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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Hünstetten VL Dogs 480mHünstetten21 JUL 20193OPEN480 Elite Yankee28.56
Hünstetten Dogs 280m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201913OPEN280 Gypsy Yolo16.39
Hünstetten Dogs 480m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201915OPEN480 Black Kinloch28.09
The KM Plant and Glenbio 525Cork13 JUL 201911GR A2480 Lubagh Kirsty28.44
2019 JAMES HORAN MEMORIAL A3/4 525 Round 1 Galway13 JUL 20195GR A3480 Badminton Donal28.69
THE TRACK LOTTO ON3 UNRACED 350 SPRINT SemiLifford13 JUL 20192GR ON3320 Unlikely Harley19.39
THE TRACK LOTTO ON3 UNRACED 350 SPRINT SemiLifford13 JUL 20193GR ON3320 Cute Panda19.27
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKESMonmore13 JUL 20190GR S1630 Leams Puma38.07
NEVILL MAIDEN 490 FINALHove & Brighton11 JUL 20197OPEN490 Towstar Freddie28.87
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20192GR K2283 Eddie Murphy17.57
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20193GR K5283 Troll Järven17.60
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20195GR M3488 Shapeofyou29.27
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20196GR M5488 Smile'N Sam29.85
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20197GR M1488 Met Merlin29.46
The Follow Us On Twitter 525Cork3 JUL 20199GR A4480 Odell Blitz29.06
Monmore Green 01 Jul 2019 HT 12Monmore1 JUL 201912GR A6480 Swift Fernanda29.02
LEEROY ROGUE @ STUD Capalaba30 JUN 20197GR Open366 Rally Dryva19.83
Stream The Derby Final Online At Ladbrokes.Monmore26 JUN 20190GR A4480 Delboys Jet29.10
Race 11 A3Monmore24 JUN 20190GR A3480 Shaneboy Batt28.43
Southland 22 Jun 2019 HT A17Southland22 JUN 2019A17GR B533 CTW Atomic Blond32.04
FLYING AMY CLASSIC FINALAlbion Park20 JUN 20196GROUP3520 Feral Franky29.99
Race 7Monmore19 JUN 20197GR A1480 Shaneboy Lincoln28.75
Race 13Monmore13 JUN 20190GR A2480 Shaneboy Lincoln28.73
Check RomfordDogs.comRomford12 JUN 20191GR A4400 Wychwood Katie24.86
KEYBOW @ STUDCapalaba9 JUN 20195GR Mixe366 Rally Dryva19.95
Shipyard Pale Ale & Banks Bitter Now On DraSunderland9 JUN 20190GR 261 Knockhall Hope16.33
THE DOROTHY WILLIAMS 70th BIRTHDAY STAKESCrayford8 JUN 20190OPEN540 Proud Prize34.45
LADBROKES SUMMER FESTIVAL 480 PUPPYMonmore8 JUN 20190OPEN480 Easy to Gamble28.39
GREYHOUND_DATA.COMIpswich7 JUN 20194GR Mast431 Sweet Karmar25.69
LADBROKES.COM MAIDEN STAYERS Crayford1 JUN 20190OPEN714 Leams Puma45.63
Hansa Union Rennen VLHamburg1 JUN 20193OPEN270 Gypsy Yolo99.00
Henlow 21 May 2019 HT 3Henlow21 MAY 20193GR A10460 Agincourt Squeak29.07
WWW.IPSWICHGREYHOUNDS.COMIpswich21 MAY 20196GR Grad431 Rocky Spies25.39
Saturday 18th May Evening HT 1Newcastle (Brough Park)18 MAY 20191GR A5480 Conors Lilly29.33
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 3 HeShelbourne Park18 MAY 201911GR AA0480 Mags Angel28.33
Yarmouth 18 May 2019 HT 10Yarmouth18 MAY 201910GR A7462 Royden Wolf29.47
The Dundalk Grade A5 525Dundalk17 MAY 20198GR A5480 Sophisticatedjax29.09
Henlow 17 May 2019 HT 2Henlow17 MAY 20192GR A10460 Blackrose Angus28.71
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDENS - HEAT 2 HRomford17 MAY 20195OPEN400 Paddington24.08
Swindon 17 May 2019 HT 9Swindon17 MAY 20199GR A6480 A Little Respect29.69
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 7Monmore16 MAY 20197GR A1480 Proud Majestic28.65
Central Park 16 May 2019 HT 2Sittingbourne16 MAY 20192GR A8480 Orbital Princess31.08
Central Park 16 May 2019 HT 12Sittingbourne16 MAY 201912GR HP480 Orbital Force29.87
Monmore Green 15 May 2019 HT 7Monmore15 MAY 20197GR A3480 Beatties Style28.80
Swindon 15 May 2019 HT 2Swindon15 MAY 20192GR A3480 Emotional29.49
Swindon 15 May 2019 HT 7Swindon15 MAY 20197GR A3480 Zaha29.28
Henlow 14 May 2019 HT 8Henlow14 MAY 20198GR A8460 Tuftys Tony28.34
Stockholm 12.05.2019Åkersberga12 MAY 20193GR K1320 Tyrur Lam18.48
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 8Monmore11 MAY 20198OPEN480 Proud Prize28.38
Have A Bet On The Tote Stakes HT 2Newcastle (Brough Park)11 MAY 20192GR HP480 Pennys Echo28.93
Henlow 10 May 2019 HT 3Henlow10 MAY 20193GR A10460 Clydagh Dinny29.12
The Islandbridge Open 350 Round 1 Heat 1Shelbourne Park10 MAY 20194GR SS0320 Ballymac Conte19.02
The Islandbridge Open 350 Round 1 Heat 2Shelbourne Park10 MAY 20195GR SS0320 Robbie Lad18.75
The Islandbridge Open 350 Round 1 Heat 3Shelbourne Park10 MAY 20196GR SS0320 Blame the Game18.59
The Islandbridge Open 350 Round 1 Heat 4Shelbourne Park10 MAY 20197GR SS0320 Ardnasool Jet18.38
Swindon 10 May 2019 HT 9Swindon10 MAY 20199GR A5480 Zaha29.25
Monmore Green 09 May 2019 HT 3Monmore9 MAY 20193GR A4480 Beatties Style29.38
Yarmouth 09 May 2019 HT 4Yarmouth9 MAY 20194GR A5462 Townsend Brae28.87
Yarmouth 09 May 2019 HT 5Yarmouth9 MAY 20195GR A7462 Dunham Wiggins29.11
Monmore Green 06 May 2019 HT 1Monmore6 MAY 20191GR A3480 Siberian River29.05
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY FINAL HT 6Henlow5 MAY 20196OPEN460 Dalcash Behold28.11
BGBF SCURRY HEAT 1 HT 7Henlow5 MAY 20197OPEN428 Westcot Norman26.59
BGBF SCURRY HEAT 2 HT 8Henlow5 MAY 20198OPEN428 Commanche Storm26.54
BGBF SCURRY HEAT 3 HT 9Henlow5 MAY 20199OPEN428 Viking Jerry26.17
BGBF SCURRY HEAT 4 HT 10Henlow5 MAY 201910OPEN428 Bubbly Majestic26.45
BEENLEIGH LEGAL CHALLENGEIpswich4 MAY 20198GR GRAD520 Eye Hate Cake31.39
Perry Barr 04 May 2019 HT 10Perry Barr4 MAY 20199GR A6480 Cefn Lowri29.42
Perry Barr 04 May 2019 HT 11Perry Barr4 MAY 201910GR A4480 Glorious Poppy29.55
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby FinShawfield4 MAY 20198OPEN480 Braveheart Bobby28.88
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 20191GR AA0480 Jet Stream View28.39
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 20192GR AA0480 Droopys Loom28.55
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 20193GR AA0480 Boylesports Joy28.55
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 20194GR AA0480 Prawn Star28.45
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 20195GR AA0480 Ballymac Berry28.37
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 20196GR AA0480 Mags Angel28.51
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 20197GR AA0480 Coolavanny Chloe28.64
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 20198GR AA0480 Clona Dream28.49
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 20199GR AA0480 Deadly Robin28.34
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 201910GR AA0480 Ballymac Arminta28.11
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 201911GR AA0480 Cracked Lady28.50
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 201912GR AA0480 Droopys Alice28.28
The 2019 Sporting Press Oaks 525 Round 1 HeShelbourne Park4 MAY 201913GR AA0480 Priceless Verona28.53
The Six & Out Stakes HT 14Swindon4 MAY 201914GR A4480 Emotional29.65
Harlow 03 May 2019 HT 2Harlow3 MAY 20192GR A6415 Lemming Lara26.46
HENLOW FRIDAY 3RD MAY HT 1Henlow3 MAY 20191GR A11460 Agincourt Squeak28.77
Welcome To Limerick Greyhound Stadium A2 52Limerick2 MAY 20191GR A2480 Lubagh Kirsty28.98
Yarmouth 02 May 2019 HT 2Yarmouth2 MAY 20192GR A7462 Champagne Knave29.05
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth2 MAY 20197GR A5462 Ferndale Paddy28.87
HENLOW TUESDAY 30TH APRIL - PM HT 1Henlow30 APR 20191GR A10460 Newtown Daryl28.34
Greppin VSR VLGreppin28 APR 20191OPEN490 CCool Again31.11
Greppin VSR VLGreppin28 APR 20192OPEN490 CChewbacca31.35
Greppin Rotes Band VLGreppin28 APR 20193OPEN490 Ascarii30.91
Greppin Rotes Band VLGreppin28 APR 20194OPEN277 Ballymac Alesha17.42
Greppin Rotes Band VLGreppin28 APR 20195OPEN277 Ben Hur17.27
Greppin Rotes Band FinaleGreppin28 APR 20196OPEN277 Ballymac Alesha17.45
Greppin Rotes Band FinaleGreppin28 APR 20197OPEN277 Ben Hur17.08
Greppin Rotes Band FinaleGreppin28 APR 20198OPEN490 Bally Mac 31.34
Greppin VSR FinaleGreppin28 APR 20199OPEN490 Cailin30.89
Greppin VSR FinaleGreppin28 APR 201910OPEN490 Zenit 30.79
BEENLEIGH LEGALIpswich27 APR 20198GR GRAD520 Mia's Karmar30.97
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