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104 races with stadium= Isaszeg, date = 2019 and any class
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
September TrophyIsaszeg7 SEP 20191GR A2485 / 530Christina Bernaths Honey30.39
September TrophyIsaszeg7 SEP 20192GR A3485 / 530Dopping Jazz30.30
Czech Championship PuppyIsaszeg7 SEP 20193OPEN485 / 530Baszhan Parij Pavlov29.36
September Puppy SprintIsaszeg7 SEP 20194GR S2275 / 301Kengyelfuto Excellent16.77
September SprintIsaszeg7 SEP 20195GR S3275 / 301Sweeping Lights Casper17.39
September Puppy StakeIsaszeg7 SEP 20196GR A2485 / 530Feherhegyi Futo Power30.03
Euro Derby Trial StakesIsaszeg7 SEP 20197OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Dynamo30.46
Terezas Nikita Open SprintIsaszeg7 SEP 20198OPEN290 / 317Legyen 1 Poker17.32
September SprintIsaszeg7 SEP 20199GR S2275 / 301Ballymac Whit17.22
Euro Derby Trial StakesIsaszeg7 SEP 201910OPEN485 / 530Black Beauty29.76
Czech Championship dogsIsaszeg7 SEP 201911OPEN485 / 530Hellboy29.35
Czech Championship bitchesIsaszeg7 SEP 201912OPEN485 / 530Dark Raven29.60
August TrophyIsaszeg24 AUG 20191GR A2485 / 530Kengyelfuto Ramses29.90
August TrophyIsaszeg24 AUG 20192GR A3485 / 530Stemgrove Chrome30.65
Summer Puppy OpenIsaszeg24 AUG 20193OPEN485 / 530Diabolical Dante29.59
Summer Puppy Open SprintIsaszeg24 AUG 20194OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Radar16.83
August SprintIsaszeg24 AUG 20195GR S3275 / 301Kengyelfuto Excellent16.92
Summer Sprint Unraced PuppyIsaszeg24 AUG 20196GR S2275 / 301Kengyelfuto Jet17.03
MastersIsaszeg24 AUG 20197OPEN500 / 547Black Jack30.76
Masters SprintIsaszeg24 AUG 20198OPEN275 / 301Legyen 1 Poker16.83
August SprintIsaszeg24 AUG 20199GR S2275 / 301Christina Bernaths Honey17.36
Summer OpenIsaszeg24 AUG 201910OPEN485 / 530Uniqueness Cherokee29.77
MastersIsaszeg24 AUG 201911OPEN485 / 530Blue29.61
OaksIsaszeg24 AUG 201912OPEN485 / 530Dark Raven29.38
Summer TrophyIsaszeg3 AUG 20191GR A2485 / 530Blue29.33
CRF TrophyIsaszeg3 AUG 20192GR A3485 / 530Imperium Act30.74
Summer TrophyIsaszeg3 AUG 20193GR A3485 / 530The Survivor Jax30.74
Hungarian Puppy ChampionshipIsaszeg3 AUG 20194OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Radar16.67
Hungarian Championship dogsIsaszeg3 AUG 20195OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Kentucky16.76
Hungarian Championship bitchesIsaszeg3 AUG 20196OPEN275 / 301Ballymac Syble17.15
Summer SprintIsaszeg3 AUG 20197GR S3275 / 301Baszhan Parij Pavlov16.68
Summer SprintIsaszeg3 AUG 20198GR S2275 / 301Diabolical Medy17.21
Hungarian Championship bitchesIsaszeg3 AUG 20199OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Tennessee29.40
Hungarian Championship dogsIsaszeg3 AUG 201910OPEN485 / 530Hellboy29.30
Hungarian Championship 500Isaszeg3 AUG 201911OPEN500 / 547Big Blood Daisy30.47
Eminent TrophyIsaszeg7 JUL 20191GR A3485 / 530Best Grey Angel30.16
Eminent TrophyIsaszeg7 JUL 20192GR A2485 / 530Uniqueness Cherokee30.12
Young Racers TrophyIsaszeg7 JUL 20193GR A2485 / 530Feherhegyi Futo Sky29.85
Eminent SprintIsaszeg7 JUL 20194GR S3275 / 301Diabolical Medy17.38
Eminent SprintIsaszeg7 JUL 20195GR S2275 / 301Runtastic Black and White17.26
Czech Sprint DerbyIsaszeg7 JUL 20196OPEN290 / 317Kengyelfuto Kentucky17.41
Czech Sprint DerbyIsaszeg7 JUL 20197OPEN275 / 301Best Grey Aida17.30
Eminent Puppy SprintIsaszeg7 JUL 20198OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Radar16.67
Federation TrophyIsaszeg7 JUL 20199GR A2485 / 530Best Grey Alf30.09
Czech Derby ConsolationIsaszeg7 JUL 201910OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Amy29.65
Czech Derby FinalIsaszeg7 JUL 201911OPEN485 / 530Hellboy30.30
Czech Derby 1st Semi-FinalIsaszeg6 JUL 20191OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Tennessee29.52
Czech Derby 2nd Semi-FinalIsaszeg6 JUL 20192OPEN485 / 530Hellboy29.48
Czech Derby 3rd Semi-FinalIsaszeg6 JUL 20193OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Scooter29.98
June TrophyIsaszeg15 JUN 20191GR A2485 / 530Best Grey Alf30.06
June TrophyIsaszeg15 JUN 20192GR A3485 / 530Big Blood Hella30.66
CRF TrophyIsaszeg15 JUN 20193GR A2485 / 530Kengyelfuto Virginia30.00
Juvenile SprintIsaszeg15 JUN 20194GR S2275 / 301Feherhegyi Futo Sky16.80
Czech Sprint ChampionshipIsaszeg15 JUN 20195OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Ego16.63
Czech Sprint ChampionshipIsaszeg15 JUN 20196OPEN275 / 301Black Jenny16.84
June SprintIsaszeg15 JUN 20197GR S2/275 / 301Ballymac Whit16.97
Czech Derby Trial StakesIsaszeg15 JUN 20198OPEN485 / 530Kentish Dream29.51
Czech Derby Trial StakesIsaszeg15 JUN 20199OPEN485 / 530Hellboy29.70
Czech Derby Trial StakesIsaszeg15 JUN 201910OPEN485 / 530Old Fort Ohio29.78
Gain OpenIsaszeg15 JUN 201911OPEN500 / 547Kengyelfuto Maryland30.66
SGP CREATINE ACCELERATOR TROPHYIsaszeg2 JUN 20191GR A3485 / 530Feherhegyi Futo Fantom29.90
SGP CREATINE ACCELERATOR TROPHYIsaszeg2 JUN 20192GR A2485 / 530Another Day In Paradise30.10
SGP MUSCLE RUB TROPHYIsaszeg2 JUN 20193GR A3485 / 530Blue30.10
SGP IONS PLUS SPRINTIsaszeg2 JUN 20194GR S3270 / 295Runtastic Black and White17.15
SGP IONS PLUS SPRINTIsaszeg2 JUN 20195GR S2270 / 295Ballymac Syble16.73
SGP IONS PLUS PUPPY SPRINTIsaszeg2 JUN 20196OPEN275 / 301Diabolical Dante16.87
MAGYAR SPRINT DERBY CONSOLATIONIsaszeg2 JUN 20197OPEN270 / 295Kengyelfuto Virginia16.93
SGP IONS PLUS TROPHY CONSOLATIONIsaszeg2 JUN 20198GR A2485 / 530Pennys Diva29.97
MAGYAR SPRINT DERBY FINALIsaszeg2 JUN 20199OPEN275 / 301Ballymac Jo Jo16.68
MAGYAR DERBY INVITATIONIsaszeg2 JUN 201910OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Ticket30.19
SGP IONS PLUS TROPHY FINALIsaszeg2 JUN 201911GR A2485 / 530Stemgrove Iron Lady30.12
MAGYAR DERBY CONSOLATIONIsaszeg2 JUN 201912OPEN485 / 530Black Jack29.64
MAGYAR DERBY FINALIsaszeg2 JUN 201913OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Colorado29.69
MAGYAR SPRINT DERBY 1st semifinalIsaszeg1 JUN 20191OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Ego16.54
MAGYAR SPRINT DERBY 2nd semifinalIsaszeg1 JUN 20192OPEN275 / 301Legyen 1 Poker16.34
SGP IONS PLUS TROPHY 1st semifinalIsaszeg1 JUN 20193GR A2485 / 530Stemgrove Iron Lady29.76
SGP IONS PLUS TROPHY 2nd semifinalIsaszeg1 JUN 20194GR A2485 / 530Speed Ramos30.31
MAGYAR DERBY 1st semifinalIsaszeg1 JUN 20195OPEN485 / 530Kentish Dream29.51
MAGYAR DERBY 2nd semifinalIsaszeg1 JUN 20196OPEN485 / 530Stemgrove Falcon29.53
MAGYAR DERBY 3rd semifinalIsaszeg1 JUN 20197OPEN485 / 530Kengyelfuto Idaho29.78
SGP IONS PLUS TROPHY 3rd semifinalIsaszeg1 JUN 20198GR A2485 / 530Big Blood Amy29.66
May TrophyIsaszeg11 MAY 20191GR A2485 / 530Sweeping Lights Raven29.72
May TrophyIsaszeg11 MAY 20192GR A3485 / 530Kengyelfuto Virginia30.59
May Puppy SprintIsaszeg11 MAY 20193OPEN275 / 301Stemgrove Lulu16.71
Superonic Trophy 275Isaszeg11 MAY 20194OPEN275 / 301Kengyelfuto Oregon16.52
Superonic Trophy 290Isaszeg11 MAY 20195OPEN290 / 317Ballymac Jo Jo17.09
CRF Sprint S2/S3Isaszeg11 MAY 20196GR S2275 / 301Stemgrove Iron Lady16.72
Supersonic Trophy 485Isaszeg11 MAY 20197OPEN485 / 530Kentish Dream29.76
May OpenIsaszeg11 MAY 20198OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Lexa29.45
May Puppy TrophyIsaszeg11 MAY 20199OPEN485 / 530Big Blood Cody29.54
St. LegerIsaszeg11 MAY 201910OPEN500 / 547Big Blood Dynamo99.99
Bauer TrophyIsaszeg20 APR 20191GR A2485 / 530Old Fort Ohio29.65
April TrophyIsaszeg20 APR 20192GR A3485 / 530Dopping Jazz30.11
CRF TrophyIsaszeg20 APR 20193GR A3485 / 530Prozac30.22
GWS PUPPY SPRINT TROPHYIsaszeg20 APR 20194OPEN275 / 301Stemgrove Lulu16.59
Bauer SprintIsaszeg20 APR 20195GR S2275 / 301Ballymac Syble16.82
GWS OPEN SPRINT 275Isaszeg20 APR 20196OPEN275 / 301Ballymac Jo Jo16.58
GWS OPEN SPRINT 290Isaszeg20 APR 20197OPEN290 / 317Legyen 1 Poker17.40
April SprintIsaszeg20 APR 20198GR S3275 / 301Hollo18.00
CRF OpenIsaszeg20 APR 20199OPEN485 / 530Stemgrove Falcon29.52
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