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Litter Advertisements of
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Here you can advertise your litters, single pups and not yet registered saplings.

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Droopys Scolari  x  Kowloon Evie
show pedigree
Date of birth  31-07-16 
Price  Dogs £1750 Bitches £1250
Comment  Evie has a top class breeding line out of Westmead Hawk x Crazy Jane lots of open class dogs from Jane. Evie's first litter schooling well and can be seen with this new litter. For sale 2 dogs and 3 bitches ready to go round about 30-10-16 when fully inoculated and ear marked feel free to come and look at these pups anytime can be reared on
Contact  trevor connelly   
Address  United Kingdom  , Dn12 2Eh  Doncaster
Phone  07974553215
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 25-Sep-16)

Kinloch Brae *  x  Waspinajar
show pedigree
Date of birth  July 16 
Price  £800
Comment  3 lovely brindle bitches available from a litter of 7.
This is Wasp's 3rd litter in her 1st litter to Ballymac Vic she threw open class sprinter Mac Foiche, To Tone Liam & Indodana Wasp all early paced dogs with ratings over 100.
Second litter to Hades Rocket are currently schooling & soon to hit the track all are keen & chasing hard.
The cross with Kinloch Brae we hope can produce early paced staying types.
Pups are chipped & will be ready to go once earmarked.
Open to Sensible offers for a pair or all 3.
Contact  heather dimmock   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  07890718221
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 25-Sep-16)

Kinloch Brae *  x  Final Gold
show pedigree
Date of birth  26/03/2016 
Price  £2,000
Comment  6 Brindle Bitches (no dogs)
Final Gold dam of numerous open race winners
A rare opportunity to buy into these top class bloodlines, by leading stud dog Kinloch Brae.
This will be Final Gold's last litter.
Contact  Liz Hall   
Address  United Kingdom  , DL8 4PW  Middleham
Phone  07817862093
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 25-Sep-16)

Farloe Nutter  x  Razldazl Katie
show pedigree
Date of birth  2/7/2016 
Price  800
Comment  Katies second litter and a change of direction in the lines.Katie continued to race after her first litter and at 4.5 years old still managed to do the FTOY round Pelaw Grange,a great feat for any dog.
She is superbly bred and this cross will give the pups the stamina the Scolari litter didnt, still producing an Open winner and an A1 winner but Scolari a generation back worked fantastic with her sister as with this mating where he is still in the x path.There are three bitches for sale from this next litter two brindle one black and are great lookers,any interested parties fone me.Dave
Contact  david jobson   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   Durham
Phone  07578160750
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 23-Sep-16)

Ballymac Eske  x  Express Penny
show pedigree
Date of birth  30-10-2015 
Price  400
Comment  this brindle bitch is a stunner untried in every way could be anything selling has cutting back on my dogs
Contact  owner   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  07482 332682
Email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Ella gavaghan   
(ad posted 24-Sep-16)

Droopys Scolari  x  Bansha Mo
show pedigree
Date of birth  August 1st 2016 
Price  D=£2500 B=£2000
Comment  1st litter Taylor's SkyxBansha Mo
Bansha Rooskey -cat one winner

2nd litter Ballymac VicxBansha Mo
March 15
Fearsome Lunar win
Sheff 29.32 split 4.32
Windswept Elm winner
Notts 30.09 splits 5.05 + 5.01
Windswept Oak winner
Notts 30.40 split 5.13
Bansha Beauty winner
Sheff 29.66 split 4.38
Bansha Pat winner
Sheff 29.39 split 4.32

3rd and final litter and probably the best
Droopy's ScolarixBansha Mo
cross a magnificent
85.70 percent
Born August 1ST 2016
Dogs 2500 Bitches 2000
Can be reared on.

All litters British Bred

Get them while you can

Contact  Mark Machin   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   Sheffield
Phone  07941593630
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 21-Sep-16)

Slip the Lark  x  Brave Gold
show pedigree
Date of birth  23/06/16 
Price  600
Comment  Re advertised as someone paid deposit but never collected. Grab a bargain, £300 deposit paid so just want the remaining balance of £600.

1 Bitch Black and white ( last one available in the litter )
From a Litter of 5 for sale.

12 weeks old.

*** Slip the lark *** needs no introduction.

*** Brave Gold *** ran open class when only 22 months old. rated 97 on GD. Had to retire early due to bad injuries.

Fully inoculated, earmarked and Microchipped ready to collect now.

Contact  mark mckim   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   york
Phone  07711121447
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 20-Sep-16)

Ballymac Vic  x  To Tone Roxy
show pedigree
Date of birth  9th August 2016 
Price  £1200
Comment  1 Dog Pup for Sale White and Black

Roxy a 9 times A1 Winner at Romford she led and was never passed, despite carrying a injury all through her career, Vic needs nothing Said, Pups are in Fantastic condition

We also have Shares in Our Bunny Club a Share in 2 Pups Boy/Girl for £100 and then £10 a month for both Pups when 12 Months Old .. Yes that's Right 2 Pups for £100 Full Details on the Website Just Google To Tone Greyhounds

Contact  Andy Black   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  07933266874
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 22-Sep-16)

Scolari Me Daddy  x  Ballymac I Said
show pedigree
Date of birth  June 2016 
Price  1xDog 495ono 3xBitches 395ono
Comment  One dog & three bitches for sale, brood A1/minor open race winner, she has a nice looking 14month old litter from Head Bound on the ground. Pups are based in the North West of Ireland where they can be seen or reared.


Please only contact details given as ad placed for relative.


Contact  Stephen Newberry   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   
Phone  07798817765
Email  contact now!
Ad posted by  karen newberry   
(ad posted 20-Sep-16)

Slip the Lark  x  Voltair Mistie
show pedigree
Date of birth  17/09/2016 
Price  £650 dogs £550 bitches
Comment  Sire needs no introduction. Proven top class sire .
Dam voltair mistie rated 132 consistent top class tracker , with excellent pedigree to match. This breeding combines the ability to get to the front and stay there. Pups can be reared on if required experience in produce top class winners
1dog 2 bitches left
Experienced in European sales also if required
Contact  matthew richardson   
Address  United Kingdom  ,   North Yorkshire
Phone  07583636581
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 25-Sep-16)

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