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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
TRY THE STRAIGHT-4 FOR JUST £1 HT 2Hove & Brighton6 JUN 20182GR A8515 Nextop Model30.57
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @HOVEGREYHOUNDS HT 6Hove & Brighton6 JUN 20186GR A3515 Ashwood Telly30.04
Monmore Green 06 Jun 2018 HT 7Monmore6 JUN 20187GR S3630 Miss Jodee38.71
Monmore Green 06 Jun 2018 HT 14Monmore6 JUN 201814GR A7480 Brocks Maggie29.40
Crayford 05 Jun 2018 HT 6Crayford5 JUN 20186GR A7380 Bonney Banue24.26
Congratulations to Newlawn Colin on completCrayford5 JUN 201810GR A7380 Kelva Chloe23.80
Monmore Green 05 Jun 2018 HT 1Monmore5 JUN 20181GR A5480 Manks Vanfrater28.86
Alingsas 03 June 2018Alingsås3 JUN 20181GR K11301 Stella Dog's Rough Boy17.90
Alingsas 03 June 2018Alingsås3 JUN 20182GR K2301 Vancouver May18.30
Monmore Green 02 Jun 2018 HT 4Monmore2 JUN 20184GR A8480 Bandicoot Fairy29.57
The Tote Trio Pool 525 (Grade : A9) Flat Tralee2 JUN 201810OPEN480 Palatine Magic29.36
Yarmouth 02 Jun 2018 HT 2Yarmouth2 JUN 20182GR A4462 Feora Kite29.28
Crayford 01 Jun 2018 HT 8Crayford1 JUN 20188GR S2540 Rogue Rascal34.29
Try a Forecast 525Drumbo Park1 JUN 20182GR A8480 Run for Eastrun29.55
CITY COUNTRY FOOD SERVICE STAKEIpswich1 JUN 20185GR R/W630 Rocky Spies37.64
Monmore Green 01 Jun 2018 HT 10Monmore1 JUN 201810GR A9480 Brocks Maggie29.39
Yarmouth 31 May 2018 HT 3Yarmouth31 MAY 20183GR A3462 Townsend Brae28.31
Yarmouth 31 May 2018 HT 4Yarmouth31 MAY 20184GR A4462 Thats the Deal28.70
Crayford 29 May 2018 HT 2Crayford29 MAY 20182GR S8540 Timaru Lady34.77
Crayford 29 May 2018 HT 4Crayford29 MAY 20184GR S6540 Pesky Squirrel34.39
LADBROKES.COM 540 TROPHY - Heat 2 HT 8Crayford29 MAY 20188OPEN540 Mustang Swift34.11
Henlow 29 May 2018 HT 4Henlow29 MAY 20184GR A8460 Calico Dinky28.67
Henlow 29 May 2018 HT 10Henlow29 MAY 201810GR A5460 Lemming Boleyn27.65
Monmore Green 29 May 2018 HT 7Monmore29 MAY 20187GR A5480 Catunda Sapphire29.25
Pelaw Grange Sprint Trophy HT 6Pelaw Grange28 MAY 20186OPEN245 Highview Triller14.84
IBA Fabrications Standard HT 9Pelaw Grange28 MAY 20189OPEN435 Zoes Manor25.85
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth28 MAY 20187GR A1462 Harrow Wolf28.61
THE BLACKROSE JUNE STAKES HT 10Henlow27 MAY 201810GR A6460 Slaheny Star28.09
The 2018 Barry's Tea Open 750 Stake Round 2Cork26 MAY 20186GR DD0686 Coconut Crusader41.86
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 8Monmore26 MAY 20188GR A10480 Brocks Maggie29.65
The 2018 Sporting Press Irish Oaks 525 FinaShelbourne Park26 MAY 20189GROUP1480 Jaytee Jordan28.47
Swindon 26 May 2018 HT 6Swindon26 MAY 20186GR A1480 Pride of Hungary29.19
The Slan Abhaile 525Cork25 MAY 201811GR A3480 Palatine Diva28.46
Monmore Green 25 May 2018 HT 8Monmore25 MAY 20188GR A6480 Whiteoak Sharp29.80
Brighton & Hove 24 May 2018 HT 10Hove & Brighton24 MAY 201810GR A9515 Nextop Model30.82
Monmore Green 24 May 2018 HT 1Monmore24 MAY 20181GR A8480 Elderberry Simba29.39
LADBROKES 480 MAIDEN HT 3Monmore24 MAY 20183OPEN480 Salems Phoenix28.29
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth24 MAY 201811GR A4462 Suirview Beauty28.88
GARRARD'S HORSE & HOUND FINALAlbion Park23 MAY 20185GR 5TH395 Rally Dryva22.81
Monmore Green 23 May 2018 HT 9Monmore23 MAY 20189GR A2480 Mitchells Angel28.92
Monmore Green 23 May 2018 HT 13Monmore23 MAY 201813GR A4480 Thangool29.33
Monmore Green 22 May 2018 HT 6Monmore22 MAY 20186GR A8480 Ballygunner Sky29.59
BUY THE FAB4 £10 PACKAGE HT 10Towcester22 MAY 201810GR P5480 Specks Star29.38
BAR4000 CELEBERATION PACKAGES FROM £15 STAKTowcester22 MAY 201811GR A8480 Koroleva Queen28.85
Henlow 21 May 2018 HT 6Henlow21 MAY 20186GR A7460 Lionel Rich Tea28.62
Yarmouth 21 May 2018 HT 4Yarmouth21 MAY 20184GR A1462 Harrow Wolf28.76
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth21 MAY 20187GR A4462 High St Bud28.28
Henlow 20 May 2018 HT 7Henlow20 MAY 20187GR A6460 Blackrose Angel28.84
The 2018 Barry's Tea Open 750 Stake Round 1Cork19 MAY 20186GR DD0686 Ballymac Sarahjo41.30
Crayford 19 May 2018 HT 8Crayford19 MAY 20188GR A7380 Droopys Inny23.65
drumbopark.com 525Drumbo Park19 MAY 20186GR A4480 Lillasgirljess28.97
Perry Barr 19 May 2018 HT 7Perry Barr19 MAY 20187GR A5480 Tommys Beauty29.17
Perry Barr 19 May 2018 HT 9Perry Barr19 MAY 20189GR A3480 Two Teds28.99
PEARL OLSEN STAKETownsville19 MAY 20183GR 5TH380 Double Karmar22.18
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth19 MAY 20188GR A3462 Elusive Rock28.72
Try a Forecast Novice 335Drumbo Park18 MAY 20182GR N1306 Cloudy Dream18.82
Red Mills Racer Plus A5 Backgraders 525 SemKilkenny18 MAY 20182GR A5480 Tentothedozen29.45
Monmore Green 18 May 2018 HT 6Monmore18 MAY 20186GR A8480 Swift Natasha29.49
Monmore Green 18 May 2018 HT 9Monmore18 MAY 20189GR S2630 Swift Drake38.67
Henlow 17 May 2018 HT 11Henlow17 MAY 201811GR A2460 Jet Stream Berty27.48
HOVE THURSDAY MAIDEN - HEAT 3 HT 6Hove & Brighton17 MAY 20186OPEN515 Shoot the Bolt30.26
LADBROKES 630 HT 6Monmore17 MAY 20186OPEN630 Droopys Martial37.51
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth17 MAY 201811GR A4462 Steady On Mike28.60
GARRARD'S HORSE & HOUND HEAT 1Albion Park16 MAY 20185GR 5TH395 Rally Dryva22.88
Monmore Green 16 May 2018 HT 11Monmore16 MAY 201811GR A3480 Mitchells Angel28.91
CRAYFORD BOOKMAKERS STAKES HT 8Crayford15 MAY 20187OPEN540 Droopys Edge33.64
Monmore Green 15 May 2018 HT 9Monmore15 MAY 20189GR A5480 No Naughty Names29.52
ANGLISS MEATS STAKETownsville15 MAY 20183GR NOV380 Double Karmar22.49
Monmore Green 14 May 2018 HT 13Monmore14 MAY 201813GR A6480 Kick On Babs29.19
Yarmouth 14 May 2018 HT 3Yarmouth14 MAY 20183GR A4462 Quivers Warrior28.55
Brighton & Hove 12 May 2018 HT 1Hove & Brighton12 MAY 20181GR A9515 Nextop Model30.88
Brighton & Hove 12 May 2018 HT 8Hove & Brighton12 MAY 20188GR A3515 Ashwood Telly30.29
Perry Barr 12 May 2018 HT 3Perry Barr12 MAY 20183GR A3480 Highview Slipper29.04
Perry Barr 12 May 2018 HT 9Perry Barr12 MAY 20189GR A5480 Craftmans Boys29.24
2018 STAR SPORTS ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBY 2NTowcester12 MAY 20186OPEN500 Bit View Knight29.47
Yarmouth 12 May 2018 HT 2Yarmouth12 MAY 20182GR A3462 Mateys Plane28.60
drumbopark.com A7 525 FinalDrumbo Park11 MAY 20185GR A0480 Changing Gears29.29
Peterborough 11 May 2018 HT 12Peterborough11 MAY 201812GR A8435 Dower Beetlebug27.30
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDENS - HEAT 1 HRomford11 MAY 20183OPEN400 All Slick Now24.25
2018 STAR SPORTS ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBY 2NTowcester11 MAY 20186OPEN500 Bruisers Bullet29.05
Henlow 10 May 2018 HT 4Henlow10 MAY 20184GR A6460 Lemming Boleyn28.48
CORAL BET & GET CLUB TROPHY HT 8Hove & Brighton10 MAY 20188OPEN475 Swift Muzzle28.26
LADBROKES 480 MAIDEN HT 2Monmore10 MAY 20182OPEN480 Keeperlit28.90
LADBROKES 480 MAIDEN HT 6Monmore10 MAY 20186OPEN480 Elderberry Vic29.11
Yarmouth 10 May 2018 HT 13Yarmouth10 MAY 201813GR A4462 Swansea Jack28.59
Monmore Green 09 May 2018 HT 1Monmore9 MAY 20181GR A5480 Final Kay29.29
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @HOVEGREYHOUNDS HT 6Hove & Brighton8 MAY 20186GR A5515 Lemon Ava30.50
Monmore Green 08 May 2018 HT 3Monmore8 MAY 20183GR A7480 Mitchells Diva29.32
Monmore Green 08 May 2018 HT 4Monmore8 MAY 20184GR A4480 Mitchells Angel28.98
Monmore Green 08 May 2018 HT 14Monmore8 MAY 201814GR A5480 Slaneyside Dawn29.40
THE SHEFFIELD STADIUM DOGS 500M - HEAT 2 HTSheffield8 MAY 20185OPEN500 Candlelight Fire28.86
THE SHEFFIELD STADIUM MAIDEN STAYERS 660M DSheffield8 MAY 20187OPEN660 Salacres Olympic39.66
THE BGBF PUPPY CUP FIRST SEMI-FINAL HT 8Sheffield8 MAY 20188OPEN500 Fearsome Ferigno29.18
ANGLISS MEATS STAKETownsville8 MAY 20181MAIDEN380 Double Karmar23.05
EAST COAST FIRE & SAFETY STAKESNowra7 MAY 20185GR Grad365 Wendy Darling21.27
Yarmouth 07 May 2018 HT 3Yarmouth7 MAY 20183GR A2462 Barkin Joe28.42
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