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89 races with stadium= Rabapatona, date = 2008 and any class

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
Angol Agár Kölyök DerbyRabapatona8 NOV 20081OPEN492 / 538Dopping Genie30.87
Angol Agár Kölyök DerbyRabapatona8 NOV 20082OPEN492 / 538Dopping Bosco31.00
Angol Agár Kölyök DerbyRabapatona8 NOV 20084OPEN492 / 538Speed Shoes30.94
Angol Agár Kölyök DerbyRabapatona8 NOV 20085OPEN492 / 538Speed Sonny29.85
Angol Agár Kölyök DerbyRabapatona8 NOV 20086OPEN492 / 538Tico Flash Messi32.13
Angol Agár Kölyök DerbyRabapatona8 NOV 20087OPEN492 / 538Tico Flash Leila30.78
KÖLYÖK DERBY DÖNTŐRabapatona8 NOV 20088OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutosweet30.43
Angol Agár Évadzáró SzukákRabapatona8 NOV 20089OPEN492 / 538Dopping Fatah30.18
Angol Agár Évadzáró SzukákRabapatona8 NOV 200810OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Tigra30.47
Évadzáró Szukák DöntőRabapatona8 NOV 200811OPEN492 / 538Dopping Fatah30.41
Angol Agár Évadzáró KanokRabapatona8 NOV 200812OPEN492 / 538Dopping Láden30.63
Angol Agár Évadzáró KanokRabapatona8 NOV 200813OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump29.98
Évadzáró Kanok DöntőRabapatona8 NOV 200814OPEN492 / 538Tico Flash Klájd30.61
Select StakesRabapatona11 OCT 20080OPEN492 / 538Lemon Rocky30.20
October TrophyRabapatona11 OCT 20080OPEN492 / 538Winsom Dream30.60
Select StakesRabapatona11 OCT 20080OPEN280 / 306Csavargo Denes17.17
Czech Puppy DerbyRabapatona11 OCT 20081OPEN492 / 538Speed Sonny29.85
Czech Puppy OaksRabapatona11 OCT 20082OPEN492 / 538Ardmayle May30.14
September SprintRabapatona27 SEP 20080OPEN280 / 306Shelbourne Cupid17.30
Czech Sprint ChampionshipRabapatona27 SEP 20080OPEN280 / 306Speed Scooby17.01
Autumn TrophyRabapatona27 SEP 20080OPEN492 / 538Ardmayle May30.39
September Trophy A2Rabapatona27 SEP 20081GR 492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Tomy30.33
Summer SprintRabapatona30 AUG 20080OPEN280 / 306Csavargo Denes17.34
Czech Championship - dogsRabapatona30 AUG 20081OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump29.60
Czech Championship - bitchesRabapatona30 AUG 20082OPEN492 / 538Vigorous Carmen30.08
Rövidtávú Rába Klubbajnokság - SemifinalRabapatona23 AUG 20081OPEN280 / 306Csavargo Denes17.35
Rövidtávú Rába Klubbajnokság - FinalRabapatona23 AUG 20082OPEN280 / 306Perfect Runner Mendi17.25
European Ch-Ship 280m bitches Cons-FinalRabapatona2 AUG 20081OPEN280 / 306Big Blood Rose17.53
European Ch-Ship 280m dogs Cons-FinalRabapatona2 AUG 20082OPEN280 / 306Tico Flash Klájd17.00
European Ch-Ship 492m bitches Cons-FinalRabapatona2 AUG 20083OPEN492 / 538Fabs Jolanta30.97
European Ch-Ship 492m dogs Cons-FinalRabapatona2 AUG 20084OPEN492 / 538Zorneagle's Karel30.15
European Ch-Ship 492m InvitationRabapatona2 AUG 20085OPEN492 / 538Speed Sonny29.75
European Ch-Ship 280m Veterans FinalRabapatona2 AUG 20086OPEN280 / 306Oyster Sales17.15
European Ch-Ship 280m bitches FinalRabapatona2 AUG 20087OPEN280 / 306Kajol16.77
European Ch-Ship 280m dogs FinalRabapatona2 AUG 20088OPEN280 / 306Speed Shiraz16.76
European Ch-Ship 492m bitches FinalRabapatona2 AUG 20089OPEN492 / 538Mili Racing Tiffany30.09
European Ch-Ship 492m dogs FinalRabapatona2 AUG 200810OPEN492 / 538Cheeta29.52
European Ch-Ship 280m bitches 1st SemiRabapatona31 JUL 20081OPEN280 / 306Billo18.19
European Ch-Ship 280m bitches 2nd SemiRabapatona31 JUL 20082OPEN280 / 306Kajol16.83
European Ch-Ship 280m bitches 3rd SemiRabapatona31 JUL 20083OPEN280 / 306Vigorous Xara16.82
European Ch-Ship 280m dogs 1st SemiRabapatona31 JUL 20084OPEN280 / 306Go Go Dog Bad17.13
European Ch-Ship 492m bitches 1st SemiRabapatona31 JUL 20085OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Sugarbaby30.25
European Ch-Ship 492m dogs 1st SemiRabapatona31 JUL 20086OPEN492 / 538Puckaun Ricardo29.86
European Ch-Ship 492m bitches 2nd SemiRabapatona31 JUL 20087OPEN492 / 538Vigorous Cindy30.03
European Ch-Ship 492m dogs 2nd SemiRabapatona31 JUL 20088OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump29.87
European Ch-Ship 492m bitches 3rd SemiRabapatona31 JUL 20089OPEN492 / 538Mili Racing Tiffany29.94
European Ch-Ship 492m dogs 3rd SemiRabapatona31 JUL 200810OPEN492 / 538Cheeta29.97
European Ch-Ship 280m dogs 2nd SemiRabapatona31 JUL 200811OPEN280 / 306Speed Scooby16.79
European Ch-Ship 280m dogs 3rd SemiRabapatona31 JUL 200812OPEN280 / 306Speed Shiraz16.62
Holdfény Derby - Semifinal 1Rabapatona26 JUL 20081OPEN492 / 538Erbi Co Co31.44
Holdfény Derby - Semifinal 2Rabapatona26 JUL 20082OPEN492 / 538Dopping Sinfein30.29
Holdfény Derby - FinalRabapatona26 JUL 20083OPEN492 / 538Erbi Co Co31.01
Sprint InvitationRabapatona19 JUL 20081OPEN280 / 306Speed Shiraz16.77
OaksRabapatona19 JUL 20082OPEN492 / 538Merry Guest29.92
Masters InvitationRabapatona19 JUL 20083OPEN492 / 538Speed Sonny30.37
MastersRabapatona19 JUL 20084OPEN492 / 538Puckaun Ricardo29.68
Masters SprintRabapatona19 JUL 20085OPEN280 / 306Vigorous Xara17.00
Federation Sprint FinalRabapatona6 JUL 20081OPEN280 / 306Go Go Dog Bad17.30
Federation Sprint 2008 Cons-FinalRabapatona6 JUL 20082OPEN280 / 306Dopping Hizballah17.96
Czech Derby 2008 FinalRabapatona6 JUL 20083OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Greentick30.13
Czech Derby 2008 Cons-FinalRabapatona6 JUL 20084OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Orangeflower30.12
Czech Derby 2008 Veterans FinalRabapatona6 JUL 20085OPEN280 / 306Kengyelfuto Flipper17.39
Federation Trophy A2Rabapatona6 JUL 20086GR A2492 / 538Lemon Rocky30.61
Federation Sprint 2008 1st SemiRabapatona5 JUL 20081OPEN280 / 306Tullymurry Test17.30
Federation Sprint 2nd SemifinalRabapatona5 JUL 20082OPEN280 / 306Go Go Dog Bad17.38
Czech Derby 2008 1st SemiRabapatona5 JUL 20083OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump30.07
Czech Derby 2008 2nd SemiRabapatona5 JUL 20084OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Greentick29.82
Shelbourne Pluto Veterans OpenRabapatona14 JUN 20081OPEN280 / 306Valuta17.42
June SprintRabapatona14 JUN 20082OPEN280 / 306Go Go Dog Bad17.35
St.LegerRabapatona14 JUN 20083OPEN492 / 538Swift Quartz30.48
Derby Trial StakeRabapatona14 JUN 20084OPEN492 / 538Seomra Gaudi30.23
June CupRabapatona14 JUN 20085OPEN492 / 538Lemon Rocky31.01
Calibra May Sprint A2Rabapatona24 MAY 20081OPEN280 / 306Evening Jet17.63
Calibra Grand PrixRabapatona24 MAY 20082OPEN280 / 306Go Go Dog Bad17.29
Calibra TrophyRabapatona24 MAY 20083OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump30.66
Calibra Grand PrixRabapatona24 MAY 20084OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Nicky30.24
Calibra May Cup A2Rabapatona24 MAY 20085OPEN492 / 538Governors Posh31.57
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság 2.ElőfutamRabapatona17 MAY 20081OPEN280 / 306Go Go Dog Bad17.54
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság /Semifinal/ Male 1.Rabapatona17 MAY 20082OPEN492 / 538Dopping Láden30.51
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság /Semifinal/ Male 2.Rabapatona17 MAY 20083OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Greentick30.62
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság /A Final/ FemaleRabapatona17 MAY 20084OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Sugarbaby30.66
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság /Semifinal/ FemaleRabapatona17 MAY 20085OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Orangeflower30.58
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság /A Final/ MaleRabapatona17 MAY 20086OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Greentick30.71
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság DöntőRabapatona17 MAY 20087OPEN280 / 306Go Go Dog Bad17.48
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság 1 ElőfutamRabapatona17 MAY 20088OPEN280 / 306Fields of Prince Exlusive17.59
April SprintRabapatona26 APR 20081OPEN280 / 306Valami James Bond17.33
Spring Trophy 492mRabapatona26 APR 20082OPEN492 / 538Seomra Gaudi30.22
April Cup 492mRabapatona26 APR 20083OPEN492 / 538Do It Now Sally99.00
Spring Trophy 280mRabapatona26 APR 20084OPEN280 / 306Dopping Láden17.08