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69 races with racename like grand prix, country= UK, and class=4 or better

Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
THE WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINAL HT 9Sunderland13 JUL 20169GROUP1640 / 700Pinpoint Boom39.27
WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland9 JUL 201411OPEN640 / 700Farley Rio39.40
THE WILLIAMHILL.COM GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland12 JUL 201220GROUP1640 / 700Swabys Princess40.49
THE WILLIAMHILL.COM GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland14 JUL 20118GROUP1640 / 700Blonde Fletch39.45
WILLIAMHILL.COM GRAND PRIXSunderland15 JUL 20108GROUP1640 / 700England Expects39.50
The Grolsch Grand Prix - FinalNottingham26 APR 201012OPEN680 / 744Beautiful City41.95
GRAND PRIX FINALHenlow25 MAR 20108OPEN692 / 757Capel Yankee42.26
THE WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland16 JUL 20098OPEN640 / 700Crown Rover40.27
The Grolsch Grand Prix - FinalNottingham20 APR 200913OPEN680 / 744Bansha Folly42.41
THE WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland10 JUL 20088OPEN640 / 700Lenson Joker39.29
VC BET GRAND PRIX FINALWalthamstow4 SEP 20079GROUP1640 / 700Foulden Special39.45
THE WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland22 MAY 20078GROUP1640 / 700Go Edie Honda39.24
The Grolsch Grand Prix - FinalNottingham23 APR 200713GROUP2680 / 744Blonde Pearl41.99
THE VC BET GRAND PRIX FINALWalthamstow30 SEP 200612GROUP1640 / 700January Tiger39.47
The Grolsch Grand Prix - FinalNottingham17 APR 200611OPEN700 / 766Blonde Pearl43.40
THE VC BET GRAND PRIX FINALWalthamstow1 OCT 200512OPEN640 / 700Clonbrin Show39.55
The Grolsch Grand Prix - FinalNottingham18 APR 200514OPEN700 / 766Tinrah Lad43.60
THE VICTOR CHANDLER GRAND PRIX FINALWalthamstow2 OCT 200412OPEN640 / 700Ronnies Flight40.03
The John Smith's Midland Grand Prix - FinalNottingham26 APR 200415OPEN700 / 766Hollinwood Dolly43.49
THE VICTOR CHANDLER GRAND PRIX FINALWalthamstow4 OCT 200312OPEN640 / 700Special Trick39.85
THE VICTOR CHANDLER GRAND PRIX FINALWalthamstow5 OCT 200212GROUP2640 / 700Sheriff Bow Wow40.05
English Grand Prix 2001 FinalWalthamstow6 OCT 200112GROUP1640 / 700Slick Tom40.02
English Grand Prix 00 UKWalthamstow14 OCT 200050GROUP2640 / 700Palace Issue39.32
English Grand Prix 99 UKWalthamstow9 OCT 199950GROUP2640 / 700Palace Issue40.32
English Grand Prix 98 UKWalthamstow3 OCT 199850GROUP2640 / 700Dans Sport39.79
English Grand Prix 97 UKWalthamstow4 OCT 199750GROUP2640 / 700El Grand Senor39.38
English Grand Prix 96 UKWalthamstow5 OCT 19960GROUP2640 / 700Spring Rose39.05
English Grand Prix 95 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 19950GROUP2640 / 700Suncrest Sail39.62
English Grand Prix 94 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 199450GROUP2640 / 700Redwood Girl39.74
English Grand Prix 93 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 199350GROUP2640 / 700Redwood Girl39.89
English Grand Prix 92 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 199250GROUP2640 / 700Westmead Darkie *39.36
English Grand Prix 91 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 199150GROUP2640 / 700Dempseys Whisper39.20
English Grand Prix 90 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 199050GROUP2640 / 700Dempseys Whisper39.07
English Grand Prix 89 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 19890GROUP2640 / 700Waltham Abbey *39.91
English Grand Prix 88 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 198850GROUP2640 / 700Digby Bridge40.14
English Grand Prix 87 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 19870GROUP2640 / 700Olivers Wish39.86
English Grand Prix 86 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 198650GROUP2640 / 700Westmead Move39.35
English Grand Prix 85 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 198550GROUP2640 / 700Slaneyside Gold40.00
English Grand Prix 84 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 198450GROUP2640 / 700Sunrise Sonny40.00
English Grand Prix 83 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 198350GROUP2640 / 700Flying Duke40.49
English Grand Prix 82 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 198250GROUP2640 / 700Hubert's Shade39.73
English Grand Prix 81 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 19810GROUP2640 / 700Rathduff Solara40.71
English Grand Prix 80 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 19800GROUP2640 / 700Sport Promoter40.17
English Grand Prix 79 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 197950GROUP2640 / 700Frame That39.57
English Grand Prix 78 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 197850GROUP2640 / 700Paradise Spectre40.03
English Grand Prix 77 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 197750GROUP2640 / 700Paradise Spectre40.19
English Grand Prix 76 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 197650GROUP2640 / 700Manderlay King40.21
English Grand Prix 74 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 197450GROUP2640 / 700Ballyglass Hope40.58
English Grand Prix 73 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 197350GROUP2640 / 700Pendys Mermaid40.65
English Grand Prix 71 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 197150GROUP2640 / 700Breach's Buzzard40.00
English Grand Prix 70 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 197050GROUP2640 / 700Baton40.39
English Grand Prix 69 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 196950GROUP2640 / 700Chame Sparrow40.75
English Grand Prix 68 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 196850GROUP2640 / 700Carmen John41.16
English Grand Prix 66 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 196650GROUP2640 / 700Westpark Bison40.14
English Grand Prix 63 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 196350GROUP2457 / 500Mondays Ranger28.03
English Grand Prix 61 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 196150GROUP2457 / 500Clonalvy Romance28.57
English Grand Prix 60 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 196050GROUP2457 / 500Dunstown Paddy28.26
English Grand Prix 58 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 195850GROUP2480 / 525Granthamian29.98
English Grand Prix 57 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 195750GROUP2480 / 525Kilcaskin Kern29.95
English Grand Prix 56 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 195650GROUP2480 / 525Land of Song29.70
English Grand Prix 55 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 195550GROUP2480 / 525Duet Leader29.42
English Grand Prix 54 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 195450GROUP2480 / 525Rushton Spot29.57
English Grand Prix 51 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 195150GROUP2480 / 525Rushton Smutty29.80
English Grand Prix 50 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 195050GROUP2480 / 525Arrow Boy30.28
English Grand Prix 49 UKWalthamstow8 OCT 19490GROUP2480 / 525Red Wind29.82
English Grand Prix 48 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 194850GROUP2480 / 525Ruby Cut30.31
English Grand Prix 47 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 194750GROUP2480 / 525Mondays News30.41
English Grand Prix 46 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 194650GROUP2480 / 525Tonycus30.19
English Grand Prix 45 UKWalthamstow1 OCT 194550GROUP2480 / 525Magic Bohemian30.05