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Happy Easter to all at Greyhound-Data

Sireline of Xilone Tiger Eye

1Satinfield Coffee BreakmMAR 1993AUBEFXilone Wild Blue YonderRacy Lacy from Darquell
2Xilone Wild Blue YondermFEB 1986AUBEBDHuzzah The VoyageurBranwen Hedda
3Huzzah The VoyageurmOCT 1982USRBDMyosho My MusketeerHuzzah The One and Only
4Myosho My MusketeermFEB 1979USRBDWShalfleet SophoclesShalfleet Myosho
5Shalfleet Sophoclesm 197xUK Shalfleet Spring FestivalShalfleet Swing High
6Shalfleet Spring FestivalmFEB 1975UK Shalfleet Sporting KnightShalfleet Swing High
7Shalfleet Sporting KnightmNOV 1971UKBKCormorran Qattara Beau BrummelShalfleet Silver Moon
8Cormorran Qattara Beau BrummelmMAR 1966UKBDSeagift StagecoachBlack Idol
9Seagift Stagecoachm 1959UKWBKParcancady ChallengerTreetops Carnival Queen
10Parcancady Challengerm 195xUKWBKParcancady Black KnightSeagift Sampler
11Parcancady Black Knightm 195xUK Carnlanga DawnViverdon Fancy Lady
12Carnlanga DawnmDEC 1949UK Carnlanga ConquerorCarnlanga Pat
13Carnlanga ConquerormOCT 1945UK Carnlanga ChoughCarnlanga Pixie
14Carnlanga ChoughmAPR 1943UK Carnlanga QuoitCarnlanga Fairy
15Carnlanga QuoitmAUG 1941UK Sporting LadCarnlanga Queenie
16Sporting Ladm 193xIU King of TrevarthParc-an-cady Girlie
17King of Trevarthm 193xUK Primley SatyrLady of Lelant
18Primley Satyrm 192xIU King of VentonPrimley Ixia
19King of Ventonm 1924UKRFVenton FlyerVenton Princess
20Venton Flyerm 192xIU Primley PersimmonVenton Queen
21Primley PersimmonmMAR 1915UKWFNorth Road SpinnerFleet
22North Road Spinnerm 191xIU Trelowarren SpringLass
23Trelowarren Springm 1908UKWBKButcher BoyGwinear Lass
24Butcher BoymAPR 1907UKBDWRedennick KingWater Lily II
25Redennick Kingm 190xIU Stray Park KingLady Lawless
26Stray Park Kingm 189xUKBDStray Park SpringFly
27Stray Park Springm 188xUK TurnerSmutt
28Turnerm 189x unknown dogunknown dog