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Litter Advertisements of
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Here you can advertise your litters, single pups and not yet registered saplings.

4 Litter Advertisements

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Kingdom Kite  x  Oldfield Lynda
show pedigree
Date of birth  05.09.2020 
Price  dog 500 eur, bitch 450eur
Comment  Microchip, dewormed, vaccinated and passport These classic breed puppies are wonderful, very eager and have an exceptional temperament, good descendants Top Honcho Cashen Legend, Brett Lee, Spiral Nikita, Jo Staplers, Mega Delight, is an old line with big names in the history of the greyhound race!
Contact  Chimoaica Sandel   
Address  Romania  , 061531  Bucuresti
Phone  +40722688538
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 20-Oct-20)

Blackstone Gene  x  Smooth Rhythm
show pedigree
Date of birth  29/8/2020 
Price  1200€//1000€
Comment   Male: 1200 €
Bitch: 1000€

Promising, high quality puppies from a unique Australian maternal bloodline are for sale.
Raised according to the "Irish old school", they're all vaccinated, dewormed, with FCI pedigree.
2 black males, 1 black bitch.

Sire: Blackstone Gene (in theory he should not need an introduction).
The high achieving top sire of the world famous Droopys kennel - coming from an impeccable family - has several hundred
outstanding, champion, Group 1 winner offsprings.
His daughters are of Droopys' and other Irish and English kennels' highly accomplished contenders to this day.

Dam: Tico Flass Smooth Rhythm
Her racename is "Ledy". With good structural endurance, very fast pace, and a nice, calm temperament, Ledy is an extremely fast runner coming from a traditional sprinter family.
Hungarian Oaks finalist
Best time: Isaszeg solo: 275 m 16.51 s
In race: 275 m 16.79 s
485 m 29.87 s

Littermate: Pure Nitro
Puppy Derby Sprint Winner

Little sister: Shelby
Hungarian Oaks Winner
Best time:
Drumbo Park: solo 480m 28. 91s (A2)
Dundalk 366m 21.59 s (S1)
Shelbourne Park: 480m 29.16
Isaszeg: 485 m 29,56

Should you require any more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on the following contacts:
Email: kuburczik.laci@gmail.com
Phone: +36 20 203 66 77

Kennel  View our Kennel
Contact  Kuburczik László   
Address  Hungary  ,   
Phone  + 36 20 203 66 77
Email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Mihály Ganyecz   
(ad posted 15-Oct-20)

Elite State  x  Kengyelfuto Airbag
show pedigree
Date of birth  30. 06. 2020. 
Price  1000 EUR
Comment  Two big and strong dog (red and black) is available of the litter!

He needs no introduction. Undoubtedly one of the best of his era, a flying machine and a superstar sire with a flawless pedigree.

unfortunatelly she never reached her true potential because of a serious injury at the age of 11months. She was EU championship finalist and her fastest time is 28,80 at 480m (Alsonemedi)
Now she is a proven dam.
This will be her last litter so dont missed the chance!

If you need any information feel free to drop me a mail.


Contact  Chris Novak   
Address  Hungary  ,   
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 19-Oct-20)

Pokerface  x  Leanders Beat
show pedigree
Date of birth  09.08.2020 
Price  1400 Euro
Comment  2 males for sale
Kennel  View our Kennel
Contact  sindy deschner   
Address  Germany  , 16515  Oranienburg
Phone  00491603412500
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 17-Oct-20)

4 Litter Advertisements