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91 races with stadium= Rabapatona, date = 2009 and any class

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
Select StakesRabapatona17 OCT 20090OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump29.80
Puppy DerbyRabapatona17 OCT 20090OPEN280 / 306Hugocinate17.40
Select StakesRabapatona17 OCT 20090OPEN280 / 306Ardmayle Squaw16.90
Shelbourne Pluto OpenRabapatona17 OCT 20090OPEN492 / 538Ardmayle May30.20
Puppy DerbyRabapatona17 OCT 20090OPEN492 / 538Randah Reason30.30
Raba Klubbajnoksag - Semifinal - Females 1Rabapatona10 OCT 20091OPEN492 / 538Dopping Fatah30.81
Raba Klubbajnoksag - Semifinal - Females 2Rabapatona10 OCT 20092OPEN492 / 538Moonlight-Hunter Ripply30.64
Raba Klubbajnoksag - Semifinal - Females 3Rabapatona10 OCT 20093OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutosweet29.71
Raba Klubbajnoksag - Semifinal - Males 1Rabapatona10 OCT 20094OPEN492 / 538Dopping Láden29.97
Raba Klubbajnoksag - Semifinal - Males 2Rabapatona10 OCT 20095OPEN492 / 538Fool Fighter Jumping Jet30.22
Raba Klubbajnoksag - B final - FemalesRabapatona10 OCT 20096OPEN492 / 538Apple Pie31.03
Raba Klubbajnoksag - B final - MalesRabapatona10 OCT 20097OPEN492 / 538Sparkling Jet30.94
Raba Klubbajnoksag - FINAL - FemalesRabapatona10 OCT 20098OPEN492 / 538Moonlight-Hunter Ripply30.33
Raba Klubbajnoksag - FINAL - MalesRabapatona10 OCT 20099OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump29.79
EUROPEAN DERBY SPRINT TROPHY INVITATIONRabapatona27 SEP 20091OPEN280 / 306Ardmayle May17.52
EUROPEAN DERBY SPRINT TROPHY CONSOLATIONRabapatona27 SEP 20092OPEN280 / 306Moonlight Hunter Szaffi17.33
EUROPEAN DERBY INVITATIONRabapatona27 SEP 20093OPEN492 / 538Dopping Sinfein30.47
BIG DOG RACING SUPPLEMENTS TROPHYRabapatona27 SEP 20094OPEN492 / 538Tico Flash Arnyek31.09
EUROPEAN DERBY CONSOLATIONRabapatona27 SEP 20095OPEN492 / 538Puckaun Romina30.00
EUROPEAN DERBY VETERANS FINALRabapatona27 SEP 20096OPEN280 / 306Shelbourne Ryan 17.09
EUROPEAN DERBY SPRINT TROPHY FINALRabapatona27 SEP 20097OPEN280 / 306Ardmayle Squaw17.09
EUROPEAN DERBY STAYERS TROPHY FINALRabapatona27 SEP 20098OPEN730 / 798Fenomen Co Co45.50
EUROPEAN DERBY FINALRabapatona27 SEP 20099OPEN492 / 538Lyreen Mover29.40
EUROPEAN DERBY SPRINT TROPHY 1st SEMIRabapatona26 SEP 20091OPEN280 / 306Joes Noble17.02
EUROPEAN DERBY SPRINT TROPHY 2nd SEMIRabapatona26 SEP 20092OPEN280 / 306Moonlight-Hunter Ripply17.76
EUROPEAN DERBY SPRINT TROPHY 3rd SEMIRabapatona26 SEP 20093OPEN280 / 306Mountjoy Star17.19
EUROPEAN DERBY 1st SEMIRabapatona26 SEP 20094OPEN492 / 538Brother Mick30.06
EUROPEAN DERBY 2nd SEMIRabapatona26 SEP 20095OPEN492 / 538Lyreen Mover29.60
EUROPEAN DERBY 3rd SEMIRabapatona26 SEP 20096OPEN492 / 538Cooliska Speed *30.23
Czech Sprint ChampionshipRabapatona29 AUG 20090OPEN280 / 306Ardmayle Squaw17.38
European Derby Trial StakesRabapatona29 AUG 20090OPEN492 / 538Speed Shoes30.08
August Trophy A2Rabapatona29 AUG 20090OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Wanda31.11
Holdfény Derby - Semifinal - Females 1Rabapatona25 JUL 20091OPEN492 / 538Dopping Fatah30.51
Holdfény Derby - Semifinal - Females 2Rabapatona25 JUL 20092OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutosweet30.07
Holdfény Derby - Semifinal - Males 1Rabapatona25 JUL 20093OPEN492 / 538Dopping Láden30.29
Holdfény Derby - Semifinal - Males 2Rabapatona25 JUL 20094OPEN492 / 538Perfect Runner Tony Montana30.02
Holdfény Derby - B Final - FemalesRabapatona25 JUL 20095OPEN492 / 538Alfalfa Pandora31.51
Holdfény Derby - A Final - FemalesRabapatona25 JUL 20096OPEN492 / 538Kengyelfutosweet30.16
Holdfény Derby - A Final - MalesRabapatona25 JUL 20097OPEN492 / 538Perfect Runner Tony Montana30.39
Czech Championship bitchesRabapatona18 JUL 20090OPEN492 / 538Perfect Runner Sweety30.63
Czech Championship dogsRabapatona18 JUL 20090OPEN492 / 538Brother Mick29.94
July TrophyRabapatona18 JUL 20090OPEN492 / 538Foulksrath Lass30.27
Terezas Nikita OpenRabapatona18 JUL 20090OPEN492 / 538Chilli Cobra30.09
Terezas Nikita Open SprintRabapatona18 JUL 20090OPEN280 / 306Joes Noble17.13
Greyhound Racer Puppy TrophyRabapatona5 JUL 20090OPEN280 / 306Ardmayle Squaw17.05
Czech Derby FinalRabapatona5 JUL 20090OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Nicky29.73
Czech Derby ConsolationRabapatona5 JUL 20090OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump29.93
Federation SprintRabapatona5 JUL 20090OPEN280 / 306Speed Scooby16.78
Derby InvitationRabapatona5 JUL 20090OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Sugarbaby30.81
Federation TrophyRabapatona5 JUL 20091OPEN492 / 538Winsom Dream30.75
Czech Derby semifinalRabapatona4 JUL 20090OPEN492 / 538Swift Armour31.03
Czech Derby semifinalRabapatona4 JUL 20091OPEN492 / 538Go Go Dog Diego30.13
Czech Derby semifinalRabapatona4 JUL 20092OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Nicky99.99
Derby Trial StakesRabapatona13 JUN 20090OPEN492 / 538Cooliska Bullitt30.46
OaksRabapatona13 JUN 20090OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Orangeflower30.97
Cinpress Sprint TrophyRabapatona13 JUN 20090OPEN280 / 306Speed Shoes17.12
MastersRabapatona13 JUN 20090OPEN492 / 538Cooliska Speed *30.00
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - Semifinal - Females1Rabapatona6 JUN 20091OPEN492 / 538Perfect Runner Sweety31.15
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - Semifinal - Females2Rabapatona6 JUN 20092OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Sugarbaby31.63
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - Semifinal - Females3Rabapatona6 JUN 20093OPEN492 / 538Dopping Fatah31.34
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - Semifinal - Males 1Rabapatona6 JUN 20094OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Greentick30.74
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - Semifinal - Males 2Rabapatona6 JUN 20095OPEN492 / 538Cooliska Speed *30.87
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - Semifinal - Males 3Rabapatona6 JUN 20096OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump30.97
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - B final - FemalesRabapatona6 JUN 20097OPEN492 / 538Perfect Runner Chelsea31.73
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - B final - MalesRabapatona6 JUN 20098OPEN492 / 538Go Go Dog Diego30.96
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - A final - FemalesRabapatona6 JUN 20099OPEN492 / 538Dopping Fatah30.86
Nemzetközi Magyar Bajnokság - A final - MalesRabapatona6 JUN 200910OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Greentick30.56
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 1Rabapatona23 MAY 20091OPEN492 / 538Apple Pie31.45
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 2Rabapatona23 MAY 20092OPEN492 / 538Francos Topper31.48
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 3Rabapatona23 MAY 20093OPEN492 / 538Speed Sonny31.02
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 4Rabapatona23 MAY 20094OPEN492 / 538Perfect Runer Dino31.29
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 5Rabapatona23 MAY 20095OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Greentick30.95
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 6Rabapatona23 MAY 20096OPEN492 / 538Forest Gump30.84
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 7Rabapatona23 MAY 20097OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Nicky30.99
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 8Rabapatona23 MAY 20098OPEN492 / 538Dopping Fatah31.37
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 9Rabapatona23 MAY 20099OPEN492 / 538Fool Fighter Jumping Jet31.19
Magyar Derby - Semifinal 10Rabapatona23 MAY 200910OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Orangeflower31.46
Magyar Derby - E finalRabapatona23 MAY 200911OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Wanda31.93
Magyar Derby - D finalRabapatona23 MAY 200912OPEN492 / 538Perfect Runner Sweety31.46
Magyar Derby - C finalRabapatona23 MAY 200913OPEN492 / 538Perfect Runner Tony Montana31.54
Magyar Derby - B finalRabapatona23 MAY 200914OPEN492 / 538Dopping Fatah31.50
Magyar Derby - FINALRabapatona23 MAY 200915OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Greentick30.67
St. LegerRabapatona9 MAY 20091OPEN492 / 538Speed Sonny30.04
Supersonic Sprint TrophyRabapatona9 MAY 20092OPEN280 / 306Speed Scooby17.12
Supersonic CupRabapatona9 MAY 20093OPEN492 / 538Perfect Runner Tony Montana30.66
Supersonic TrophyRabapatona9 MAY 20094OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Szaffi30.75
May Trophy A2Rabapatona9 MAY 20095GR A2492 / 538Winsom Dream30.99
April CupRabapatona25 APR 20090OPEN492 / 538Vigorous Carmen30.60
Spring TrophyRabapatona25 APR 20091OPEN492 / 538Moonlight Hunter Orangeflower30.79
Spring TrophyRabapatona25 APR 20092OPEN492 / 538Lemon Rocky30.48
Spring Trophy sprintRabapatona25 APR 20093OPEN280 / 306Dopping Sinfein17.92