IEBDArrancourt DukeAidens SupportMoral Support00000
Star of TyronemAUG 1991IEDKBDWLeaders BestAidens SupportMoral Support0110120
Airhill CarafMAR 1994IEFTapwatcherAirhill FoamMoral Support300000
Barna GeatamMAR 1994IEBDTapwatcherAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Bridges HighfAUG 1993IEFBallyard HoffmanAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Brindled FoamfAUG 1993IEBDBallyard HoffmanAirhill FoamMoral Support370000
Brown BettyfJUN 1992IEFRavage AgainAirhill FoamMoral Support180000
Central ExilefMAR 1994IEBDTapwatcherAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
CloonabinnamAUG 1993IEFBallyard HoffmanAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
DativafSEP 1996IE/FRFCoalbrook TigerAirhill FoamMoral Support053815OPEN0
DustinmAPR 1990IEBDTapwatcherAirhill FoamMoral Support60000
Gort ReflectionfDEC 1990IEBEBDWSatharn BeoAirhill FoamMoral Support460000
Knockrour HeidifMAR 1994IEFTapwatcherAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Knockrour TicofJUL 1995IEBKTerrydrum TicoAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Lackabane TapmAPR 1990IUFTapwatcherAirhill FoamMoral Support0110GROUP365
Lady CerpelfJUL 1995IEBKTerrydrum TicoAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
LlinafJUL 1995IE/ESBEWTerrydrum TicoAirhill FoamMoral Support03932OPEN0
Meenala BeefAUG 1991IEWBDIm SlippyAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Meenala MistressfJUN 1992IEWBDRavage AgainAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Mountleader DebifAUG 1991IEFIm SlippyAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Mountleader OmasmAUG 1991IEWBDIm SlippyAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Mucky ChristymAUG 1991IEBDIm SlippyAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Picasso TriggerfJUN 1992IEBDRavage AgainAirhill FoamMoral Support10000
Silver FoammAUG 1993IEFBallyard HoffmanAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane BaymAUG 1993IEBDBallyard HoffmanAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane BluebellfAPR 1998IEBELissarda GoldAirhill FoamMoral Support0300OPEN0
Sullane CastlemAPR 1990IEBDTapwatcherAirhill FoamMoral Support146521GROUP185
Sullane FlamemAPR 1990IEBDTapwatcherAirhill FoamMoral Support80000
Sullane GipsyfAUG 1991IEWBDIm SlippyAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane GoldmAPR 1998IEFLissarda GoldAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane HikermJUN 1992IEBDRavage AgainAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane KingmSEP 1996IEBDCoalbrook TigerAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane MarkmJUN 1992IEBDRavage AgainAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane PunchmSEP 1996IEFCoalbrook TigerAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane SlippymAUG 1991IEBEBDIm SlippyAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane SpringfAUG 1993IEFBallyard HoffmanAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane StationmJUN 1992IEBDRavage AgainAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane TicomJUL 1995IEBETerrydrum TicoAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Sullane TigermSEP 1996IEBDCoalbrook TigerAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
VoraginefJUL 1995IE/ESBKTerrydrum TicoAirhill FoamMoral Support0951213OPEN0
Yankee PedlarfJUL 1995IEBDTerrydrum TicoAirhill FoamMoral Support00000
Ambridge BronzemMAY 1991IEFDeenside SparkAmbridge BreezeMoral Support00000
Ambridge EchofMAY 1991IEFDeenside SparkAmbridge BreezeMoral Support00000
Ambridge MistfMAY 1991IEBEBDDeenside SparkAmbridge BreezeMoral Support00000
Ambridge RiverfMAY 1991IEFDeenside SparkAmbridge BreezeMoral Support00000
Ambridge SatinfMAY 1991IEBEBDDeenside SparkAmbridge BreezeMoral Support00000
Ambridge SparkfMAY 1991IEBDDeenside SparkAmbridge BreezeMoral Support00000
Ambridge SunmMAY 1991IEFDeenside SparkAmbridge BreezeMoral Support00000
Ambridge TigermMAY 1991IEBDDeenside SparkAmbridge BreezeMoral Support00000
Ambridge VickyfMAY 1991IEFDeenside SparkAmbridge BreezeMoral Support00000
Amandas DelightfJUN 1996IEBDWSlaneyside HareAnalackMoral Support00000
Ana BluemFEB 1995IEBECarmel's PrinceAnalackMoral Support00000
AnablackmJUN 1996IEBKSlaneyside HareAnalackMoral Support00000
AnaluckmFEB 1997IEWBDMustang JackAnalackMoral Support00000
Ballylynch HaremJUN 1996IEBKWSlaneyside HareAnalackMoral Support00000
DionisismFEB 1995IEWBDCarmel's PrinceAnalackMoral Support00000
Lively JudgemJUN 1996IEBDWSlaneyside HareAnalackMoral Support00000
Monto GirlfFEB 1995IEBKCarmel's PrinceAnalackMoral Support00000
Prince of TouchmFEB 1995IEWBECarmel's PrinceAnalackMoral Support00000
Strand Bars BestfFEB 1995IEBKCarmel's PrinceAnalackMoral Support00000
Unnamed BoymJUN 1996IESlaneyside HareAnalackMoral Support00000
Unnamed Girl IIfJUN 1996IESlaneyside HareAnalackMoral Support00000
Anora's BluffmJUL 1991UKWFNinth WaveAnoras GirlMoral Support00000
Anora's FuturemJUL 1991UKWFNinth WaveAnoras GirlMoral Support00000
Anoras GillyfJUL 1991UKBKNinth WaveAnoras GirlMoral Support00000
Lauras PlayboymJUL 1991UKFNinth WaveAnoras GirlMoral Support00000
MagorafJUL 1991UKBKNinth WaveAnoras GirlMoral Support00000
Neptunes WavemJUL 1991UKFNinth WaveAnoras GirlMoral Support00000
Night GirlfJUL 1991UKBKNinth WaveAnoras GirlMoral Support00000
Another Dancerf 198xIUGlen Park DancerAnother AttemptMoral Support10000
Another Dancer IIfAUG 1990IE/UKFGlen Park DancerAnother AttemptMoral Support40000
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