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Lost greyhound ~ Bella

Di Hilsley
United Kingdom
(Verified User)
Posts 462
Dogs 2 / Races 1

19 Nov 2010 09:06



She slipped her lead in a london park ,owners must be at their
wits end .clutching at straws ,but if anyone has any contact
with a homing center could you just ask if they possibly
had her handed in ? she is chipped ...
Or any other Ideas where to look ,she came from the
hersham homing kennels, her owners must be totally gutted ..

thanks ...

cross posted from other forums.

Grant Thomas
(Verified User)
Posts 11431
Dogs 64 / Races 20

19 Nov 2010 10:23


I know how they feel.
How it ends well and soon.


Margaret Stocken
United Kingdom
(Verified User)
Posts 131
Dogs 0 / Races 0

19 Nov 2010 12:11


This is the third dog I have heard of in the past 24 hrs who has got loose because they slipped collars. I adopted my first greyhound from a well-known national dog charity 20 yrs ago and was not warned about the risk of greyhounds and lurchers - especially when a bit nervous, being able to slip their collars, due to slim heads compared with their neck size. My first lass was almost killed when she slipped her tight collar and ran down a main road.

Edited 25/11/10. To everyone who read this original post – apologies - it was a long ‘rant’, obviously not directed at anyone personally, so have edited it. That doesn’t make it any less important that anyone, who hands over a greyhound or lurcher to a new owner, makes them aware of the potential problem. You may be confident that the 'greyhound collars', when tight enough, are safe. With a very frightened or determined dog – THEY ARE NOT.

When kennel dogs go out in a group they are fairly secure because they know the others and, probably, the route taken and noises etc they are likely to encounter on the way. Once out of that environment, on their own with someone they don't yet know, the nervous ones can freak so easily. Greyhounds and lurchers, who have come from ‘stray’ situations can be the same and are often worse. One strong backward pull and they are gone.

There are several different choices for secondary safety collars/harnesses. Please everyone think about it. It is such a tragedy when they get lost – or worse. I really feel for the owners currently desperately searching for their dogs and sincerely hope they can all be found safe and well.

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