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Private Miscellanous Ads
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Here you can advertise your greyhound related items.
Litters, pups and not yet registered saplings belong in the litter section, named dogs in the dogs for sale section.

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Description  Moreira straw for sale at Sires On Ice NSW

$1000 that is giving you $650 off stud fee

Contact Name  Paul Bonner
Contact Address  Sydney
Phone  0469823676
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 30-Mar-20)

Description   Description # the screamer 9v electronic device
Standard 9v replaceable battery $90
9v rechargeable battery $120
Movement activated as shown in video $135
# the Kindy ideal for pups from 8 weeks upwards
Fully synthetic material choice of colors with
Extra ears and hand held switch $180

# the Ringer made for bullring and race track finish on $240

International postage from $30

Contact Name  Michelle Shambler
Contact Address  Australia
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 30-Mar-20)

Description  Kinloch Brae straw in NSW
Contact Name  Paul Bonner
Contact Address  Sydney
Phone  0469823676
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 28-Mar-20)

Pup Raffle
Description  Hello everyone!

With everything thats going on in the world with coronavirus, and the uncertainty of how long this will go on for, my business partner and i have decided that we are going to raffle off a couple of pups. Some people may not be able to afford to buy pups outright at the moment, but might be in the position to purchase a spot or 2 in the draw. We had great success with this last year in conjunction with Keybow and Capalaba's Racing Club, where $1000 from the draw was able to be donated to MS Queensland.

This time the two pups will come from our
Orson Allen x Miss Fernando litter.
Whelped 17/01/20.

One lucky winner will take home 2 pups.
1 Dog and 1 bitch from the litter!

$50 a spot in the draw, with ONLY 150 spots!
$500 donated to "in the tin for Amanda Ginn"
Buy as many spots as you like.

Once all 150 spots are sold we will draw the winning name using Random.org.
Everyone's name will be listed for however many spots they buy. We will then use the list randomizer clicking it 20 times. After the 20th time, whoever's name is at the top of the list will win the two pups. We will do the draw live on this page, Greyhound Classifieds Australia and New Zealand Facebook page!

The winner of the pups will be allowed to take them and rear them wherever they choose.
They are currently located in Churchable QLD.

For anyone interested in purchasing a spot, send me a text. Dan 0404 569 959

(Blueish fawn dog, and half mixed coloured faced brindle bitch. She is the one laying down in the start of the video)

Contact Name  Daniel Evans
Contact Address  
Phone  0404 569 959
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 28-Mar-20)

Straws clearance sale
Description  Magic Sprite straw @.N.Rivers $2800
Hasten Slowly straw @ N.Rivers $900 sold
Smooth Fancy @ Colyton Vet $best offer over $150.
Paddy Whacker stored @ Sires On Ice $best offer over $150.
Zambora Brockie $2800 stored @ N.Rivers
General Destini best offer over $150
Contact Name  kev galloway
Contact Address  Brisbane
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 31-Mar-20)

El Grand Senor Vial
Description  Selling my El Grand Senor Vial.

Located Northern Rivers Vet Clinic, Casino.

$5500 ono

Contact Name  Jeff Crawford
Contact Address  Buccan.
Phone  0419488761
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 17-Mar-20)

Jiminy Reno vial on 1 pup deal
Description  Jiminy Reno - One pup deal

Good evening all.
We have decided that we are going to offer, one breeder a Jiminy Reno vial, in return for one pup from the litter.

We would ideally prefer a bitch due on season either now or within the next couple of weeks. We have vials stored in QLD, NSW and Victoria, so either of these states are not a hassle.

Contact Name  Daniel Evans
Contact Address  
Phone  0404569959
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 13-Mar-20)

Description  Former Bulli 515m Track Record holder @ 28.38.....now held by El Magnifico @ 28.27.

Speed and strength.....GOODESY could do it at both ends of a race.

Straw stored at Sires on Ice at Calga, NSW

$600 ono

Text or call please.

Contact Name  Ricki Hassall
Contact Address  
Phone  0419-290-448
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 14-Mar-20)

Description  BALLYMAC VIC x SHAKE MY WORLD LITTER(Due 17/4/20)
SIRE: BALLYMAC VIC is reconised as being the best performed son of KINLOCK BRAE He has been in the top 10 Sires in Ireland for the last 4 years and topped the list beating his father Kinloch Brae in 2017/18.He produced the G1 2018 English Derby Winner in DOROTAS WILDCAT who was also 2018 Greyhound of the Year and now a Sire churning out winner after winner himself.BALLYMAC VIC has a 17% winner 2 runner ratio In Ireland and 7% of his runners end up being open class (Our FFA) He is a beautiful big 35:5kg Brindle Fawn Dog.His mother is an ELITE STATE bitch so Iím sure this cross will work well with my bitch as she has that Elite State blood as well.This is a rare opportunity to buy into this BLOODLINE!
DAM: SHAKE MY WORLD won her maiden in a heat of the big Grafton Clarence Valley Maiden Series beating a hot favourite in Tell Nobody who went on to win the big Goulburn Maiden Final weeks later.She also clocked 29:85 to win at the Gardens over 515m and trialed at that track in 29:59.She tore her abdominal muscles while schooling her at Wenty running 30:21 first look out of the boxes after a post2post. Iím surpremely confident this mating will CLICK and 4 a poultry $990 a pup you are getting a real cheap pup.Hooray Zipper is bred on similar lines who qualified 4 the Gosford Gold Cup running 29:44 in a heat and had no luck in the final.
Contact Name  John Collison
Contact Address  SCONE
Phone  0434732455
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 01-Apr-20)

Greyhound equipment
Description  TGS Ultrasound
Walk on scales, cage
Apollo leads and collar sets
2 x battery operated lures
Yard muzzles
Contact Name  Darryl Chapman
Contact Address  Whiteman Creek , nsw
Phone  0434529899
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 19-Mar-20)

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