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Welcome to the Greyhound Knowledge Forum

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This forum is for lovers of the wonderful Greyhound, racing or retired to get help each other with information
to certain Greyhound related topics. Greyhound-Data reserve the right to remove of post that are of-topic,
advertisements or opinions they consider to be offensive or libelless nature. Please read the forum usage manual.

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Do you have questions regarding the health of your greyhound? Do you need tips what you should feed your dog?
Or do you need advice in curing an injury?
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  Urinating In KennelRex Jones4115604 Jul 08:54Craig Andrews
  Race Advice Needed.Wayne Osullivan13186303 Jul 09:07John Kelleher
  TendonsTed Lawton9114301 Jul 11:00Steve Harvey
  Allessandro PirasJoe Mc Callum575030 Jun 00:01Joe Mc Callum
  Australiananatomycharts.com   (1, 2 )Christian Squires29113729 Jun 09:49Christian Squires
  Acid RefluxRobynne Black10126328 Jun 04:28Mark Ryan
  DebateKevin O'Reilly020627 Jun 12:59
  Metron UltrasoundBarry Coppard142826 Jun 15:55Dermot Carroll
  CornesPaul Mills251725 Jun 18:29Paul Magee
  Strange Noise When RunningLauren Boland759421 Jun 08:48Lauren Boland
  MuzzlePeadar O' Dwyer15159119 Jun 15:35Peadar O' Dwyer
  Greyhounds Eating Slowly / GrazingPeadar O' Dwyer463819 Jun 14:20Peadar O' Dwyer
  Calcium SyrupSteve Harvey240618 Jun 08:20Steve Harvey
  Rub Down and Muscle LinementRonald Lee15786616 Jun 11:39Paul Ellul
  Liver Problem/need a Cure.Peter Hooper7191510 Jun 10:48Craig Andrews
  Worming Lactating BitchKevin Lindsay867609 Jun 17:36Kevin Lindsay
  Straining to Pee   (1, 2 )Ron Hunter21142009 Jun 08:11Ron Hunter
  Supplements and AntibioticsJamie Quinlivian275601 Jun 23:57Julie Pearson
  Very Sick Greyhound.   (1, 2 )Laurence Lee23231701 Jun 17:21Laurence Lee
  Blisters On Stomach   (1, 2 )Jack Gatty25103701 Jun 11:52Jack Gatty
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