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Welcome to the Greyhound Knowledge Forum

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This forum is for lovers of the wonderful Greyhound, racing or retired to get help each other with information
to certain Greyhound related topics. Greyhound-Data reserve the right to remove of post that are of-topic,
advertisements or opinions they consider to be offensive or libelless nature. Please read the forum usage manual.

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Do you have questions regarding the health of your greyhound? Do you need tips what you should feed your dog?
Or do you need advice in curing an injury?
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  PreaclampciaLiam Mc Kiverigan1069212 Jan 20:26Liam Mc Kiverigan
  Pain / Yelping When Pulling Up QuicklyJack Gatty656512 Jan 08:34Carole Brown
  RIP Charles BatesJack Ogilvie043507 Jan 01:20
  All In WormerJoe Mc Gorrey12147406 Jan 22:56Daryl McLaughlin
  Flea and Tick Season Just Around the CornerCorey ODonnell18205806 Jan 13:29Grant Thomas
  Confidor - Dosage Rates   (1, 2 )Claire Needham31922606 Jan 13:28Grant Thomas
  Aussies..snakes.. How Do You Deal With Them   (1, 2 )Dave Lonergan39368904 Jan 13:24Joanne Froud
  Confidor Use On PupsAndrew Gavenlock138103 Jan 20:21Howard Moshinsky
  Kennel Cough   (1, 2 )Julie Edmondson29435803 Jan 04:15Jack Ogilvie
  Bitch Getting Sick After Race   (1, 2 )Mikey O Sullivan25204201 Jan 06:47Jack Gatty
  Laser MachinesJohn Geoghegan155830 Dec 20:15Liam Carr
  FoodPaul Ocallaghan174030 Dec 19:25Richard Gray
  Heel InjuryAnthony Shaw536530 Dec 01:28Anthony Shaw
  Travel Reg's for UK Bitch In SeasonKieran Kerley1780329 Dec 21:38Lynda Bonner
  Fussy EatersWayne Oshanesy141829 Dec 09:21Barry Ribbons
  Dog With Blistered WristJordan Moynihan463428 Dec 19:00Norman James
  VaccinationsCarole Shinkwin033128 Dec 17:11
  GrowthJoe Mc Gorrey475927 Dec 16:07Wayne Osullivan
  Proposed VaccinationsBrian Young15135525 Dec 15:13Tom Astbury
  AcupunctureSandra Brown243924 Dec 10:48Sandra Brown
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