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Not the school kids, please

Bruce Teague
(Verified User)
Posts 1900
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03 Dec 2019 23:57


Will it catch on? It is now two or three weeks since the Victorian harness people, closely followed by their NSW counterparts and GRNSW, made public noises about the desperate need to create a national betting pool. Nothing has been heard since.

Essentially, the greyhound need is much greater as, while it has many more races, its tote pools are normally much smaller than those at the trots and near-unusable. They are good only for mugs in pubs and Mystery bettors.

Such a move has long had support from a variety of sources; begin with the 2008 Cameron report in NSW, a statement from a previous Racing Minister, Richard Face, the Productivity Commission, former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett, the then-boss of Tatts (now Ubet and merging), and Tabcorp itself when it appealed unsuccessfully to the NSW Minister (McBride) to allow the merging of NSW and Victorian pools.

Now GRNSW CEO, Tony Mestrov, tearing himself away from his Dapto battles, has told the Sydney Morning Herald, “We need it. It will add competition to the fixed odds product”.

This is a fabulous idea but when it comes from three of the weaker racing jurisdictions in Australia it is hard to see how it can get traction. Missing at the moment are the two monster organisations, RV and RNSW, as well as the state governments who actually hold the reins.

Meantime, anybody with a few quid in his pocket can start up a corporate betting house, make up his own rules, offer terrible odds and chuck out any investors who dare to make a profit. Tabcorp can only watch on in horror.

It might need greyhound racing to hire some of those climate change mobs to march on parliaments and demand reform? But, please, not the schoolkids.

Peter Gurry
(Verified User)
Posts 7626
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04 Dec 2019 00:35



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