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Here you can advertise your litters, single pups and not yet registered saplings.

1 Litter Advertisement

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Ballymac Vic  x  Badminton Tyche
show pedigree
Date of birth  10/10/17 
Price  850
Comment  Thereís always one time waster.

1 bitch for sale as the man who bought her has not turned up and canít be contacted.

Choice of two, black or white and blue, very even and I will be keeping the other.

Saturday Night Shelbourne Park Breeding for Sale.
3 dogs and 6 bitches
Tyche was bought at 12 weeks to make a Brood Bitch.
She is by the Top Stud Dog of his time, Brett Lee out of the Top Brood Bitch of her time, the great Steamy Windows.
Tyche is a litter sister to Tote Gold Cup and Night of Stars 525 winner, Slippery Fred as well as being a half sister to a whole host of Top Open and Classic Winners including Irish Derby WInner Slippery Robert and another Tote Gold Cup WInner in Slippery Bob.
Tyche won her pups race in Kilkenny but did a wrist and could only be very lightly raced afterwards, still winning a Novice 730 and a 525 in Clonmel by 9 1/2 lengths when the ground was bottomless, see video on IGB.
Steamy Windows bred 18 dogs rated over 100 from 31 pups.
Ballymac Vic is second in the Sires Table in the Uk and third in the Table for Ireland for 2017
I will be keeping a dog and a bitch myself.
Priced to sell
**Update dog and 2 bitches sold within 20 mins of ad going up.**
Update Dog and Bitch sold this morning
Update 2 bitches remaining
Update 1 bitch remaining
Pups going to Tipperary, Laois, Kerry Cork and Carlow

Kennel  View our Kennel
Contact  David McGrath   
Address  Ireland  ,   
Phone  0876646861
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 22-Jan-18)

1 Litter Advertisement