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Save Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium from demolition

Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium in England will be demolished after Manchester City Council approved developers plans to build 247 houses on the site.

Please sign the petition to help us fight the plans to demolish this iconic and viable stadium.
The stadium first opened in 1926, as part of the legendary Belle Vue area and is famous for staging the first ever Greyhound racing event in the UK.

Please click YES to sign the petition.
Sireline of Charlote Scarlet

1Phantom FlashmJUL 1988UKBKFlashy SirWestmead Seal
2Flashy SirmSEP 1984IEWBKSand Man *Cherry Express
3Sand Man *mAUG 1973USWBKFriend WestyMiss Gorgeous
4Friend WestymAPR 1969USRBDMy Friend LouWesty Blubber
5My Friend LoumMAR 1960USRAmple TipWin Dixie
6Ample TipmJUL 1955USBDAmple TimeYour Telling Me
7Ample TimemDEC 1951USRBDMixed HarmonyVigorette
8Mixed HarmonymSEP 1944USBDLarry of Waterhall *Thrilling Sport
9Larry of Waterhall *mJAN 1936UKBDBeef CutletLady Eleanor
10Beef CutletmJUN 1930UKBDMutton CutletBurette
11Mutton CutletmAPR 1921UKBDJamieMiss Cinderella
12JamiemJUL 1917UKBDBeaded BrowJibstay
13Beaded Browm 1908UKREarl's CourtAsphyxy
14Earl's Courtm 1903IURFarndon FerryCountess Fair
15Farndon FerrymFEB 1899UKBDWFiery FurnaceFair Florence
16Fiery Furnacem 1895UKBDSir SankeyFlying Fancy
17Sir SankeymMAR 1889UKBEGreentickToledo
18GreentickmMAR 1882UKBKBedfellowHeartburn
19BedfellowmJUN 1874UKBKContangoBed of Stone
20ContangomFEB 1870UKBKCashier *Bab At the Bowster
21Cashier *m 1866UKBKCardinal YorkLady Stormont
22Cardinal YorkmJUN 1857UKRWJacobiteForest Queen
23Jacobitem 1854UKBKBedlamiteFlounce
24BedlamitemJAN 1850UKBKFigaroBessy Bedlam
25Figarom 1844UKBKKing CobFredericia
26King Cobm 1838UKWRFIonKate
27Ionm 1834UKBDStumpsIda
28Stumpsm 1828UKBDPilotBliss
29Pilotm 1820UK unknown dogunknown dog