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Save Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium from demolition

Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium in England will be demolished after Manchester City Council approved developers plans to build 247 houses on the site.

Please sign the petition to help us fight the plans to demolish this iconic and viable stadium.
The stadium first opened in 1926, as part of the legendary Belle Vue area and is famous for staging the first ever Greyhound racing event in the UK.

Please click YES to sign the petition.

Breeding Kennels of  
IE (434)  UK (226)  AU/NZ (273)  US (35)  Other (379)    Add Your Kennel

433 breeding kennels     page  1 2 3 4 5

Name of Kennel vLandBreederZipCity
You Said So Kennels
IrelandTom NagleCork
IrelandJames DugganPORTLAWWaterford
Www.Riverstownkennels.com(new Website)
IrelandStephen & Padraig CaseyCounty Kildare
Wren Kennels
IrelandWren KennelsCo.Kerry
Wiseguy Kennels
IrelandPaudie LyonslixnawCo Kerry
Wise Kennels
IrelandEdward Hayde
Winetavern Kennels
IrelandNoel ByrneSTRATFORD ON SLANEYBaltinglass Co Wicklow
Willowood Kennels
IrelandRoss MylesFethardCo Tipperary
Willow Kennels
IrelandWillie FoleyCo Donegal
Wicky Kennels
IrelandKevin KellyBirrCo Offaly
Whizzing Kennels
IrelandAdam and David HoggdromTemplemore, Tipperary
Well Drawn Kennels
IrelandAnne BurroughsathyKildare
Well Bray Kennels
IrelandMr Geard MorganArmagh
Village Kennels
IrelandVinny GrennanCo.Offaly
IrelandJacoba van Der Scheer and Ronny Wuyts**Golden-cashel, Co.tipperary
IrelandBernard O Reilly
Unlikely Kennels
IrelandMikie PowerYoughalCo Cork
Unknown Kennels
IrelandStephen HegartyCo Cork
Tyrgal Kennels
IrelandPaul and Jane MageeLifford, Donegal
Tyrap Kennels
IrelandDavid CarrollLimerick
Tycoon Kennels
IrelandEamon O'SullivanWexford
Twilight Kennels
IrelandDominic TimmonsCarlow
IrelandPaul KeenanCrumlin
Tubrid Kennel
IrelandSidney ColcloughwoodsgiftKilkenny
Trade Kennels
IrelandJohn TuohyThurles
Toomevara Kennels
IrelandMichilin DelaneyCo Tipperary
Toberadora Kennels
IrelandBrendan O'NeillThurles,Co.Tipperary
Titans Greyhounds
IrelandAdriaan & Louise CilliersClareEnnis
Tip Top Kennels
IrelandPaul RyanGorey
Thunder Kennels
IrelandNicole Mc LoughlinDrogheda
The Priory
IrelandChris SowerMeath
The Ordinary Man Kennels
IrelandCaroline Doherty
The French Kennel
IrelandFrancine JestinGalway
IrelandAndy TurnerCo Wexford
Tenacious Kennels
IrelandCyril MulcahyardcroneyNenagh Co Tipperary
Templemore Racing
IrelandThomas MorrisseyTemplemoreCo.Tipperary
Temple Kennels
IrelandBrian EganMoate
IrelandDavid MillerMullingar
Tashadelek Kennels
Tango Greys At Shanagore
IrelandTom TannerCork
Tallyho Kennels
IrelandIrene WallRathkealeLimerick
Take On Kennels
IrelandBrendan Cullenco.tyrone
IrelandMichael de Ward
Supernova Racing
IrelandSupernova Greyhounds
Sunshine Kennels
IrelandMr Michael Smithson & Mrs Janet SmithsonMitchelstown, Co Cork
Sunset Kennels
IrelandDavid FlanaganTipperary
Sunoak Kennels
IrelandSunoak SyndicateCounty Cork
Stouke Kennels
IrelandMichael QuinnTipperary
Stormy Kennels
IrelandDermot FitzgeraldGLINCo.limerick
Starlight Greyhound Kennels
IrelandPatrick KilduffCarburyCo,Kildare
Springmount Kennels
IrelandDavid Hickey/Nikki O'DonnellTipperary
IrelandChristopher TyrrellBelfast
Springfarm Racing Kennels
IrelandMiss Keadi McgrathSpringfarm Niblock Road Antrim
Spirit Kennels
IrelandSteve O'Connor
Sparta Kennels
IrelandJon Reynolds
Soviet Kennels
IrelandSean CroninLimerick
Southlodge Kennels
IrelandPeter HattemoreCarrick On Suir,co Tipp
Snipers Kennels
Smokin Ace
IrelandAnthony Moorheadcamolin enniscorthyCo. Wexford
Sly Fox Kennels
IrelandJohn MurrayCo Wexford
Sirron Kennels
IrelandPat NorrisCork
Silverwood View Kinnels
IrelandJohn Brennan
Shlow Down Kennels
IrelandNiall HealyCo. Waterford
Shimba Kennels
IrelandBarry Coppard & Tracey BrentCashelCo. Tipperary
Shannon View Kennels
IrelandJohn ReidyCo.Kerry
Seventh Kennels
IrelandBrian AhernCork
Selecta Kennels
IrelandMatt & Karen ConnellCo Roscommon
Scully Racing
IrelandBobby ScullionGilfordCo. Armagh
Savos Kennels
IrelandJ Sauvage
Satellite Kennels
IrelandEileen and Jimmy JonesMoyvane,listowel,co Kerry.
Sandwell Kennels
IrelandPeter Mc Ardle
Saleen Kennels
IrelandTom and Patrick O'ConnorKerry
Ryecourt Kennels
IrelandJordan MoynihanCork
IrelandTom BamburyballylongfordKerry
Run On Kennels
IrelandRichie Ryan
Ruby Kennels
IrelandPatrick GillLongford
Rough Kennels
IrelandJohn Paul+Johnny Mc QuillanCo.antrim
Rose Cottage Kennells
IrelandGeorge RogersLouth
Roquefort Kennels
IrelandGerry HughesCo Galway
Rombolis Kennels
IrelandThomas Gillespie & Sinead WhittingtonDonegal
Rocktown Kennels
IrelandM & E McCannRandalstown
Rockridge Kennel
IrelandJoe HydeCounty Westmeath
Rockmount Kennels
IrelandShane FlanaganEnnisClare
IrelandJames a Frawley.
Rizzoli Kennels
IrelandJohnny BarrettlistowelCo Kerry
Riverside Kennels
IrelandGraham and Nicky HollandCo Tipperary
Rising Kennel
IrelandDamian FlemingCork
Rhythm Kennels
IrelandKevin and Noel BrowneTullamoreCounty Offaly
Rewind Kennels
IrelandDes O NeillCork
Rebel Kennels
IrelandB. Cullinane.Cork
Reality Racing Kennels
IrelandPaul QuiltyKilkenny
Rathmore Kennels
IrelandFrank CourtneyAntrim
Rathealy Kennels
IrelandJohn O' FlynnKilkenny
Rathanny Kennels
IrelandMr Larry KeaneTraleeCo. Kerry
Ratchies Kennels
IrelandDayne & Pj PeacockAbbeyleixLaois
Rageddy Kennells
IrelandFran ProutclonmelCo Tipperary
Rafas Wee Kennels
IrelandMichael SmythArmagh
Querrin Kennels
IrelandMichael TroyKILKEECounty Clare
IrelandThomas SlatterythurlesCo Tipperary
Purcell's Kennels
IrelandKieran PurcellKilkenny