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Litter Advertisements of
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Here you can advertise your litters, single pups and not yet registered saplings.

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Droopys Scolari  x  Kowloon Evie
show pedigree
Date of birth  31-7-16 
Price  Dogs £1750 bitches £1250
Comment  For sale 1 dog 1 bitch left
Droopys Scolari needs no introduction as the litters by this super stud are less and less

Evie was a game bitch who's career was cut short by injury. Her dam Crazy Jane as thrown numerous open race winners.Evie's first litter are schooling well and chasing hard and can seen with this litter. These pups want for nothing already microchipped and inoculated just waiting for ear marking then ready to go. I have room to rear one more pup on

Don't Miss Out On These Pups

No Private Messages Please

Contact  Trevor connelly   
Address  United Kingdom  , Dn12 2De  Doncaster
Phone  07974553215
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 09-Oct-16)

Leamaneigh Turbo  x  Blissful Daisy
show pedigree
Date of birth  3/9/2016 
Price  Dgs£750 Bts£650
Comment  I am offering for sale. 2 dogs & 4 bitches. This is the first litter offered for sale from an exceptional racing dog that is now starting his Stud career, in the words of Rab McNair (Turbo without his injury would have been the best dog he has ever handled) The McNairs are that confident Turbo will make it at stud they have 3 litters themselves. Blissful Daisy in her first litter has produced Open Class over 4 & 6 bends, Daisy also produced Gymcrack Semi finalist. Daisys pups have blistering early pace and are still maturing. With the combination of early pace evident in both dam and sire and the ability to stay, this is an exciting litter. Pups will be ready at 12 weeks.I have a limited amount of space for rearing. I have bred, reared and schooled Open Class winners. Pups have vast amount of freedom.
Contact  ron grey   
Address  United Kingdom  , ts225pq  billingham
Phone  07758893180/01740661305
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 10-Oct-16)

Superior Product *  x  Jazz Tilly
show pedigree
Date of birth  3rd June 2016 
Price  Dogs £2000 Bitches £1500
Comment  Fabulous looking pups for sale.

2 Dogs - 5 Bitches (Fawn or Blue/Fawn)

Jazz Tilly is the highest rated daughter of JAZZ HURRICANE. She has a superb racing record.
59 opens - 19 wins, 17 seconds.
These include :
WON Ladbroke Spring Stayers 2014 - Monmore
R-up 3 steps to victory 2013 - Sheffield
R-up Coronation Cup 2014 - Romford
R-up Gold Cup 2014 - Henlow
R-up Ladbrokes Spring Cup 2013- Monmore
SFinal W.Hill Grand prix - Sunderland (K'od)
SFinal W.Hill OAKS 2012 - Wimbledon

Superior product WON 50 times , 11 seconds from 82 races. He is the highest rated son of top American sire KC and All.

This litter are fabulous lookers with excellent temperaments and attitude. They are extremely keen. Tilly was a fantastic mum and these pups have thrived from day 1.
Tilly's litter to Kinloch Brae have just started schooling with extremely positive feedback from owners.

These pups are BRITISH BRED and have been whelped and reared at John Marriott's facilities. From just 1 or 2 litters per year produced here, there have been 5 Group 1 finalists (inc winner) in the last 12 months.

***** The PRICE INCLUDES rearing up until the END OF OCTOBER 2016.

They are - Earmarked, microchipped, vaccinated, and entered in the produce stakes.

CONTACT : Stefan 07879 813 995

Contact  john marriott   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   Sheffield
Phone  07879 813 995
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 18-Oct-16)

Kinloch Brae *  x  Waspinajar
show pedigree
Date of birth  July 16 
Price  £800
Comment  1 brindle bitche available from a litter of 7.
Wasp still holds the sprint track record at Peterborough. In her first litter to Ballymac Vic she threw top sprinter Mac Foiche, To Tone Liam, Indodana Wasp all early pace types that have ratings over 100. Second litter to Hades Rocket are just hitting the track.
The Kinloch Brae cross with Wasp should produce some strong running types.
Contact  heather dimmock   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  07890 718221
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 22-Oct-16)

Ballymac Vic  x  Molly the Legend
show pedigree
Date of birth  01/09/2016 
Price  £1600 each
Comment  Vic becoming a top sire to Molly a top open bitch winning at the bags track championships rated 137 on GD top bitch lines which produces loads of top open dogs and bitchs in every generation Molly's mother final gold her mother farloe oyster and her mother farloe dingle just take a look you will be amazed Molly's first litter to vans escalad schooling now and they are looking big strong pups that are chasing hard with bundles of early pace and boy can they trap only 3 pups to vic left 2 dogs and 1 bitch left bit of a deal for a pair
Contact  keith scholes   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  07798780803
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 09-Oct-16)

Confident Rankin  x  Sundance Saoirse
show pedigree
Date of birth  June 2016 
Price  2 dogs £800, 7 bitches £500
Comment  Saoirse's breeding is impeccable. Her dam is Final Oyster who has thrown some excellent racers in recent years, notably her litter to Premier Fantasy which included Farloe Blitz, Final Hawk and Wiki Waki Woo.

Confident Rankin, a notable son of Premier Fantasy, has already made headlines in producing the "wonder" dog Clares Rocket.

Hopefully you are as excited about the breeding as we are!

Realistically priced to sell, and can be reared on if required.

Contact  Chris Barker   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  07881 815325
Email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Simon Barker   
(ad posted 08-Oct-16)

Razldazl George  x  Drive On Tracey
show pedigree
Date of birth  april 2016 
Price  dog sold only one bitch left £600
Comment  1 dog 3 bitches drive on tracey was a very good all round bitch running d1 a1 and s1 ran at newcastle in the puppy intertrack and won got voted kinsley puppy of the year then went on to win opens at perry barr with ratings on tha data of 100 plus pups are ready to go or can be reared on update one bitch sold good luck gary good luck richard with the dog
Contact  kevin tweed   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  07840871693
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 20-Oct-16)

Ballymac Eske  x  Miss Blitz
show pedigree
Date of birth  06/07/16 
Price  Dogs £650 Bitches £450 Deal for a pair
Comment  Great looking pups,
First to see will buy.
These pups have had the best of everything and will have until sold, they are in open paddocks.
Ballymac Eske we all know was a track superstar, track records and breath-taking runs in abundance.
Miss Blitz is from an excellent blood line, her dam Ballymacdoe Lee is a full sister to Eden Brett.
The bloodline of many winners.
Miss Blitz ran Sheffield A1/A2 and minor opens. She has blistering early pace and had a terrific attitude and determination for racing.
All pups have been earmarked, chipped and inoculated, now ready to go.
I can rear pups on, on a first come first serve basis.
Contact  Simon Kneafsey   
Address  United Kingdom  , YO60 7NP  York
Phone  07768781772
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 07-Oct-16)

Farloe Nutter  x  Razldazl Katie
show pedigree
Date of birth  2/7/2016 
Price  800
Comment  Katies second litter and a change of direction in the lines.Katie continued to race after her first litter and at 4.5 years old still managed to do the FTOY round Pelaw Grange.In her first litter she managed to produce an Open Race Winner and an A1 Winner. There are three bitches for sale from this litter two brindle one black and are great lookers,any interested parties fone me.Dave
****Please note Farloe Nutter a Sire with serious Potential to take over from his Superb Sire,and a Damline that is Top Class.Well worth the punt.
*****Update 1 pup left the brindle jumping on the black in the pics*****
Contact  david jobson   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   Durham
Phone  07578160750
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 16-Oct-16)

Droopys Scolari  x  Bansha Mo
show pedigree
Date of birth  August 1st 2016 
Price  D=£2500 B=£2000
Comment  1st litter Taylor's SkyxBansha Mo
Bansha Rooskey -cat one winner

2nd litter Ballymac VicxBansha Mo
March 15
Fearsome Lunar Sheff 29.32 s
Fearsome Solar 29.45
Windswept Elm winner BOOM 4.96 split
Notts 30.09 splits 5.05 + 5.01
Windswept Oak winner
Notts 30.40 split 5.13
Bansha Beauty winner
Sheff 29.66 split 4.38
Bansha Pat winner
Sheff 29.39,29.30split 4.32,4.29

3rd and final litter and probably the best
Droopy's ScolarixBansha Mo
cross a magnificent
85.70 percent
Born August 1ST 2016
Dogs 2500 Bitches 2000
Can be reared on.

2xDogs 2xBitches LEFT all rest reserved.

All litters British Bred

Get them while you can

Contact  Mark Machin   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   Sheffield
Phone  07941593630
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 18-Oct-16)

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