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Do you have adopted a greyhound and need help in handling him?
Or are you looking for littermates of your dog?

Why aren't these dogs getting monitored & policed?

Sandro Bechini
(Verified User)
Posts 17202
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17 Jul 2017 02:01



If the two dogs in this incident were greyhounds we would have every anti-group saying that greyhounds should be banned.

The authorities, especially the RSPCA, should be doing their job and monitoring the breeders of all dogs by ensuring that anyone who breeds a dog is a licensed breeder, has proper runs and kennels, makes sure they are chipped and earbranded, makes sure they are socialized etc etc etc

It's the biggest double standard in the world of canines

Kevin Murnane
(Verified User)
Posts 98
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17 Jul 2017 04:31


Hi sandro we are governed by double standards you know right from wrong as I do and many others know right from wrong I worked in the construction industry as a safety officer that undustry was full of double standards that is the reason I chose to become a greyhound trainer and guess what.The rspca is double standards as you stated when you have time give me a call I will tell you a true story that happened just recently involving a greyhound and the owner along with the rspca

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