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Private Miscellanous Ads
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Here you can advertise your greyhound related items.
Litters, pups and not yet registered saplings belong in the litter section, named dogs in the dogs for sale section.

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Description  Sprinklers
52 360 degree sprinklers (approx radius), Risers & Cups (to retard to 180 degrees).
Used for 3 years. Best offer below $120. Also various of 25 ml poly pipe...free.
Surplus to Trial Track needs. Pick up from Ipswich QLD.

Contact Greg 0408 151114. Please leave message.

Contact Name  Greg
Contact Address  
Phone  0408 151 114
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Bill Warner   
 (ad posted on 11-May-16)

Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Description  2006 308cdi model
Very tidy and drives great. Gets about 650km to a tank of fuel. Has travelled just over 400,000km but had a new motor about 2 years ago.
5 speed manual. Will pass any inspection and has great air conditioning. Please call for further details.
Contact Name  Rob Ingram
Contact Address  Dubbo, NSW
Phone  0457904908
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 10-May-16)

Greyhound Worker Wanted
Description  A licensed greyhound worker required to live on site (single independent accommodation supplied + wage), to assist with the usual duties for breakers, trialing, race dogs and race meets.

We have a number of young dogs coming through and so require an extra fulltime worker.

Referees required. No room for extra dogs.

No SMS or private messages.

Please use voice phone.

Contact Name  norm rinaldi
Contact Address  Lethbridge, VIC 3332
Phone  0418862332
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  norman rinaldi   
 (ad posted on 07-May-16)

Description  Any trainers NSW interested in training dogs on 50/50 win basis.A couple ready to go now, some at the breakers now and a dozen more around xmas this year.
Contact Name  jason bolwell
Contact Address  
Phone  0409160462
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 03-May-16)

Brand New Drag Lure
Description  Hand held drag lure for sale its brand new and will teach your pups or race dogs to chase hard. The lure comes with 200m of line and can put 300m for $10 more

Drag Lure is very fast $350

Will post all over Australia cost $21

Contact Name  Paul bonner
Contact Address  
Phone  0469823676
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 09-May-16)

Banjo boy. $800
Allen Harper. $800
Made to size. $800
Walk hard. $600
Nolen. $600
Contact Name  tony innes
Contact Address  Ballarat
Phone  0413315240
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 10-May-16)

Looking for brood bitch on pup basis or
Description  We are looking for a brood bitch to whelp down for 1 litter or 2.

Happy to work out a deal on pup basis with the right bitch.
Happy to work out any deal with the right bitch.

We are in Victoria. Cranbourne.

Due to new breeding regs put in place and the costs spiralling the bitch MUST BE worth breeding with.

Bitch must have preformed on the track, ran time, well bred etc etc.

Feel free to give me a call. Darren

The bitch must be nearly on season..........

Contact Name  darren langley
Contact Address  Cranbourne
Phone  0426199956
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 08-May-16)

Dyna Steal Straws for Sale 10 x $500 eac
Description  Available NSW, Victoria & QLD & by special arrangements Tassie.
Straws $770 For limited time 10 straws for sale at $500 each. Will never be cheaper.ø

DARPA Bale celebrates his 2 nd birthday with another city win Meadows Sat night 12/3/2016 taking his results from 12 starts 6 x 2 x 3 with
Meadows 1 x 2 x 2 winning in 30.17 & Sandown 5 x 0 x 1 winning in 29.66 for total Prizemoney $31,000.
Customised is a good little sprinter 4x6x3 $7,200 also his brother Izzy Go has won 5x4x1 incl 2 at Angle Park 515m.
His pups have good early speed & enjoy the 520m.

Contact Name  cyril john anderson
Contact Address  
Phone  0419642140
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 03-May-16)

Shakey Jakey straw
Description  Shakey Jakey straw stored at Colyton vets.


Contact Name  BEN MILLER
Contact Address  
Phone  0409849501
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  BENJAMIN LEE MILLER   
 (ad posted on 25-May-16)

Medi Laze lazer
Description  Medi Laze Laser. I am selling as I am no longer training my own dogs. Works well it has been very successful for me.
Laser power 30mw
Wavelength 830nm. Class 3 laser.
Single diode.
Comes in original wooden box with foam cut out for laser and includes safety glasses.
$500 ONO can easily be posted.

Lasers are almost impossible to buy for this price. Priced to sell fast.


Contact Name  BEN MILLER
Contact Address  
Phone  0409849501
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  BENJAMIN LEE MILLER   
 (ad posted on 26-May-16)

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