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Do you have adopted a greyhound and need help in handling him?
Or are you looking for littermates of your dog?

NSW Greyhound Adoption Program Financing

Grant Dunphy
(Verified User)
Posts 447
Dogs 3 / Races 1

25 Apr 2017 11:54


In 2015 the Govt. appointed controller of GRNSW reduced travelling/appearance expenses at all meetings by $10 per dog & later By $20 more for each additional dog per Trainer.
There are usually 31 meetings per week x 80 dogs = 2400 dogs @ $10=$24000 per week
not incl. the Trainers with additionals.
$24,000 x 52 weeks =$1,248,000 per year.
Is this money really going to GAP & if so why are they not proud to publicise the adoption figures & why is it almost impossible to even book a dog in?
I wonder what are the real adoption figures?

Malcolm Smart
(Verified User)
Posts 11981
Dogs 19 / Races 34

25 Apr 2017 12:53


Now if we had a Trainers Association we would be able to find out these questions and more..!!

Dan McDonald
(Verified User)
Posts 386
Dogs 9 / Races 0

25 Apr 2017 13:22


It's easy to book them in, I recently had 4 bitches assessed and they were accepted, 3 of them have already found homes.
Since we are starting with a clean slate and the funding for welfare should be covered by the government money that we didn't have before the ban, do we now go back to the original prize money and travel money?

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