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195 second generation offspring, female branch, of Talk of the Town
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Zephyr Le GrandefJUL 1979USBDChuck LeeAleiaTalk of the Town00000
Vampire BytemJUL 1982USRHalf MacByteTalk of the Town80000
BureaucratmDEC 1983USRBold FootprintChampion AnnTalk of the Town00000
CommencemDEC 1983USBEBDBold FootprintChampion AnnTalk of the Town00000
I PresumefDEC 1983USBDBold FootprintChampion AnnTalk of the Town00000
In a FogfDEC 1983USBEBDBold FootprintChampion AnnTalk of the Town00000
It'll Cost YoufDEC 1983USBDBold FootprintChampion AnnTalk of the Town00000
LimitlessmDEC 1983USRBold FootprintChampion AnnTalk of the Town00000
Melvin BrownmDEC 1983USRBold FootprintChampion AnnTalk of the Town00000
Wix NuggetmSEP 1983USRBDPat C DandyCloverleaf QueenTalk of the Town00000
Dean's MachomJAN 1986USRRiver DownDon't Forget MeTalk of the Town00000
Flyin KodamJAN 1986USRRiver DownDon't Forget MeTalk of the Town00000
Queen TipperfJAN 1986USBDRiver DownDon't Forget MeTalk of the Town00000
Red HornetmJAN 1986USRRiver DownDon't Forget MeTalk of the Town00000
Town TalkerfJAN 1986USBDRiver DownDon't Forget MeTalk of the Town00000
Mp's ClarafOCT 1981USFMonty WestJo Santa ClaraTalk of the Town00000
Cajun KerifOCT 1982USBEBDStreakJo Santa RosaTalk of the Town10000
Cajun RosafMAY 1984USWBDStreakJo Santa RosaTalk of the Town00000
Cajun WizmMAY 1984USBEBDStreakJo Santa RosaTalk of the Town00000
FlexamaticmAUG 1983USBEFJo Lucky JackJo Santa RosaTalk of the Town00000
Galiano's MagicmAUG 1983USBEFJo Lucky JackJo Santa RosaTalk of the Town00000
Galiano's MistyfAUG 1983USRJo Lucky JackJo Santa RosaTalk of the Town00000
Rhythm BabefAUG 1983USBEFJo Lucky JackJo Santa RosaTalk of the Town00000
TexanmAUG 1983USBEFJo Lucky JackJo Santa RosaTalk of the Town00000
Town RebelmAUG 1983USBEFJo Lucky JackJo Santa RosaTalk of the Town00000
Day Ol DonutmAPR 1986USBDWM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's AnswerfAPR 1986USRWM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's ArdessafMAR 1983USRFKringleKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's Bald EaglefAPR 1986USRWM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's BaxtermMAR 1983USBDKringleKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's BrazdamMAR 1983USBDKringleKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's BrindiefAPR 1986USBDM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's CharmmAPR 1986USBDWM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's IvyfAPR 1986USRWM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's MemorymAPR 1986USRWM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's Nosy BlackfAPR 1986USBKM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's ReflectionsmAPR 1986USBDM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's RipplesmAPR 1986USBDM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's RoamermMAR 1983USRFKringleKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's ShamberfAPR 1986USRM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
M's ZebrockmAPR 1986USRM's FireKa DreamTalk of the Town00000
Atwood AlimJUN 1978USBDTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
Called DoctormMAY 1980USWBKL.L.'s BobertLizTalk of the Town00000
Foxie DonnafMAY 1980USWFL.L.'s BobertLizTalk of the Town00000
Junior BobmMAY 1980USWFL.L.'s BobertLizTalk of the Town00000
LattprincemJUN 1978USBKTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
Liberty LizfJUN 1978USBDTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
Official PrincemJUN 1978USBDTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
Only LizfJUN 1978USBDTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
Patch ItatchemMAY 1980USWBKL.L.'s BobertLizTalk of the Town00000
Seminole StevemJUN 1978USBDTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
ShameenfMAY 1980USWBKL.L.'s BobertLizTalk of the Town00000
Shifty SidmJUN 1978USBDTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
Silver TalkfJUN 1978USBDTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
Summer AdvocatemMAY 1980USBKWL.L.'s BobertLizTalk of the Town00000
Summer CatchmMAY 1980USWFL.L.'s BobertLizTalk of the Town00000
Talk Of LizfMAY 1980USFWL.L.'s BobertLizTalk of the Town00000
Town PrincemJUN 1978USBKTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
Tudy LizfJUN 1978USBKTwice A PrinceLizTalk of the Town00000
Yankee StripemMAY 1980USWBKL.L.'s BobertLizTalk of the Town00000
Classic DominomMAY 1978USRWSandy PrinterLots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
Classik WillowmMAR 1982USRWIrish Willow *Lots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
KA PrizemNOV 1982USRWVance LeeLots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
KA SoxmNOV 1982USRWVance LeeLots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
Lots of EchomMAY 1978USRSandy PrinterLots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
Private SandmMAY 1978USRSandy PrinterLots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
Rookie WillowmMAR 1982USBKWIrish Willow *Lots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
Sand SheikmMAY 1978USRWSandy PrinterLots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
Slip HimmMAY 1978USRWSandy PrinterLots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
Won a RafflefMAY 1978USRSandy PrinterLots of ClassTalk of the Town00000
TedachfAPR 1981USDKBDLR Cactus HifiLR's Dotty DayTalk of the Town40000
Calson Katy GofMAR 1982USBDJeno's Leo GoMi LulaTalk of the Town00000
Calson Sarah GofMAR 1982USRBDJeno's Leo GoMi LulaTalk of the Town170000
Calson Sparky GofMAR 1982USWFJeno's Leo GoMi LulaTalk of the Town100000
Ampletime MacmMAY 1982USWBDDr. MacMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
Bella AggressormAPR 1983USWBDBilly CannonMi NancyTalk of the Town120000
Bella BesiegemAPR 1983USWBDBilly CannonMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
Bella CoolerfAPR 1983USWBDBilly CannonMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
Bella RenafAPR 1983USWBDBilly CannonMi NancyTalk of the Town120000
Bella VenturemAPR 1983USWBDBilly CannonMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
Berry BlushfNOV 1983USBDP.D.Q. TarusMi NancyTalk of the Town0100C0
Christie MacfMAY 1982USBDDr. MacMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
Dreamy MacfMAY 1982USBDDr. MacMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
Fan Clubf 198xUSBKUnrulyMi NancyTalk of the Town300000
Motownf 198xUSBKUnrulyMi NancyTalk of the Town70000
Nifty MacmMAY 1982USWBDDr. MacMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
Noah Countf 198xUSUnrulyMi NancyTalk of the Town180000
NyafAPR 1983USBDWBilly CannonMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
NymafAPR 1983USBDWBilly CannonMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
Summer MacfMAY 1982USWBDDr. MacMi NancyTalk of the Town00000
BeliafSEP 1984USBDWDesert FireMi RecordTalk of the Town00000
Desert BenmSEP 1984USBDDesert FireMi RecordTalk of the Town00000
Just JessicafSEP 1983USWBKBlack Aztec *Mi RecordTalk of the Town00000
Miti Bold ReasonmFEB 1983USBDPecos CannonMi RecordTalk of the Town00000
Miti High DemandmFEB 1983USBDWPecos CannonMi RecordTalk of the Town00000
Miti Jet ScoremFEB 1983USWBDPecos CannonMi RecordTalk of the Town00000
Miti Record LinafFEB 1983USBDWPecos CannonMi RecordTalk of the Town00000
Miti Roll OnfFEB 1983USBKBDPecos CannonMi RecordTalk of the Town00000
Miti SlashabarmFEB 1983USWBDPecos CannonMi RecordTalk of the Town00000
SnowflowerfSEP 1983USWBKBlack Aztec *Mi RecordTalk of the Town00000
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