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Litter Advertisements of
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Here you can advertise your litters, single pups and not yet registered saplings.

7 Litter Advertisements

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Ballymac Eske  x  Lagganmore Puma
show pedigree
Date of birth  Oct 2015 
Price  Dog sold Bitch £1250 ovno
Possibly the best bred pups on the net.
Puma's First litter Now Proven Winners
Brindle dog and Brindle bitch what are the owners pick of the litter.
Farm reared in full freedom
Runaway Jackboy Wins Again
The bitch is the one in the middle of the 2 black pups
Contact  Stephen Hornby   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  07702058125
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 15-Jul-16)

Kinloch Brae *  x  Moscow Mags
show pedigree
Date of birth  11/4/2016 
Price  2 bitches £ 340 for pair

*** click on the video below the photo of the pups please ***

A litter of 4 bitches and 3 dogs ( all black )

Sire Kinloch Brae needs no introduction .

( another track record breaker Sat 25th of June in Cork )

Dam Moscow Mags is superbly bred from the famous Newbridge Girl Damline

Mags is a litter sister to the 123 GD rated Ibiza Rocks

Mags herself won in harolds cross in 28-96 look her videos up .

These pups are a combination of the best bloodlines from Ireland . Australia and America
Pups will be sold earmarked , microchiped and fully inoculated , any inspection is welcome on this l litter

you can see videos of Mags and pups here on the facebook link below, these pups have wanted for nothing


Contact  phil mckee   
Address  United Kingdom  , bb3 0aa  darwen
Phone  07837602976
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 20-Jul-16)

Storm Control *  x  Fane Imy
show pedigree
Date of birth  28/ 3rd /2016 
Price  dogs £1000 bitches £700
Comment  3 dogs and 3 bitches.
very strong and healthy.
registered in greyhound stud book.
from the steamy windows dam line.
steamy produced 2 gold cup winners and a derby winner in 6 litters.
imy herself has produced a 28.68 winner 1st time out in Tralee
these pups are as keen as mustard as the photo shows.
Contact  Michael Sharkey   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  00353 87 6052734
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 27-Jul-16)

Ballymac Eske  x  Gizmo Bluebell
show pedigree
Date of birth  april.16 
Contact  brenda fay   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 18-Jul-16)

College Causeway  x  Sunoak Rhea
show pedigree
Date of birth  01/05/16 
Price  395 ono
Comment   1 beautifully bred black bitch for sale from a litter of 2 dogs 2 bitches out of irish derby winner and A1 winner dam from brett lee line from the same dam as sunoak crystal laurels winner and smiler jack champion stakes winner. likely to stay 6 or 8 bends now 11 weeks old and be ready to go in 2 to 3 weeks fully inoculated and chipped
Contact  Mark Ashurst   
Address  United Kingdom  , m437ry  manchester
Phone  01614657543 07464055977
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 20-Jul-16)

Mind the Net  x  Small Tink
show pedigree
Date of birth  29 oct 2015 
Price  750
Comment  2 black dogs
1 brindle dog 750
all dogs for sale as i am geting out cose of ill health
so pleas tel 07957662619
1 dog sold 2nd dog now sold 1blak dog left
Contact  Louis Hayward   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 21-Jul-16)

Linwood Flash  x  Key Signature
show pedigree
Date of birth  26/april/2014 
Price  dog 400//bitchis300ono
Comment  pups marked up chipped can not get tril have just been
schooled and chase geting out have got the big c so geting out pleas ring 07957662619.....open to sen offers no texts tel pleas
.bitch sold all the best to billy and the boys
Contact  Louis Hayward   
Address  United Kingdom  , bd16 4pf  
Phone  07957662619
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 24-Jul-16)

7 Litter Advertisements