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Calling all with Retired Greyhounds

Lianne Cook
(Verified User)
Posts 13432
Dogs 100 / Races 97

24 Apr 2017 02:40


A few years ago, I set up a page on Facebook to collate photos of as many retired greyhounds as I could collect from adopters who contacted me , putting them in single albums with breeding, birth date, littermates etc mainly in an effort to show those outside (and inside) the industry that not all greyhounds are "killed" when they retire from the racetrack or are "discarded" as a puppy.

Many trainers, owners and breeders who lost touch once their greyhounds were gone from their hands, have been happily surprised since seeing my photo albums as they have discovered many greyhounds who they thought had "disappeared" are now happily living with their adopters. These adopters have come forward to supply me with photos of their pet greyhounds and earbrands/racing name details so these dogs can be added to the growing list of albums.

Even if your greyhound had passed away due to old age, they can still be added to the album, as this shows further proof that many greyhounds have been kept as pets long after their racing careers have ended.

Currently I still have to upload over 200 retired greyhounds that I have in my files, to the albums, and I know there are thousands more out there living a life of leisure with their owners/trainers/breeders, so if you would like to add them to the album please post in the link below or alternatively you can message me on here/ send me an email with photo and info of your greyhounds to standupnice@gmail.com

At the moment, the current list of retired greyhounds (showing their sires/dams) in the albums includes:

Where's Hoover x Right Way Gloria
Give Me Five x Tee Kennelly
Lochinvar Marlow x Capricorn Tiger
General Magoo x Clever Osti
El Grand Senor x Next Level
Elgrando x Brandeen Kathy
Vee Man Vane x Fire Bug
Spring Gun x Gypsy Lee Coin
Dyna Tron x Arvo's Breeze
Turanza Bale x Judge Me Not
Symmetry x She Can Sal
Ahane Lad x Glad Thyme
Elite State x Illegal Melody
Knocka Norris x Major Coinage
Knocka Norris x Tranquil Faith
Barcia Bale x Jade The Weapon
Cosmic Chief x But Why Not
Cosmic Rumble x Lady Grey
Made To Size x Cha Cha Shari
Pure Octane x Ferly Gain
Royal Assassin x Civil Headed
Spring Gun x Magic Castle
Taylors Sky x Please Behave
Where's Pedro x Glenticky Opal
Cosmic Chief x Flippin' Cool
Prince Diablo x Into The Mist
El Grand Senor x Catch Up Sunday
Glen Gallon x Ta
Vee Man Vane x Bonegilla Flash
Token Prince x Brazen Vixen
Barcia Bale x New Coin
Fear Zafonic x Xanadu's Image
Vapour Whirl x Dotty
Mandagery Man x Flowing Reaction
Ahane Lad x Lily Rocket
Kinloch Brae x War Torn
Vapour Whirl x Awesome Kathy
Fabregas x Cathy Douglas
Surgeon x Exford Fury
Kinloch Brae x Amado
Trewly Special x Oakmont Aisling
Surf Lorian x Sunny Way
Collide x My Secret Shiraz
Bombastic Shiraz x Infinite Charm
Bombastic Shiraz x Twilight Rose
Brett Lee x Straight Line
Enry Walt x Katathani
Premier Fantasy x Where's Tobin
Apache Leap x Dyna Gabi
Regal Thyme x Wee Maddie
Vapour Whirl x Shanlyn Wilma
Cosmic Chief x Canoodles
Zed Three x Gleaming Linda
Kilty Lad x Whipstick Girl
Where's Pedro x Bahloo Express
Give Me Five x Mountain Brook
Ahane Lad x Biochemist
World Class x Chantilly Bale
Just The Best x Garis Garis
Bit Chili x Nimuay Lass
Elite State x Soul Oasis
Premier Fantasy x Mysterious Lee
Surf Lorian x Super Snazzy
Blackalls Boss x Into The Mist
Surf Lorian x She Rose High
Return The King x Star Diva
Knocka Norris x Uno Amy
Hooksy x See You Latte
Don Chendo x See You Latte
Dyna Lachlan x Sister Ping
Where's Hoover x Annabrett
Bombastic Shiraz x Steadfast Tammy
Fabregas x Some Folks
Premier Fantasy x Top Entity
Cosmic Rumble x Lindy Hop
Bombastic Shiraz x Cosmic Brigid
Bombastic Shiraz x Dad's Alarm
Vapour Whirl x Balina Bale
Velocette x Centrifuge
Bekim Bale x Minni Mookster
Bombastic Shiraz x Jellignite
Trewly Special x Garis Garis
Collision x Sundae Sipper
Where's Pedro x Dakota Bird
Collision x Cosmic Goddess
Cosmic Chief x Lady Bling
Duchamp x Kazankina
Time Fly's x Lily's Portrait
Where's Pedro x Redburst
Shanlyn Prince x Cruise The Tide
Cosmic Rumble x Free Dream
Mister Twink x Where's Shelly
Where's Pancho x Bell's Gem
Barcia Bale x Dream Chick
Nitro Burst x Pacey Maldini
Go Wild Teddy x Foxmoor Flyer
Djay's Octane x Golden Patsy
El Grand Senor x Rum Blaster
Cosmic Rumble x Awesomeness
Collision x Lochinvar Vogue
Dyna Tron x Cho Chang
Bit Chili x Arcane Phoenix
Beckett x Brijon Lady
Cosmic Chief x Dashing Red Girl
Take The Kitty x Dam Girl Curlew
Spring Gun x Neala's Joy
Bit Chili x August Rose
Brumby Lad x Cundle Miss
Kiowa Sweet Trey x Sunray Bale
Slater x Geisha Assassin
Pure Octane x Shiralassie
Flying Penske x Classy Creek
Velocette x Isle of Capri
Bit Chili x My Samilee
Knocka Norris x Sheboom
Fabregas x Pamela Monelli
Bekim Bale x Not In Kansas
Dk's Prime Time x Lady Charisma
Surf Lorian x Maybe A Diva
Dyna Lachlan x Queen Of Bling
Time Fly's x Sweet Julia
Hallucinate x Punk Angel
Bombastic Shiraz x Runnin Jumpin
Bo Frazier x Dingee Star
Made To Size x Elite Oriental
Give Me Five x Super Beauty
Cosmic Rumble x Light Shift
Thomas x Uno Jayde
Bank Manager x All For Us
Spiral Nikita x Isa Brown
Bombastic Shiraz x Oxley Magic
Elite State x Prodigal Child
Hallucinate x Jen's Moral
Bo Frazier x Spring Malawi
Big Daddy Cool x Ima Stunner
Spring Gun x Awesomeness
Surf Lorian x Maddy's Terrah
College Causeway x Taymel Fox
Bombastic Shiraz x Tureena Lee
Wild Voodoo x Civic Speed
Elite State x Miss Grub
Velocette x Ashleigh Ella
Prince Diablo x Sheza Shy Girl
Trewly Special x Mega Pixel
Brett Lee x Sweet Fancy
Cosmic Rumble x Pure Lee Fooling
Made To Size x Madam Sash
Bombastic Shiraz x Pro Model
Collision x Cara Bale
Premier Fantasy x Book Of Music
Elite State x Fiesta Flex
Big Daddy Cool x Persian Belle
Phoenix Ice x Modern Mel
Where's Pedro x Mantra Miss
Never Enough x Am Classy
Dragon Fire x Joot Cha Nuaan
Dee Winter x Lucky Santos
Fear Zafonic x Driving Daisy
Dyna Lachlan x Painted Lady
Westmead Osprey x Hot Octane
Silent Guardian x Magic India
Hesa Felon x Zulu Bale
Go Wild Jack x Pepper Minx
Carlisle Jack x Leannan's Way
Mantra Lad x White Lexus
El Grand Senor x Lemon Ice
Pure Octane x Joyful Lee
El Grand Senor x Kulu Flame
Surf Lorian x Always Mine
Booma Teddy x Our Royal Corgi
Awesome Assassin x Little Saint
Where's Pedro x Biscayne Babe
Where's Pedro x Evy's Love
Time Fly's x Miss Amberbee
Typhoon Tide x Zazzy Princess
Where's Pedro x National Penny
Hallucinate x Salome
Knocka Norris x Little Egyptian
Solve The Puzzle x Racy Princess
Collide x Leica Yankee
Fabregas x Hot Fantasia
Carnage x Tengari
King's Cadet x Star of Lynbrook
Collision x Luvo
Solve The Puzzle x Ranger Kaitlyn
Big Daddy Cool x Gotta Be Burns
Magic Sprite x Larkhill Rebel
Hurricane Luke x Akiko Alley
Fancy Dean x Raven Teetee
Pure Octane x Bobby Lee
Winsome Lesson x Shady Spec
Cyrus The Virus x Ebony Night
Where's Hoover x Harvard Rose
Larkhill Jo x Evening
Spiral Nikita x Evening
Decembrist x Zoey Bale
Where's Pedro x Flipper
Where's Pedro x Rich Mahogany
Hallucinate x Ima Shelby
Galba Jack x Carra Winslow
Primo Uno x Overture Girl
Premier Fantasy x Wild Black Betty
Elite State x Joan's Ruby
Andy Palmer x My Nightingale
Awesome Assassin x Brookside Cindy
Shanlyn Prince x Why Not Molly
Cool Effort x Marine Girl
Go Forever x Thunder Brook
Black Enforcer x Go Wild Shirl
Surf Lorian x Laura's Angel
Bombastic Shiraz x Daisy Jay
Mantra Lad x Glen Abbey Treat
Elite State x Our Bette
Lansley Bale x I'm Spoilt
Go Wild Teddy x Tanzanite
Collision x Wheely Happy
Fear Zafonic x Jacobella Bale
Mantra Lad x Elite Captivator
Premier Fantasy x Leprechaun Gem
No Intent x Lady Manager
Bond x Fat Chops Polly
Carlisle Jack x Cockatoo Cabin
Vocal Exit x Lodden Lark
Surf Lorian x Ricodech
Bit Chili x Fairy Bower
Surf Lorian x Resigned
Collision x Transmit
Magic Sprite x Zadar Belle
Knocka Norris x Teandee Mist
Smooth Fancy x Gable La Flash
Pinch Bar x Shimy Lee
Redline Reaper x Solemn Task
Fear Zafonic x Night Storm
Pure Octane x Hello Sienna
Diffuser x Lady Lafourche
Placard x Tarney Bear
Mantra Lad x Destitute
Casino Tom x May Power
Mantra Lad x Rockin Stroller
Big Daddy Cool x Whatta Omen
Surf Lorian x Token Melody
Trew Millions x Nikita Beriman
Hallucinate x Wiedersehen
Fear Zafonic x Nicely Done
Ea's Itzaboy x Universal Lady
Scull Murphy x Blue Palace
Surf Lorian x Blue Palace
Bond x Cockney Rebel
Big Daddy Cool x Koto Pearl
Surf Lorian x Shelburn
Velocette x Major Drama
Token Prince x Jay Doubled
El Galo x Great Thyme
Where's Pedro x Classic Amali
Westmead Hawk x Let it Snow
El Galo x Dr Lowball
Big Moose x Brit's Best
Collision x Eye The Tiger
Elite State x Pippi's Desire
Awesome Assassin x Elusive Tears
Collide x Next Station
Collision x Moonlight Song
Bombastic Shiraz x My Girl Ashlee
Big Daddy Cool x Enteedee
Concord x Silent Wings
Bye Bye Bones x Molly Roc
Cool Effort x Cees Little Sis
Awesome Assassin x Spikey Joe
Surf Lorian x Apache Arrow
Surf Lorian x Tizza Hypo
Magic Sprite x Diana Trick
Just the Best x Vivacity
Bombastic Shiraz x Winsome Bluebird
Black Enforcer x Best Pins
Digital x Keatstar
Jack Junior x Hope Floats
Made To Size x Anevay
Bombastic Shiraz x Ko Ko Capri
Elite State x Jay Lo McLaren
Elite State x Wamberal Tammin
Surf Lorian x Ask Any Dancer
Bombastic Shiraz x Glamour Heart
Bombastic Shiraz x Winsome Joy
Pure Octane x Awesome Mint
Bombastic Shiraz x Lady Chase
El Grand Senor x So Seductive
Path To Power x Velocity Queen
College Causeway x Alota Charm
Give Me Five x Schindler's List
Velocette x Witch Magic
Magnamize x Bear Luck
Placard x Amy Pearl
Vee Man Vane x Blue Sky Libby
Fear Zafonic x Red Shilling
Premier Fantasy x Red Shilling
Vee Man Vane x Sharon Lee
Big Daddy Cool x Bent Penny
Vapour Whirl x First Time
Where's Pedro x Danni Reltub
Magic Trance x Blue Sky Libby
Dyna Lachlan x Runway Model
Hallucinate x Vizcaya
November Ghandi x Honey Monster
Kiowa Sweet Trey x Tureena Lee
Bombastic Shiraz x Araluen Valley
Brett Lee x Royal Backlash
Miagi x Agent Gibbs
Bombastic Shiraz x Nuzzle
Hallucinate x Ko Ko Capri
Bit Chili x Vee Girl Vane
Cosmic Rumble x Wild Tunza
Meticulous x Korongah Gem
Collision x Janderra
Talks Cheap x Navarre Express
Awesome McLaren x Stand Up Nice
Black Enforcer x Noir Pompe
Mean Bean x Good Cheer
Phoenix Ice x Sunlit Jules
Meticulous x Geminist

Truck Mcnamara
(Verified User)
Posts 563
Dogs 3 / Races 0

24 Apr 2017 08:40


great work lianne

Tony Gallagher
(Team Member)
Posts 4772
Dogs 11791 / Races 38946

24 Apr 2017 08:56


Well done Lianne

Michael Worth
(Verified User)
Posts 380
Dogs 2 / Races 0

24 Apr 2017 21:05


Great stuff, keep up the good work. I still have BELLA at home OCT 06 Pure Octane x Extremely Sly. She's featured in the local paper a few times lately , during the greyhound ban. Cheers

Gayle Mayberry
(Verified User)
Posts 1
Dogs 1 / Races 0

04 May 2018 20:40


This is outside USA, correct? Thank you!

Grant Thomas
(Verified User)
Posts 11431
Dogs 64 / Races 20

05 May 2018 15:02


Lianne Hi, Great job your doing...THANKS...Lippy has passed away and so too has Suzie...I still have Pepper here(Lippy's daughter)she's 10 years old...Good luck in your future endeavours...Grant & Sheree...

Bernard John Duffy
(Verified User)
Posts 8035
Dogs 28 / Races 8

06 May 2018 00:01


Hi Lianne, I still have Crafty Shiraz here at Home, He will turn 10 in December . This is his breeding.


Jeanette Spruyt
(Verified User)
Posts 209
Dogs 2 / Races 0

06 May 2018 08:34


Good opportunity to say that I still have
We Do Voodoo .
I have always wanted to let Jenny V. know that he is still with me.
I will have to get my kids to help me download a photo of him - he is still a stunner.
Wild Voodoo / Jump and Run.
I haven't seen Jenny on the forum for a long time, so I didn't want to impose but this is a great thread to put it out there.
He came to me as a very sound structured dog, but I did not race him for other reasons.

I just had Boorooma Magic placed via gap, 7 yr old went to a 77 yr old lady, and those two together are very happy.
Having adventures like no bodies business and also chilling out together. Blau lies beside her new owner, while she is reading a book. And they alternate between the country and a suburb location.

And a striking brindle that I had for some time, is going through the gap process, it was hard to do but I had to let him go.
John and family, all I can say is that if he doesn't make it through, he will be coming back to me.
That dog has a head like no other that I have come across - he challenged me greatly, and at the same time we were challenged greatly. Doesn't matter if know one knows what I am talking about, just a good opportunity to express something about a very special greyhound.

Kirsty Tallon
United Kingdom
(Verified User)
Posts 61
Dogs 1 / Races 0

03 Jun 2018 20:28


I had Freeland Mal, who didn't race, but I now have Flyaway Budgie, who raced successfully.
Both Meg (Mal) and Fly have a dog called I'm Slippy, in their heritage.

Bruce Teague
(Verified User)
Posts 1254
Dogs 0 / Races 0

03 Jun 2018 23:05



Wonderful effort.

Copy to the Minister (or letter to media) could help.

Recently came across two GAP dogs while walking the local street - both with happy owners. Never happened before over 27 years in the area.

Branko Lezaja
(Verified User)
Posts 434
Dogs 2 / Races 0

04 Jun 2018 07:52


Hi Lianne ,
I have retired Greyhounds with me including Hold On Wincup (Pure Octane x Midori Storm) whelped in 2012 , Midori Mai Tai (Collision x Midori Dream) she just turned 10 years old back in March etc , let me know where to send you info & pics.


Paul Meredith
(Verified User)
Posts 2
Dogs 0 / Races 0

03 Jan 2019 23:19


I have one of these dogs phoenix ice - modern mel , what do I do just sent you photo or details ?

Malcolm Smart
(Verified User)
Posts 12363
Dogs 19 / Races 34

04 Jan 2019 02:19


paul meredith wrote:

I have one of these dogs phoenix ice - modern mel , what do I do just sent you photo or details ?


Malcolm Smart
(Verified User)
Posts 12363
Dogs 19 / Races 34

04 Jan 2019 02:19


Branko Lezaja wrote:

Hi Lianne ,
I have retired Greyhounds with me including Hold On Wincup (Pure Octane x Midori Storm) whelped in 2012 , Midori Mai Tai (Collision x Midori Dream) she just turned 10 years old back in March etc , let me know where to send you info & pics.



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