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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

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146 second generation offspring, female branch, of Sheilas Pride
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Ballylanigan ImpfOCT 1972IEFThe Grand Light *Compsey JewelYanka Boy00000
Brilliant Ship*mJUL 1975IE/USBDBright LadCompsey JewelYanka Boy00000
Compsey FlashfJUL 1973IEFIvy Hall Flash*Compsey JewelYanka Boy00000
Compsey IvyfJUL 1973IEFIvy Hall Flash*Compsey JewelYanka Boy00000
Compsey LightmOCT 1972IEFThe Grand Light *Compsey JewelYanka Boy00000
Compsey PearlmOCT 1972IEFThe Grand Light *Compsey JewelYanka Boy00000
BempostafJUN 1973IE/ESBDMoordyke SpotCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Boigers CrossfJUL 1976IEBKTime Up PleaseCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
By PassmJUL 1976IEBKTime Up PleaseCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Chipped LipsfAPR 1975IEWFClashingCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Compsey AdmiralmJUL 1976IEFTime Up PleaseCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Compsey DamselfJUN 1973IEWBDMoordyke SpotCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Compsey HostessfMAY 1979IEBDGreenane DeccaCompsey TreasureRussian Gun30000
Compsey MintfOCT 1978IEBKItsachampionCompsey TreasureRussian Gun60000
Compsey RebelmJUN 1973IEBDMoordyke SpotCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Compsey SparklemJUL 1976IEWFTime Up PleaseCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Compsey SwankfFEB 1974IE/ESWFYanka BoyCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Kates TreasurefAUG 1977IEFPeruvian StyleCompsey TreasureRussian Gun10000
Kirbys RomancefFEB 1974IEWBDYanka BoyCompsey TreasureRussian Gun10000
Line Engaged*fAPR 1975IE/USBDClashingCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
LitraceafFEB 1974IU/ESFYanka BoyCompsey TreasureRussian Gun40000
MinglanillafFEB 1974IE/ESWFYanka BoyCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
More TreasurefJUL 1976IEBKTime Up PleaseCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Rifle TimemJUL 1976IEBDTime Up PleaseCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
School TimefJUL 1976IEBDTime Up PleaseCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Treasure TimemJUL 1976IEFTime Up PleaseCompsey TreasureRussian Gun00000
Verona IIfFEB 1974IE/ESFYanka BoyCompsey TreasureRussian Gun0530OPEN0
Evening ExpressmAUG 1976IEWFMillies ExpressFawn FemaleMovealong Santa00000
I'm No PrincemAUG 1976IEBDMillies ExpressFawn FemaleMovealong Santa00000
Lassie Move OnfAUG 1976IEBDMillies ExpressFawn FemaleMovealong Santa00000
Lucky ExpressfAUG 1976IEWFMillies ExpressFawn FemaleMovealong Santa00000
Mona's PrizefAUG 1976IEWBDMillies ExpressFawn FemaleMovealong Santa00000
Movealong PrizemSEP 1975IEFTom's PalFawn FemaleMovealong Santa00000
Nancy's CallfAUG 1976IEWBDMillies ExpressFawn FemaleMovealong Santa00000
Sporty MilliefAUG 1976IEWBDMillies ExpressFawn FemaleMovealong Santa00000
Avongate ExportmSEP 1976IEFLashing TideFuture ExportYanka Boy00000
BentaigamMAY 1977IE/ESBETime Up PleaseFuture ExportYanka Boy0200OPEN0
Brownes ExportfSEP 1976IEWFLashing TideFuture ExportYanka Boy00000
Brownes TidemSEP 1976IEBELashing TideFuture ExportYanka Boy00000
Gran PisadafDEC 1977IE/ESWBKTime Up PleaseFuture ExportYanka Boy00000
Labour LadmSEP 1972IEBDOwn PrideFuture ExportYanka Boy00000
CurvadafJUL 1975IE/ESBDNelson PillarIn BusinessOwn Pride00000
Green RiverfSEP 1974IE/ESWFRocktown Darkie *In BusinessOwn Pride0300OPEN0
King JerrymJAN 1977IEBDTime Up PleaseIn BusinessOwn Pride00000
King OffalymJAN 1977IEBKTime Up PleaseIn BusinessOwn Pride00000
SeamusheenmAPR 1976IEWBKLashing TideIn BusinessOwn Pride00000
YollowtownfAPR 1976IEBDLashing TideIn BusinessOwn Pride00000
Frank TonicfAUG 1976IEBKMortor Light *Lemon PrizeMovealong Santa00000
Iris of MayfairfSEP 1975IEBETime Up PleaseLemon PrizeMovealong Santa30000
Lemon BlondefSEP 1975IEFTime Up PleaseLemon PrizeMovealong Santa10000
Lemon LightfAUG 1976IEBDMortor Light *Lemon PrizeMovealong Santa20000
Lemon LordmAUG 1976IEBKMortor Light *Lemon PrizeMovealong Santa00000
Lemon MortormAUG 1976IEBDMortor Light *Lemon PrizeMovealong Santa00000
Lime LanefAUG 1976IEBDWMortor Light *Lemon PrizeMovealong Santa30000
Little Cider*fAUG 1976IE/USBDMortor Light *Lemon PrizeMovealong Santa60000
Pretty DenisefAUG 1976IEBKMortor Light *Lemon PrizeMovealong Santa10000
Pretty LemonfAUG 1976IEBDMortor Light *Lemon PrizeMovealong Santa10000
Sippin Cider*fSEP 1975IE/USFTime Up PleaseLemon PrizeMovealong Santa00000
Brainy PrincemOCT 1976IEBKWMortor Light *Move FirstMovealong Santa2320GROUP20
Call Me SheilafOCT 1975IEFTime Up PleaseMove FirstMovealong Santa70000
Cowpark PrizefJUN 1977IEWFPeruvian StyleMove FirstMovealong Santa20000
Emfa SusyfOCT 1976IEBDMortor Light *Move FirstMovealong Santa20000
Excuse Me BobmOCT 1976IEWBDMortor Light *Move FirstMovealong Santa00000
Hey JoannafOCT 1976IEBKMortor Light *Move FirstMovealong Santa20000
Hey NastasemOCT 1976IEBKMortor Light *Move FirstMovealong Santa00000
In CommandmOCT 1976IEBKMortor Light *Move FirstMovealong Santa00000
In ReplyfMAR 1980IEBDLuminous LadMove FirstMovealong Santa360000
Kevinsfort FarefMAR 1980IEBDLuminous LadMove FirstMovealong Santa70000
Last MovefSEP 1981IEBKLax LawMove FirstMovealong Santa00000
Lex LadyfMAR 1980IEBDLuminous LadMove FirstMovealong Santa180000
Orchard BaymOCT 1976IEBDMortor Light *Move FirstMovealong Santa00000
Regent At LastfOCT 1975IEBKWTime Up PleaseMove FirstMovealong Santa10000
Sheilas BusinessfJUL 1982IEBDLiberty LadMove FirstMovealong Santa180000
Stylish BusinessfJUN 1977IEFPeruvian StyleMove FirstMovealong Santa30000
Time to MovefOCT 1975IE/ESBDTime Up PleaseMove FirstMovealong Santa0100OPEN0
Tricky BusinessfOCT 1976IE/ESBKMortor Light *Move FirstMovealong Santa00000
Business TimefMAR 1976IEBKTime Up PleaseMy BusinessMyross Again00000
Crepes GeorgettefMAR 1976IEFTime Up PleaseMy BusinessMyross Again00000
Mount Salam KatefMAR 1976IEBKTime Up PleaseMy BusinessMyross Again00000
Sophos BrainsfMAR 1976IEBKTime Up PleaseMy BusinessMyross Again00000
Sophos JuliefMAR 1976IEFTime Up PleaseMy BusinessMyross Again00000
Dutch ShellfJAN 1976IEBDSuper JimOn BusinessYanka Boy00000
Said and DonefJAN 1976IEBDSuper JimOn BusinessYanka Boy00000
Silk LaddiemJAN 1976IEBDSuper JimOn BusinessYanka Boy00000
Stage CastmJAN 1976IEBDSuper JimOn BusinessYanka Boy00000
Alice's Drive*fJAN 1976IE/USBDTime Up PleasePampered PeggyRussian Gun150000
Amber FairfAUG 1973IEFTime Up PleasePampered PeggyRussian Gun20000
Black ChatfJAN 1976IEFTime Up PleasePampered PeggyRussian Gun00000
Brilliant LightmAUG 1976IEBDTommy AstairePampered PeggyRussian Gun00000
Brilliant NightsmAUG 1973IEBDTime Up PleasePampered PeggyRussian Gun150000
Cherry ExpressfJUN 1978IEFTime Up PleasePampered PeggyRussian Gun80000
Clashing PegfAPR 1975IEFClashingPampered PeggyRussian Gun160000
Clinstown AlemAUG 1973IEBDTime Up PleasePampered PeggyRussian Gun00000
Clinstown BeermAUG 1973IEFTime Up PleasePampered PeggyRussian Gun00000
Dandoline TimefJAN 1976IEBKTime Up PleasePampered PeggyRussian Gun00000
Drakeland PegfAUG 1976IEBDTommy AstairePampered PeggyRussian Gun00000
EndiabladafNOV 1972IE/ESBDOwn PridePampered PeggyRussian Gun00000
Liza Lovell*fAPR 1975IE/USBDClashingPampered PeggyRussian Gun130000
Lorry DriverfJAN 1976IEFTime Up PleasePampered PeggyRussian Gun00000
Maythorn TommymAUG 1976IEBDTommy AstairePampered PeggyRussian Gun00000
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