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You can now search tattoo or by microchip by clicking on Dogs ID at the top of the menu bar

To see the new function please click on YES
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Recent Matings
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Here you can announce the sire and dam and birthdate of your future champions, view a test mating and if you are a Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze member your name and email address will be displayed automatically.

Please make sure your email address is up to date on Greyhound-Data as this is what will be shown in the contact details.

2 days after the Whelping Date a "Transfer Button" will appear on your Recent Mating. Please click on this and fill it out to automatically transfer it to Whelping Notices.

19 Recent Matings     page  1 2

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Whelping Date Sire and Dam Details

26/03/2020 Token McLaren  x  Claretown Belle Show Testmating       

01/04/2020 Moreira  x  Eminence Show Testmating       

02/04/2020 Aston Dee Bee  x  Fantasy Skye Show Testmating       

02/04/2020 Zambora Brockie  x  Piper Road Show Testmating       

03/04/2020 Kinloch Brae *  x  Barcelona Star Show Testmating       

04/04/2020 Moreira  x  Daves Girl Show Testmating       

05/04/2020 Orson Allen  x  Hoo Gur Affair Show Testmating       

08/04/2020 Fernando Bale  x  Bonnie's Dream Show Testmating    Contact    

08/04/2020 Fernando Bale  x  She Will Bloom Show Testmating       

17/04/2020 Ballymac Vic  x  Shake My World Show Testmating    Contact    

19 Recent Matings     page  1 2