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Happy Easter to all at Greyhound-Data

    Sire pages of   Ireland    United Kingdom    Australia & New Zealand    USA    China   Other

    154 active sires

     NameDOBBorn inStanding ^SireDamFee
    Accordello 2006 IE IE Westmead Hawk Coffee In Brazil 350 euro less luck
    Ace Hi Rumble * 2002 AU IE Brett Lee Rumble Spirit 1000
    Adios Alonso 2008 IE IE Janey Mac Aroo Eoin Bui On Application
    Aero Joseph 2010 IE IE Duke Special Killavarrig Ruby 150
    Apple Dreamer 2009 IE IE Trajectory Raven Vixen 200
    Ardnasool Jet 2016 IE IE Droopys Jet Kilara Jade On Application
    Azza Azza Azza * 2012 AU IE Collision Alotta Mojo upon request
    Ballyanne Sim 2016 IE IE Confident Rankin Freedom Shadow On Application
    Ballybough Mike 2013 IE IE Tyrur Big Mike Lemon Soul 350
    Ballydaniel Bret 2004 IE IE Brett Lee Lady Dan 350
    Ballyhoe Marble 2003 IE IE Mustang Yank Ballyhoe Pivotal 350euro
    Ballymac Bondi 2006 IE IE True Honcho Lady Lenson 100
    Ballymac Eske 2010 IE IE Burnpark Champ Ballymac Penske On Application
    Barefoot Bryan 2007 IE IE Crash * Compass Becky 200 euro
    Barefoot James 2011 IE IE Droopys Kewell Kangaroo Sal .....
    Bay City Jack 2006 IE IE Charity Jack Ruby Lightening 150 euro less luck
    Beaming Dilemma 2007 IE IE Brett Lee Beaming Heart 350 less luck
    Bickerton Boom 2011 IE IE Mountleader Matt Sarges Beauty 300 euros
    Blackstone Gene 2006 IE IE Hallucinate Black Stone Lace 650
    Blueview Charlie 2012 IE IE Blueview Sam Moon Becky on application
    Blueview Sam 2010 IE IE Murtys Gang Foxhill Rio ON APPLICATION
    Bombersgoinghome 2003 IE IE Jamella Prince * Glown Mist deceased
    Boylesports Hero 2012 IE IE Top Savings Cabra Midget 550 euro less luck
    Bridge Lord 2008 IE IE Droopys Scolari Last Sheila 250 euros less luck
    Bright and Cool 2008 IE IE Big Daddy Cool Boraderra Babe 50 Euros + mating cert
    Broadacres Turbo 2005 IE IE Top Honcho * Riverside Bella 450
    Buiochar 2007 IE IE Trendy Leigh Tyholland Spirit 100 to cover costs
    Bull Run Bolt 2014 IE IE Lenson Bolt Lough Maeve 300 less luck
    Busters Choice 2008 IE IE Head Bound Ideal Lace neg
    Cabra Cool 2006 IE IE Big Daddy Cool Cabra Dancer 450less luck
    Castleland Chico 2004 IE IE Top Honcho * Frosty Rose 300
    Central City 2009 IE IE Ballymac Maeve Baby Hazel 600
    Cloran Paddy 2014 IE IE Westmead Hawk Martinstown Rose On request
    Cloughtaney Gift 2011 IE IE Crash * Whitegate Sense 200
    Compass Hodge 2007 IE IE What a Lark Vics Nikita 100 euro
    Compass Smash 2005 IE IE Crash * Blues Best Buzz 150 euro
    Confident Rankin 2010 IE IE Premier Fantasy Swift Rush On Application
    Corduff Star 2008 IE IE Ballymac Maeve Count Again 100
    Corporate Attack 2007 IE IE Trendy Leigh Black Raven 400 neg.
    Cranbrook Mac 2008 IE IE Ningbo Jack Batloaf
    Crouchs Impact 2014 IE IE Royal Impact * Gold Supreme 350euro
    Cuil Cougar 2009 IE IE Droopys Vieri Mays Princess On Application
    Dan the Man 2010 IE IE Barefoot Bryan Natural Energy Price on application
    David Bale * 2009 AU IE Bartrim Bale Dyna Beauty On Application
    Diego Meister 2006 IE IE Yeah Man Sarges Zena 200
    Directors Ruler 2006 IU IE Persian Ruler Seventh Sense 250
    Dorotas Woo Hoo 2015 IE IE Ballymac Vic Droopys Danneel On request
    Dotland Hit Man 2006 IE IE Whisky Assassin Magical Guest 200 Less Luck
    Dragon Shield 2010 IE IE Cabra Cool Dragon Crash 200 Euro
    Droopys Biker 2016 IE IE Loughteen Blanco Droopys Cyclone On Application
    Droopys Kewell 1999 IE IE Larkhill Jo Perrys Pusher 1300
    Droopys Maldini 2002 IE IE Droopys Kewell Little Diamond UK 1200
    Droopys Noel 2006 IE IE Westmead Hawk Drive On Buzz 350
    Droopys Robinho 2004 IE IE Teds Jo Droopys Kate 650
    Droopys Scolari 2003 IE IE Droopys Kewell Little Diamond UK 1100
    Droopys Vieri 1998 IE IE Top Honcho * Droopys Fergie 1500
    Drumcrow Obama 2007 IE IE Droopys Scolari Drumcrow Marina 250
    Eden Brett 2007 IE IE Brett Lee Crazy Jane 225 euro
    Eoin Abu 2015 IE IE Thomas the Tank Adios Belle 200
    Eskimo Jack 2004 IE IE Brett Lee Kinturk Bluebell 400 less luck
    Everlast Lee 2007 IE IE Brett Lee Ima Cooper Sue Neg
    Fastflame 2006 IE IE Premier Fantasy Ms Pepinstep euro 300
    Faypoint Man 2007 IE IE Yeah Man Go Wild Donna 100 to establish!!
    Flying Stanley * 2005 US IE Kiowa Sweet Trey Flying Rimes 650
    Foleys Folley 2007 IE IE Elite State Dalcash Diva 550
    Frisky Fantasy 2006 IE IE Premier Fantasy Hail Or Shine free for 2011
    Gilbeyhall Jake 2007 IE IE Brett Lee Droopys Wiggy 100 euro
    God of Fire 2016 IE IE Zero Ten Deercrest Lady On Application
    Goldmine Ramble 2003 IE IE Smooth Rumble * Iona Kit 500
    Greenwell Storm 2004 IE IE Spiral Nikita Greenwell Star 400
    Head Bound  2000 AU IE Head Honcho Sobbing Sal 1,350
    Head South 2010 IE IE Head Bound No Joke Sherry 250
    Hondo Messi 2011 IE IE Hondo Black * Girl With Guitar neg
    Hot Pursuit 2010 IE IE Big Daddy Cool Linger Neg
    Ja Mann  2006 IE IE Brett Lee Black Stone Lace 450
    Jingles 2008 IE IE Trajectory Billa Og Free to Establish
    Joey Jojo Junior 2008 IE IE Premier County Plutos Tip Negotiable
    Jordansoilutions 2007 IE IE Brett Lee Miggs 250 euro
    Kick for Touch 2006 IE IE Droopys Vieri Trionas Choice 275
    Kilgraney Tomson 2011 IE IE Aries Son Lady Kilgraney 450
    Killahan Phanter 2006 IE IE Droopys Kewell Dianas Ranger 750
    Kincora On Line 2007 IE IE Misty Hyland Fortfield Girl
    Kingo 2008 IE IE Kinloch Brae * Razldazl Pearl neogotable
    Kingsmill Messi 2009 IE IE Head Bound Lunar Vacation Neg
    Kiss and Hug 2014 IE IE Droopys Scolari Momentinnewyork 500 euro
    Knockeevan Star 1998 IE IE Slaneyside Hare Rubys Bridge 900
    Larkhill Jo 1995 UK IE Staplers Jo Westmead Flight 2500
    Laughil Billy 2010 IE IE Premier Fantasy Laughil Lass 300
    Leeview Jet 2008 IE IE Tucks Mein Between the Two 400
    Lemon Zamora 2006 IU IE Mustang Yank Lemon Mandy 100
    Lenson Panda 2013 IE IE Taylors Sky Bellers Beauty 475
    Lenson Rocky 2014 IE IE Droopys Scolari Momentinnewyork 450
    Lughill Jo 2004 IE IE Larkhill Jo Lughill Rose 450
    Mabels Dilemma 2002 IE IE Roanokee * Adriennes Beauty 100 ->March 2011
    Mafi Magic 2008 IE IE Bexhill Eoin Chubbys Og 650
    Magical Bale 2016 IE IE Zero Ten Sizzling Sarah On Application
    Make My Day 2006 IE IE Brett Lee Tyrur Pearl 200
    Mall Brandy 2010 IE IE Head Bound Paradise Alanna 500
    Malouda 2006 IE IE Premier Fantasy Cudicini 150 less luck
    Martinstown Snow 2009 IE IE Premier Fantasy Martinstown Mist 400
    Meenala Cruiser 2005 IE IE Droopys Woods Lassana Kitty Free
    Mileheight Alba 2011 IE IE Ballymac Maeve Giddyup Girl Neg
    Mill Bling Bling 2008 IE IE Bombastic Shiraz Respect for Lee Call for details
    Mineola Farloe 2002 IE IE Top Honcho * Farloe Dingle 600 Less Luck
    Moes Tavern 2008 IE IE Top Honcho * Fly Mel 250
    Moveit Jamie 2006 IE IE Top Honcho * Mind the Way Neg
    Nicken Shaw 2008 IE IE Black Shaw Nikray Supreme * Negotiable
    Oran Classic  2006 IE IE Top Honcho * Jo Bluebell 300 and negotible to proven dams
    Out of Range * 2015 AU IE Fernando Bale Nicki Fields $1650 ( Inc GST )
    Outside the Box 2005 IU IE Droopys Vieri Cabin Rose 150 euros
    Paradise Madrid 2012 IE IE Lughill Jo Dalcash Diva Free to establish
    Plum Picker 2002 IE IE Top Condition * Aska Lassie 450
    Pocketrocketben 2011 IE IE Kyle James Ashwood Dee On Application
    Razldazl Jayfkay 2008 IE IE Kinloch Brae * Razldazl Pearl POA
    Razldazl Rioga 2009 IE IE Brett Lee Razldazl Pearl POA
    River Spirit 2010 IE IE Westmead Hawk River Melody 190
    Rockybay Foley 2015 IE IE Sparta Maestro Ironically On Application
    Roxholme Bully 2011 IE IE Shaneboy Lee Roxholme Sue 600 Euro
    Rumble Impact * 2006 AU IE Collision Rumble Ciarrai * Neg
    Ruthless Man 2010 IE IE Top Honcho * Hillcroft Josie Pup
    Scolari Me Daddy 2007 IE IE Droopys Scolari Lemon Abby 650
    Secreto 2013 IE IE Scolari Me Daddy Noelles Swiftco On Application
    Send It Porter 2002 IE IE Late Late Show Quick Control
    Senga 2007 IE IE Yeah Man Ballybrazil Tara fee neg
    Seventh Jet 2004 IE IE Jet Spray Seventh Sense 350
    Shaneboy Lee 2007 IE IE Brett Lee Shaneboy Ruth On Application
    Sidarian Blaze 2012 IE IE Kinloch Brae * Silverhill Tina 450
    Sidarian Rhythm 2011 IE IE Crash * Spioraid Cath 450 euro
    Skywalker Ace 2006 IE IE Droopys Kewell Move Lace 400
    Skywalker Farloe 2011 IE IE Skywalker Ace Final Orchid 300 less luck
    Skywalker Luke 2014 IE IE Skywalker Puma Skywalker Queen 450 (less luck)
    Skywalker Puma 2010 IE IE Royal Impact * Dianas Ranger 650
    Skywalker Rafa 2015 IE IE Laughil Blake Coolavanny Royce 600
    Skywalker Tuco 2016 IE IE Skywalker Puma Dame Iris 450 (less luck)
    Slippery Robert 2011 IE IE Hondo Black * Steamy Windows 300
    Sonic Flight 1998 UK IE Frightful Flash * Westmead Flight 750
    Soundmanpaddy 2007 IE IE Mounteden Guest Caoimhes Dilemma 400
    Staplers Jo 1993 UK IE Dempsey Duke Perfect Rhythm 4000
    Target Kewell 2005 IU IE Droopys Kewell Lady Ermyn 100
    Thurlesbeg Joker 2007 IE IE Head Bound Free to Air 450 Pay when you pup !
    Timor Blue 2006 IE IE Big Daddy Cool Proven Lady 600
    Tims Crow 2001 IE IE Lenson Lad Churchtown Spice 400
    Tommy Brislane 2012 AU IE Premier Fantasy Mary Virginia AUD 1100 (inc GST)
    Toms the Best 1995 IE IE Frightful Flash * Ladys Guest 1350
    Trendy Leigh 1999 AU IE Gun Law Osti Sobbing Sal 1000 less luck
    Tullymurry Act 2007 IE IE Top Honcho * Europa Spitfire 250 Less Luck
    Tyrur Big Mike 2008 IE IE Brett Lee Tyrur Temptress 1,500
    Ullid Conor 2004 IE IE Late Late Show Tyrur Gillian 200 euro
    Vancouver Dylan 2006 IE IE Big Daddy Cool Cabra Dancer 150
    Westmead Hawk 2003 UK IE Sonic Flight Mega Delight 1500
    Westmead Scolari 2007 UK IE Droopys Scolari Mega Delight 400 (*200)
    Winetavern Oscar 2003 IE IE Top Honcho * Lemon Spiral 550 for first 20 bitches
    Wise Thought 2006 IE IE Climate Control Sierra Mist 500 les luck
    Zero Ten 2009 IE IE Kiowa Sweet Trey Express Mist 650