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Welcome to the Greyhound Knowledge Forum

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This forum is for lovers of the wonderful Greyhound, racing or retired to get help each other with information
to certain Greyhound related topics. Greyhound-Data reserve the right to remove of post that are of-topic,
advertisements or opinions they consider to be offensive or libelless nature. Please read the forum usage manual.

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  Reporting Unsuitable Forum ContentForum Administrator0704812 May 17:07
  IGB Irish Greyhound Board   (1, 2 ... 66, 67 )Tony Gallagher133131031310 Feb 19:47Dave Cunningham
  No ReplaysGraham Sheather119209 Feb 06:38Nathan Trigg
  Gold Members Prize Draw   (1, 2 ... 11, 12 )Tammy Hallas2335442808 Feb 12:09Pamela Dodd
  Oldest Living Greyhounds In IrelandBarry Caul8384105 Feb 09:05Jack Gatty
  SyndicationsWayne Clayton433505 Feb 08:05Wayne Clayton
  RIP Mick MarlowGary Smith18232901 Feb 10:36Nathan Goodwin
  Livestock Australia Threaten Legal ActionKevin Wright4120830 Jan 10:13Tor Janes
  Dundalk Trials This MorningSeamus Casey5114130 Jan 07:18John Hayes
  Ton Nugent RIPKieran Lonergan696127 Jan 21:35Tom Caffrey
  Thoughts On This MatingBridget Cullen633922 Jan 13:58Paul Dubois
  Animals Australia Campaign Blueprint.Jamie Quinlivian347822 Jan 07:11Michael Bowerman
  Newbridge Racing Cancelled 15/1/16Martin Sweeney026615 Jan 13:29
  Vale Mal McCabeBill Warner852514 Jan 08:43Dan Hollywood
  Why Black Shiraz Awesome Assasain and Head HonchoJason Hay457514 Jan 00:51Charles W Mizzi
  2016 BetAmerica Daytona 550 National ChampionshipKevin Wright010610 Jan 06:05
  Judge G.D. Lewis AM Report On Integrity 2008Kevin Wright120110 Jan 04:17Kevin Wright
  Bluffs Run History and Ending By Steve SigafooseKevin Wright224708 Jan 13:15Howard Moshinsky
  Top Dogs for Bluffs Run ..2015Kevin Wright010308 Jan 02:41
  It's a Tie for Top Dog At SOUTHLAND 2015Kevin Wright011407 Jan 05:18
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