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Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation

Padjoe Dorney
(Verified User)
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30 Sep 2020 17:21


Meeting took place at Tipperary Technology Park in Thurles.

In attendance
IGB - Ger Dollard CEO, Philip Peake Deputy CEO and Pat Herbert Director of Regulation.
IGOBF - Damian Matthews Chairman, Helen Morris Secretary, Clare Hanley and Geoff Parnaby.
Meeting started at 10 am.
IGOBF Have previously raised concerns that there should be equal distribution of seeding for both
ordinary races and open competitions. Whilst there is agreement this should be done there are
occasions when this is not happening where a number of wide and middle seeds appear in one race
and none in the other race of the same grade.
IGB to further look at adherence of this.
Central Grading
IGOBF In 2019 put forward a case for central grading to IGB, this was brought forward to the
National Consultative Forum where it was widely accepted. Where are the IGB at with regard to its
IGB The Leinster office is in place and it is hoped Munster will be next, once in place which is
envisaged will be towards the end of 2021 it will help boost integrity and offer cost savings to the
industry. It will be available to private tracks also.
Novice Racing
IGOBF Highlighted a problem with N2-N3 being put in together a 30.70 pup could be in with a
28.90 pup. This needs addressing along with the opportunity for pups to gain experience with their
own age. Time finding needs to be addressed there needs to be clear guidelines, penalties and
IGB We have two issues here; more races for novice greyhounds in against equal peers and time
finding. A trial is supposed to be an indication of the greyhounds ability.
IGB Asked for an input from IGOBF members regarding these issues, novice race guidelines and
penalties for time finding.
Track Ratings
IGOBF Track ratings need looking at on a meeting by meeting basis. Questions have been raised re
the times being run at Shelbourne Park which we see as having a detrimental effect on identifying
the true quality of a runner there and hence a true market value.
IGB Stated Shelbourne Park times will be reviewed after the Derby. Track ratings are regularly
reviewed based on actual data.
Scanning & Traceability
IGB Are looking to move towards a technology based system. Scanning has been trialed at one of
the tracks, it will be a learning process for all but once successful it will be rolled out across all
tracks. This is hoped will bring savings in paper work to the industry. Traceability system should be
operational in Q4 2020.
IGOBF Welcomed this move.
Rebranding Greyhound Racing
IGB Parts of the Greyhound Act should be in place in October. The IGB will be named Rásíocht
Con Éireann/Greyhound Racing Ireland. There will not be be a full rebrand until a later date.
Broadcasting of greyhound racing
IGB Currently all mainstream Irish TV stations will not broadcast greyhound racing. The Derby has
been covered by RPGTV and has been met with widespread approval by the industry at large.
However RPGTV is funded by UK bookmakers and they are restricted in showing Irish content.
IGOBF Is it possible to introduce a YouTube channel to cover Irish racing, consider what other
channels may be open at this time. Questions very much remain over Barking Buzz.

Indecon Report
IGB We have had extensive discussion with Enniscorthy and Youghal and we have entered into an
agreement with both, subject to conditions that they continue to operate until December 2022 with a
review in the fourth quarter of 2021. There are targets to be met and a reduction of the overall costs
to IGB, a number of initiatives on welfare will also be undertaken.
IGOBF Based on Enniscorthy and Youghals trading performance their future is in their own hands.
Winter Racing Schedule
IGB With five levels on COVID 19 even if we are on Level one until June 2021 where we can have
200 people outside/100 people inside the industry is not sustainable. The Christmas market is gone
and we hold major concerns over future direction of the industry. We continue to promote our case
amongst Oireachtas members and it is important for all participants in our industry to do the same.
It is believed that the Horse and Greyhound fund will go and we will come under the Dept of
Agriculture, if that happens we may no longer stay aligned to horse racing ie 80-20 split. It is
important that the industry maintains its current funding.
IGOBF Asked that IGB supply IGOBF with a version of their submission for the budget so
participants may engage with their local representatives.
Greyhound Care Centres
IGB We opened the first centre in July 2020 for 18 greyhounds, a video will be released shortly.
IGOBF When someone is retiring a greyhound there needs to be advice and guidance on how to go
about it, there should be appropriate photos to enhance chances of adoption. These may include
social settings with small animals etc.
Note : There is a donate button on the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust page on Facebook, this is
something th at is in everyone's interest to support.
Random Kenneling
IGB piloted a one off random kenneling at Shelbourne Park and feedback was positive.
Each kennel will be assigned a random number. It is believed this helps to further advance integrity.
IGOBF Feel kennels will need to be locked after dogs have returned after each race with a steward
in place.
Database of Owners
IGB Would like to see a line of communication through the IGOBF to participants. There is
communication through Talking Dogs but there are instances where a more direct approach would
be preferable.
IGOBF Have engaged a company to set up a site that should be in operation shortly, this will allow
a growing number of members to be contacted directly.
PR panel of greyhound community reps
IGB Would like to have local participants available who are willing and able to speak on radio or to
the media etc.
IGOBF Have previously identified individuals who were willing to do this and will revisit with
them and supply names.
Any other business
IGB All participants should wear masks when attending tracks.
IGB The IGB website is being reviewed to ensure that all information is or will be brought into line
with data protection laws.
IGOBF Outlined concerns regarding adjustments to racing in Tralee.
IGB Stated that discussions with Tralee are ongoing.
IGOBF Outlined concerns regarding the future of Clonmel track.
IGB We are happy to engage with representatives of Clonmel track.
IGOBF Raised the issue of races being lost across the board and participants finding it extremely
difficult to get runs. A number of tracks reduced from two nights racing to one night and
participants were of the opinion there would be more races on those nights to accommodate the dog
pools which indeed there initially was, these have invariably been removed.

IGB 10 races is the standard. It is not sustainable to add more races, there is a wider issue
financially in the current climate. There may well be choices to be made..
IGOBF It caused consternation amongst some members when it was announced that Shelbourne
Park would get extra prize money. Participants see the SIS races as getting less money.
IGB Shelbourne are losing a night's racing and that is where the money is coming from, this was
explained on Talking Dogs. SIS money is broadly the same, it is distributed differently across the
whole race.
IGOBF Are there COVID grants available to the industry?
IGB There are central grants which apply to any business and private tracks may be in a position to
apply for these grants.
IGOBF Was the proper procedure followed when the contract was awarded to Preferred Results?
IGB This was dealt with at the Public Accounts Committee, everything was done according to the
proper procedures.
The meeting concluded at 12.15
Damian Matthews, Chairman IGOBF

Martin James
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30 Sep 2020 21:34


HRI more fixtures next year.Reasonable to assume their funding is assured ?


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