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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

To join and be part of an organisation that is making a difference on a world scale please click YES
8830 second generation offspring, male branch, of Moral Support
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^SireSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Busy BeautyfAPR 1993IEBDAghadown TimmyAcceleratorMoral Support00000
Bweeng JessiefAPR 1993IEBEBDAghadown TimmyAcceleratorMoral Support00000
Dalton DandymAPR 1993IEFAghadown TimmyAcceleratorMoral Support00000
Handsome BuddymAPR 1993IEBDAghadown TimmyAcceleratorMoral Support00000
Leades RosefAPR 1993IEFAghadown TimmyAcceleratorMoral Support00000
Unique TimmymAPR 1993IEBEBDAghadown TimmyAcceleratorMoral Support00000
Unique ValuemAPR 1993IEBDAghadown TimmyAcceleratorMoral Support00000
Urban LilyfAPR 1993IEFAghadown TimmyAcceleratorMoral Support00000
AcrajarfJAN 1991IEDKBDManorville MajorAcrajar SandMoral Support00000
Acrajar LodgefJAN 1991IEDKBDManorville MajorAcrajar SandMoral Support00000
Briar SweetfJAN 1991IEDKBDManorville MajorAcrajar SandMoral Support00000
Cairo JetfJAN 1991IEDKBDManorville MajorAcrajar SandMoral Support50000
Camels EarfJAN 1991IEDKBDManorville MajorAcrajar SandMoral Support00000
Davitt GlorymJAN 1991IEDKBDManorville MajorAcrajar SandMoral Support00000
Davitt ManormJAN 1991IEDKBDManorville MajorAcrajar SandMoral Support00000
African MajormNOV 1993IEBKManorville MajorAfrican LovebirdMoral Support00000
Coolcroo ExilefNOV 1993IEBDManorville MajorAfrican LovebirdMoral Support00000
County HuntermNOV 1993IEBDManorville MajorAfrican LovebirdMoral Support00000
Fatal FacinationfNOV 1993IEBDManorville MajorAfrican LovebirdMoral Support00000
Forever AmbermNOV 1993IEBDManorville MajorAfrican LovebirdMoral Support00000
Hazelbury MajormNOV 1993IEBKManorville MajorAfrican LovebirdMoral Support00000
Junior PartnermNOV 1993IEBDManorville MajorAfrican LovebirdMoral Support00000
West VirginiafNOV 1993IEBKManorville MajorAfrican LovebirdMoral Support00000
Curryhills CariefJUL 1994IEWFCurryhills BrockAfter JerseyMoral Support00000
Curryhills TatmJUL 1994IEWBDCurryhills BrockAfter JerseyMoral Support00000
Curryhills TellmJUL 1994IEWBECurryhills BrockAfter JerseyMoral Support00000
Curryhills TrustmJUL 1994IEWFCurryhills BrockAfter JerseyMoral Support00000
Glynnscross CasefJUL 1994IEWBKCurryhills BrockAfter JerseyMoral Support00000
Ratra RebelmJUL 1994IEWBKCurryhills BrockAfter JerseyMoral Support00000
Additional GoldfJAN 1991UKFAdditional WorkAfter ThoughtMoral Support00000
After WorkmJAN 1991UKFAdditional WorkAfter ThoughtMoral Support00000
Dream MachinemJAN 1991UKWBKAdditional WorkAfter ThoughtMoral Support00000
Humber BridgemJAN 1991UKWFAdditional WorkAfter ThoughtMoral Support00000
Silky MillrossmJAN 1991UKBKAdditional WorkAfter ThoughtMoral Support00000
Thought of WorkmJAN 1991UKWFAdditional WorkAfter ThoughtMoral Support00000
Welcome AdditionfJAN 1991IU/UKWFAdditional WorkAfter ThoughtMoral Support00000
Agadir SnowyfDEC 1991IEFDereen StarAgadir CathyMoral Support00000
Agadir StarmDEC 1991IEBDDereen StarAgadir CathyMoral Support00000
Van Der MamDEC 1991IEFDereen StarAgadir CathyMoral Support00000
Keiberwood CreekmJUN 1991IEBDManorville MajorAggies PrideMoral Support00000
Keiberwood CutiefJUN 1991IEBDManorville MajorAggies PrideMoral Support00000
Keiberwood KellyfJUN 1991IEBDWManorville MajorAggies PrideMoral Support00000
Keiberwood KybomJUN 1991IEDKBDManorville MajorAggies PrideMoral Support00000
Keiberwood MagicmJUN 1991IEBDWManorville MajorAggies PrideMoral Support00000
Keiberwood ManormJUN 1991IEBDManorville MajorAggies PrideMoral Support00000
Keiberwood PridemJUN 1991IEBDManorville MajorAggies PrideMoral Support00000
Lord FitzmJUN 1991IEBDManorville MajorAggies PrideMoral Support00000
Blue Suspense *fMAY 1989IE/USWBEBalalikaAghadown OffMoral Support151102A0
Drift Off*fMAY 1989IE/USWBEBalalikaAghadown OffMoral Support30000
Gussy MarlowefSEP 1990IEBDDruids LodgeAines BestMoral Support170000
Fellside AirfAUG 1991IEBDWGaltymore LadAir Hill HeatherMoral Support00000
Fellside HeatherfAUG 1991IEWBDGaltymore LadAir Hill HeatherMoral Support00000
Fellside LadmAUG 1991IEBDWGaltymore LadAir Hill HeatherMoral Support00000
Galtymore HillfAUG 1991IEWBDGaltymore LadAir Hill HeatherMoral Support00000
Mayfair HeatherfAUG 1991IEWFGaltymore LadAir Hill HeatherMoral Support00000
Mr NiwanomAUG 1991IEWBDGaltymore LadAir Hill HeatherMoral Support00000
Mr OishimAUG 1991IEWBDGaltymore LadAir Hill HeatherMoral Support00000
Rathbrasil GoldmAUG 1991IEWFGaltymore LadAir Hill HeatherMoral Support00000
Rathbrasil HillmAUG 1991IEWFGaltymore LadAir Hill HeatherMoral Support00000
Airmount CrestfOCT 1991IEBKWFly CruiserAirmount GoldMoral Support00000
Airmount DawnmOCT 1991IE/UKBEFly CruiserAirmount GoldMoral Support00000
Airmount DukemOCT 1991IEWBKFly CruiserAirmount GoldMoral Support00000
Airmount JeanfOCT 1991IEFFly CruiserAirmount GoldMoral Support00000
Airmount KitfOCT 1991IEBKFly CruiserAirmount GoldMoral Support00000
Airmount MadgefOCT 1991IEFFly CruiserAirmount GoldMoral Support00000
Airmount SarahfOCT 1991IEBKFly CruiserAirmount GoldMoral Support00000
Alans EnergyfNOV 1992IEBDManorville MajorAlans HeroMoral Support00000
Alans ScorpionmNOV 1992IEBKManorville MajorAlans HeroMoral Support00000
Midas fNOV 1992IE/ESBDManorville MajorAlans HeroMoral Support0730OPEN0
Dwyers My BoymJAN 1994IEBKBalalikaAlans JudyMoral Support00000
Alberts AcemAUG 1997IEBKPams AceAlberts WishMoral Support0402OPEN43
Paddys AcemAUG 1997IEBKPams AceAlberts WishMoral Support00000
Silverhill StarmAUG 1997IEBDPams AceAlberts WishMoral Support00000
Albion SignalmAPR 1990IEBDBalalikaAlbion CrestMoral Support10000
Marhill DewdropfSEP 1990IUWBKDruids LodgeAlert BabyMoral Support00000
Marlhill RosefSEP 1990IEWBDDruids LodgeAlert BabyMoral Support60000
Time to SplitfSEP 1990IE/UKWBKDruids LodgeAlert BabyMoral Support0100OPEN0
Achill PrincessfSEP 1993IEFBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support00000
Bridget MaryfSEP 1993IEFBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support00000
Captain DoommSEP 1993IEFBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support00000
Im From AchillmSEP 1993IEFWBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support00000
Knockmoylan DukemSEP 1993IEBEBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support00000
Knockmoylan LadyfSEP 1993IEBEWBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support310000
Pigeon GoldmSEP 1993IEFBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support00000
Tarmon BidfSEP 1993IEBKBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support00000
Tarmon BluemSEP 1993IEBEBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support00000
Tarmon GoldmSEP 1993IEFBalalikaAli ShebaMoral Support00000
No Win SituationfFEB 1994IEBKBalalikaAlice CalledMoral Support00000
Offissa Pupm 1990IUDruids LodgeAll FawnMoral Support10000
All for HerfJAN 1992IEFKylehill CheetaAll for WhoMoral Support00000
Five By FourmJAN 1992IEFKylehill CheetaAll for WhoMoral Support00000
Typical TrampfJAN 1992IEBEFKylehill CheetaAll for WhoMoral Support00000
Wheaten StrawmJAN 1992IEFKylehill CheetaAll for WhoMoral Support00000
Cabras Foxy GirlfSEP 1995IEWBKGaltymore LadAll SetMoral Support00000
Cabras QuestfSEP 1995IEWBEGaltymore LadAll SetMoral Support00000
Play a SetmSEP 1995IEBKGaltymore LadAll SetMoral Support00000
StayforasetmSEP 1995IEBEBDGaltymore LadAll SetMoral Support00000
Highmoor MajormMAR 1994IUBKManorville MajorAllglaze CrystalMoral Support00000
Highmoor SquiremMAR 1994IUBDManorville MajorAllglaze CrystalMoral Support00000
Latest TalentmFEB 1993IE/DKBDManorville MajorAlsa NikitaMoral Support00000
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