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Breeder   Donna and Lois Sadler
Street   Jamuna, Seven Mile Rd
Zip   3812
City   Nar Nar Goon, Victoria
Country   Australia
Email   jamuna@westnet.com.au website; www.siyangreyhounds.com.au
Phone   03 59425418
Phone 2   0411481281

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

Our aim at Siyan (pronounced see-yarn) is to gather together a group of elite brood bitches who will be bred to the best possible sires, in an endeavour to produce fast, sound, good minded dogs with natural extreme chase and attitude - city class dogs that can run 500 + with plenty of early pace.
We also maintain and train a small racing team which will eventually consist solely of pups we have bred.
No expense has been spared in guaranteeing that the resulting pups will all have the best rearing, environment and handling to ensure they can all reach their full potential. We have chosen to keep only two pups from each litter so the opportunity is there for enthusiasts to tap into the lines we have here at Siyan, through obtaining our pups.
We are striving to collect a group of bitches who are good sized, well put together and beautifully bred. Lovely types who are, at least, litter sisters to top dogs. They must be from a strong and very successful damline and hopefully they will have shown their own ability on the track and be city winners that have run good times. They must have good temperaments - outgoing and keen with no shyness, timidness or erratic behavioural traits.
We have recently imported from Ireland and England the first MEGA DELIGHT, FARLOE OYSTER and FREE TO AIR daughters to arrive in Australia - Westmead Zest (Tom's The Best) and Westmead Era (Droopy's Scolari) out of Mega Delight, Final Zarkava (Droopy's Kewell) and Mineola Grand (Bret Lee) out of Farloe Oyster and two young litter sisters by Kiowa Sweet Trey and out of Free To Air.
They represent a new era in breeding here, giving Australian breeders access to some of the greatest damlines available world wide.

Our group of girls also includes daughters of;
Elusive Rebel, Floodfawn, Ashleigh Jeanine, Chloe Jones, Rumble Spirit, Leprechaun Yap, Sobbing Sal, Steffi Grace, Paua To Burn, Creative, Dance Portrait,Thai Charm, Mockingbird Hill, Witch Magic, Rumble Ciarrai IRE and Late Show Lady IRE(litter sister to Valencia Citrate).
Our pups are doing well with multiple city winners, group finalists and group winners!

In December 2011, my mother Lois passed away. it was the end of an era, a great loss to me and a great loss to Siyan.
Now, moving to a smaller and more manageable farm, the opportunity is here for serious breeders to obtain some world class broods and for racing enthusiasts to obtain beautifully reared and bred pups that would normally have been retained by Siyan.

I am looking forward to seeing the Siyan broods and their pups appear in the pedigrees of many top class race dogs in the years to come.