2nd November 2000 - 7th July 2014

RG'S Wonderbred's Remembrance Page

Wonderbred arrived at this forever home in 2006. He was a good friend and protector. I remember when he first arrived. I bought him all these toys but he did not seem interested in them. Until one day, he found my daughter's medium sized stuffed bunny. He loved it. I would throw it to him and he would get all excited. He would throw the bunny in the air when it landed he would pounce on it. My daughter Megan was kind enough to let him keep it. Wonderbred loved other animals too. He had his beagle girlfriend Lucy who was my neighbor's dog. There was an orange cat that he loved. This cat would run over and rub against him doing figure eights underneath him. Wonderbred was protective as well. There was one dog that Wonderbred did not like and Wonderbred would warn me when this dog was near by growling and putting himself between the dog and me. He would press his body against my leg and growl until we were a safe distance from this other dog. I miss him and I will be happy when I get to see him again. Miss you Wonderbred.

David Ryon 12th June 2020

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