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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

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52 second generation offspring, male branch, of Millies Express

NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^SireSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Bettys LarkfAPR 1983IEBKElbow PatchBettys GloryMillies Express210000
Bettys StarmAPR 1983IEBKElbow PatchBettys GloryMillies Express00000
Patches FlashmAPR 1983IEBDElbow PatchBettys GloryMillies Express00000
Patches PetfAPR 1983IEBKElbow PatchBettys GloryMillies Express00000
Joy At Last*fNOV 1983IE/USFElbow PatchBettys LassMillies Express10000
Lass of HonourfNOV 1983IEBDElbow PatchBettys LassMillies Express00000
Patches BoymNOV 1983IEBDElbow PatchBettys LassMillies Express00000
Patches ChiefmNOV 1983IEBDElbow PatchBettys LassMillies Express00000
Patches HopemJUL 1984IEFElbow PatchBettys LassMillies Express50000
Patches PridemNOV 1983IEFWElbow PatchBettys LassMillies Express00000
Patches PrincemNOV 1983IEBDElbow PatchBettys LassMillies Express00000
Step SoftlyfNOV 1983IEBDElbow PatchBettys LassMillies Express00000
Dannys GamblemOCT 1984IEFWKing TenderfootBrindle FurMillies Express00000
Sandys MilliefOCT 1984IEBDWKing TenderfootBrindle FurMillies Express30000
My DianafJUL 1984IEBDPrince SpruceHazels TouchMillies Express00000
Rebeccas PetfJUN 1983IEWFPrince SpruceHurry EveMillies Express10000
KnockaboukmJUN 1984IEBDPrince SpruceJarlsMillies Express00000
CarladonnafMAY 1982IEWBKPrince SpruceLindas PennyMillies Express00000
Stormy LoufJUN 1982US/IEWFPrince SpruceLucky TomMillies Express40000
Balraheen BushmSEP 1985IEBKPrince SpruceMilebush PearlMillies Express00000
Balraheen MilemSEP 1985IEBKPrince SpruceMilebush PearlMillies Express00000
Balraheen PearlfSEP 1985IEFPrince SpruceMilebush PearlMillies Express00000
Balraheen PrincemSEP 1985IEFPrince SpruceMilebush PearlMillies Express00000
Clonfert PrincemSEP 1985IEBDPrince SpruceMilebush PearlMillies Express00000
Balraheen FawnfOCT 1984IEBKPrince SpruceStar FawnMillies Express00000
Johns HopemSEP 1985IEBKBlended WhiskeyStylish HallMillies Express00000
Richies BoymSEP 1985IEBKBlended WhiskeyStylish HallMillies Express00000
Stylish BlendmSEP 1985IEBKBlended WhiskeyStylish HallMillies Express00000
Stylish ScobymSEP 1985IEWBDBlended WhiskeyStylish HallMillies Express00000
Stylish WhiskeymSEP 1985IEBKBlended WhiskeyStylish HallMillies Express00000
Blended StylefOCT 1985IEBDBlended WhiskeyStylish PortMillies Express00000
Stylish BarmOCT 1985IEBDBlended WhiskeyStylish PortMillies Express00000
Stylish BrewmOCT 1985IEBKBlended WhiskeyStylish PortMillies Express00000
Stylish PearlfOCT 1985IEBKBlended WhiskeyStylish PortMillies Express00000
Stylish SilvermOCT 1985IEBEBDBlended WhiskeyStylish PortMillies Express00000
Whiskey BlendmOCT 1985IEBKBlended WhiskeyStylish PortMillies Express00000
ArandanomAPR 1979ESFGuadiana VIThailandiaMillies Express81012OPEN0
ArgandeņomAPR 1979ESBDGuadiana VIThailandiaMillies Express00000
CalmafAPR 1979ESFGuadiana VIThailandiaMillies Express0200OPEN0
CartelafAPR 1979ESBKGuadiana VIThailandiaMillies Express0612OPEN0
Clavelina IIIfAPR 1979ESFGuadiana VIThailandiaMillies Express00000
CorasebifAPR 1979ESFGuadiana VIThailandiaMillies Express0200OPEN0
Malina IIfAPR 1979ESFGuadiana VIThailandiaMillies Express0200OPEN0
Recaidam 1979ESBDGuadiana VIThailandiaMillies Express0301OPEN0
Amazing BabyfJUL 1985IEFPrince SpruceWhirlwind TigerMillies Express00000
Amazing JetawaymJUL 1985IEBDPrince SpruceWhirlwind TigerMillies Express00000
Amazing SmasherfJUL 1985IEBDPrince SpruceWhirlwind TigerMillies Express00000
Amazing SprucemJUL 1985IEBDPrince SpruceWhirlwind TigerMillies Express00000
Bold RowleymJUL 1985IEBDPrince SpruceWhirlwind TigerMillies Express00000
Glenhill GirlfJUL 1985IEBDPrince SpruceWhirlwind TigerMillies Express00000
Rainham BrewermJUL 1985IEFPrince SpruceWhirlwind TigerMillies Express00000
Simons MistfJUL 1985IEBDPrince SpruceWhirlwind TigerMillies Express00000