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Coolygorman Kennels

Breeder   David Scanlan
Street   broadford
City   Limerick
Country   Ireland
Email   gerscanlan@hotmail.com
Phone   063 84075

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

Based in the heartland of West Limrick,Coolygorman kennels has been breeding top class greyhounds for a number of years.Coolygorman greyhounds are farm reared with the best of food supplied on a daily basis with no expense spared in providing top class results, recently dogs such as Coolygorman sand who recorded one of the fastest splits ever as a pup to a bend in limerick when recording an blistering 28.69 run in only his second race as been maintaining such feats recently in Sheffield as a top class open dog. Time and care is been taken to provide the best attention needed in providing future successes.