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Save Longford Track, Ireland

Longford Track Supporters Club Fundraiser:

At a meeting held at the track on August 15th a survival plan for the future of Longford Greyhound Stadium was discussed. Over 100 people from all over Ireland attended and heard that basically there are 2 options for the track:

* Close down on Friday August 23rd
* Deal with the urgent issues raised by the Fire Officer and other financial requirements by raising funds immediately.

It is estimated that if we raised €25,000 in the next 2 weeks that racing at the track could continue to October.
It was clearly pointed out that raising these funds will NOT guarantee that racing will continue after October. The track will also require a further €20,000 to survive after that.

Basically it’s a big gamble, but faced with the other option of closing immediately those in attendance decided unanimously to fight for the future of the track. The Longford Track Supporters Club have formed a fundraising committee with the aim of raising €25,000 as soon as possible. This figure is easily attainable as the goodwill is there. We are asking owners, trainers and anyone worldwide with an interest in greyhound racing to contribute to the fund.

Please click on YES if you would like to help.

Thank you for your Support.

This Weeks Prizes

1st Gold Membership for 1 year on Greyhound-Data for our overall winner.
2nd Gold membership for 6 months for all our Country winners.

Conditions for country winners

1. To win a prize there must be at least 5 members from your country participating.
2. Your Country must be shown.


NameCountryScore v
Michael HeydonAustralia21
Peter GurryAustralia21
Håkan SevholtSweden20
Jonathan McCannUnited Kingdom19
Sabina KlevängSweden18
Callum FradgleyUnited Kingdom18
Mark JefferyAustralia18
Andrew BobakAustralia17
Wayne HoganAustralia17
Göran HolstSweden16
Lars MarklundSweden15
Saija JämsäFinland14
Patrick GodfreyUnited Kingdom14
Hagabackens HundtjänSweden14
Tomas OlssonSweden14
John McNeillyUnited Kingdom14
Aslan AshrafPakistan13
Simon MilgateAustralia13
Colin Victor JacobsUnited Kingdom13
Paul WheelerAustralia12
Brett LeeChina12
Roz KirkUnited Kingdom12
Juergen StankewitzGermany12
Craig CooperAustralia12
Warren HennisUnited Kingdom12
Sean LilleyIreland12
Werner ScholzGermany11
Neily NolanIreland11
David DunneIreland11
Mike SmithUnited Kingdom11
Peter MooreUnited Kingdom11
Alisdair ArmstrongAustralia11
Darren ScellsAustralia11
Paul R WheelerUSA11
Lily AndyChina10
Jan KristenssonSweden10
Tiina YlänenFinland10
Padhraic FernaneIreland10
Jason ShufflebothamUnited Kingdom10
Ann-Charlotte ErnlundSweden10
Ann-christine PerssoSweden10
Julian GauciAustralia9
John WalkerUnited Kingdom9
Malik ShoibPakistan9
Nina BlidingSweden9
Pablo Miguel DuarteArgentina9
Jonas SvenssonSweden9
Viktória KrucsoHungary9
Daniel BauduinFrance9
Jamie Sharp9
Martyn EmpsonAustralia9
Mark LockettUnited Kingdom9
Tony GallagherAustralia9
Pasi MalinenFinland9
Åsa WicanderSweden9
Marielle LindströmSweden9
Donald Terrance JarvisAustralia9
AlistairUnited Kingdom8
Sam JoynerAustralia8
Darren Glenn WattsAustralia8
Richard GrayAustralia8
Shinde Akshay JanardanIndia8
Arslan GUJJARPakistan7
Leenalinnea NurmiFinland7
Matthew BolandIreland7
Gilton Pereira NogueiraBrazil7
John GardinerAustralia6
Peter ThompsonIreland6
Patrick EatonUnited Kingdom6
Kevin WrightAustralia6
Greg MclachlanAustralia6
Colin ColeUnited Kingdom6
Jason SartoriUSA6
Mairtin SeoigheIreland6
Robert AbreyUnited Kingdom6
Robert WeightmanAustralia6
Edwin MarshallUnited Kingdom5
John FitzgeraldUnited Kingdom5
Stephen HarveyUnited Kingdom5
Frank MacklinUnited Kingdom5
Diana KomaromiHungary5
Sharon HuntIreland5
Jason PollardIreland4
Aaron ShearmanAustralia4
Barrie BackhurstUnited Kingdom4
Daria BesedinaRussia4
Brian FenwickUnited Kingdom4
Mick McLennanAustralia4
Steve McDermottIreland4
David BrockleyUnited Kingdom4
Jahangir TiwanaPakistan4
Pamela DoddUnited Kingdom3
Jack Clayton TrengoveAustralia3
Yasin CulachiPakistan1
Birgit NeumannGermany1
Hugh CoghlanIreland1
Edward FisherIreland1

Individual Country Results


Pablo Miguel Duarte9


Peter Gurry21
michael heydon21
Mark Jeffery18
Andrew bobak17
wayne hogan17


Gilton Pereira nogueira 7


Brett Lee12
Lily Andy10


Saija Jämsä14
Tiina Ylänen10
Pasi Malinen9
Leenalinnea Nurmi7


daniel bauduin9


Juergen Stankewitz12
Werner Scholz11
Birgit Neumann1


Viktória Krucso9
Diana Komaromi5


Shinde Akshay Janardan8


Sean Lilley12
david dunne11
Neily Nolan11
Padhraic Fernane10
matthew boland7

New Zealand

Jonathan Mcinerney0


Aslan Ashraf13
Malik shoib9
Arslan GUJJAR7
Jahangir tiwana4
yasin culachi1


Daria Besedina4


håkan sevholt20
Sabina Kleväng18
göran holst16
Lars Marklund15
Hagabackens Hundtjän14


Paul R Wheeler11
Jason Sartori6

United Kingdom

Jonathan McCann19
Callum Fradgley18
John McNeilly14
Patrick Godfrey14
colin victor jacobs13

Members country not shown

Jamie Sharp9
The Rules - Entering the competition is FREE. Points are given: 1st 5 points, 2nd 3 points 3rd 1 point If more than one winner, all 1st place winners will claim the first prize. If anyone has any questions please email me tony@greyhound-data.com. Remember guys this competition is for fun so lets keep it simple.