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33 second generation offspring, female branch, of Moat Terrace

NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Beauty of Bathf 1902UKBKBlackheathBeauteous BrideRival Chief40000
BelmontinafMAY 1899IUBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief130000
Billiard BoymMAR 1896UKWBKDillonBeauteous BrideRival Chief320000
BlackstockmJUN 1902UKBKBlackheathBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Braes O'MarfJUN 1902UKBKBlackheathBeauteous BrideRival Chief10000
Brave BadenmMAY 1899UKBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief210000
Bridal BouquetfJUN 1902UKWBKBlackheathBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Cardess BessfFEB 1903UKBKMister O'SheaBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Cherished Wifef 1898IUWBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief50000
Crosby NiggermJUN 1902UKBDBlackheathBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
CurteismJUN 1902UKBKBlackheathBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Dark CreolefFEB 1903UKBKMister O'SheaBeauteous BrideRival Chief30000
Dark Damef 1899UKBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief130000
Dark Dame's DoublefMAY 1899UK/IUBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief50000
Down Derry DownfJUN 1902UKBKBlackheathBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Gold Threadf 1898UKBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief70000
Gushing Bridef 190x/IUMister O'SheaBeauteous BrideRival Chief30000
Hazel Nutf 1899UKBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief20000
HerbertmFEB 1903UKBKMister O'SheaBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
His GracemMAY 1899IUWBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
His Highnessm 1898IUBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
HunstonfJUN 1902UKBKBlackheathBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Lady HopefulfMAY 1899UKBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief20000
Lucks Rewardf 1899IU/UKWBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief50000
Pettirossom 1901IUBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Say Whenf 1900IUBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief10000
Spot WhitefMAY 1899UKWBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Such a Marriagef 1901IUBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Such a MashfJUN 1902UKBKBlackheathBeauteous BrideRival Chief00000
Such a Wonderf 1900UKBKFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief20000
White Ivorym 1898IUWFabulous FortuneBeauteous BrideRival Chief100000
Mackm 1898IUBDPursuerBella Brown IIRival Chief00000
Real Rentf 1898IUBKPursuerBella Brown IIRival Chief00000