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Breeder   Steve Potter
Street   ballybrien
Zip   ballylanders
City   County Limerick
Country   Ireland
Email   stevegreyhounds@hotmail.com
Phone   00353-6246588
Phone 2   086-3911269

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kennels consist of 3 double inside.1 isolation kennel,+1 large kennel on 1 acre field.only 1 litter per year reared,best food only,ie best mince,veg,fresh milk.

UPDATE as of 07-07-17 precious colleen had her first litter yesterday 6th july 7dogs & 4 bitches she had 9 with no problem then a bitch got stuck so off to the vet for a cesarian to get 2 more out,everything ok now and she's taken to the pups well future champion amongst this lot me thinks.
got 2 pups in for schooling last week 13months old the owner was told they had been reared in a 20acre field i would bet as much as you like thats not the case, he picked them up on sunday and brought them to me the same day no muscle no chest and weighing 60 pound and full of fleas,and so nervous i cannot put a hand on them i'll try my best to turn them around.update as of 28-07-17, lost 3 of the pups within 24hours of whelping just faded away tried everything was up all night trying to bottle feed because they were to weak to suckle,vet said it was probaly lack of colestrium from the bitch which can be caused by 2 things,1 a prolonged labour 2 a big litter she had both of those. i have 8 strong healthy pups 5dogs 3 bitches now 3 weeks old and feeding on solids.2 pups in for schooling have been with me nearly a month now both put on 5 kilo and now looking well,i shall take them for a look at the schooling track tomorrow (sat) to see how they react,i wont slip them for another week or so as the brindle pup is still a bit nervious both now on the lead ok.bit of good news derby winner astute missile is almost the same bloodlines as this new litter,my bitch colleen is out of hondo black out of a top honco bitch as was astute missiles dam so fingers crossed.UPDATE as of 22-09-17 the 2 pups i had in for schooling have put on a lot of weight and are going well,will be taking them for a official sprint at thurles on monday,the last litter i had here are starting to run well they are only dec 15 lynton lightning already A1 at romford,marleypark champ having his first race at pelaw grange sat 23rd sept A2,darcee dave won his first race this week after 2 near misses,darcee darlin graded in A 6 but a bit harsh for a pup doing 25.19 in grading trials but she's running well,lynton poppy running A5 but racing office keep putting her in trap 4 when she is a railer they do the same with scarletts boy he is taking the paint off the rails coming around the last bend,the old boy alfjack still running A1 at over 4 years old,lynton thunder just coming back from a months rest running in A2 sat 23rd,lynton mia still winning races at 4 years old she is going home with one of the owners when she has finished racing.precious fern being raced by her owner who took out a owner trainer licence she won for him in her last race,he also has precious rebel but has kept him with a notts trainer he won last week A2.my latest litter 5 dogs 3 bitches are fine big pups im tempted to not sell and see what ive got at schooling age because the price i charge to 12 months only covers the cost of the rearing anyway,if looks are anything to go by this litter will be my best yet.UPDATE as of 08-10-17 2 pups what came to me for schooling both now weigh 71lb have now qualified in novice open and novice1 grade look to be 2 nice pups owner wants me to give them their first race before taking them away.lynton thunder won last week A2 2nd run back after 6 weeks rest,lynton lightning won A1 last night i think he will be open class when stepped up to 6 bends,marleypark champ won a A2 last week breaking 26 sec which is a good run you can win most A1 races doing that time.alfjack also won a A1 friday night,new litter will be having there earmarks next week, i wouldn't like to be the steward because their feisty buggers lol.UPDATE as of 18-01-18 alfjack & Lynton poppy both retired, pups been earmarked 2 bitches left for sale Lynton lightning winning a1's at Romford and marleypark champ winning a1's at pelaw grange both could make up into open class both stay well so could be 6 bend dogs,the 2 underweight dogs I had in for schooling are now up and running meadowgrove star now with the owner he won his last race by 8 lengths the brindle pup is still with me and is in the big unraced stake at clonmel we got a bad draw in trap6 he's a dead railer but lets hope he gets trough to the next round.UPDATE as of 11-03-2018 pup who was in the unraced stake at clonmel was second in the first round only to get trap5 in the second round went to the bend with the trap1 runner only to be bumped off the track,sold for 5 figures after that run going to the uk.marleypark champ won his last 3 a1's at pelaw grange but picked up a niggle, owner giving him a few weeks off,darcee darling getting the hang of things now winning her last 2 races,lynton lightning won a open at Romford on Friday,darcee dave retired with a wrist injury after winning his last 2 races,lynton poppy also retired kept getting trap4 and getting into trouble so the owner has taken her home before getting injured. 7 out of 8 pups now sold (1 bitch left) now 8 months old.update as of 01-06-2018 pups now 11 months old,precious colleen came in season in may not breeding with her this time they would be july pups and to much of a rush trying to look after new borns and schooling at the same time,marleypark champ running well winning a sprint open and 4 a1's in his last 6 races Lynton lightning off with injury again not seen the best of him.only another month then will start schooling the july 17 litter still the one bitch for sale I have a dog that I want to keep for myself everyone who visit's asks if he's for sale but at the moment iv'e resisted lol.update as of 29-08-18 all pups been handslipped and going well, I lost to temptation and sold my pup to john hurst who has precious rebel.i have not mated my bitch this time as that would have meant whelping down and looking after newborns as well as schooling.marleypark champ retired after reacurring injury it's a shame because he was a good dog winning a1's and opens in his short career.UPDATE as of 5-1-19 all last litter finished schooling and gone to their owners apart from one called brian's last the owner wants me to give him a race or 2 before going to the uk,because I did not breed a litter this year due to schooling my last litter when pups would have been due I have bought a couple of dog pups to keep me busy they are august 18 tarsna Havana x coolree Nadene I shall be selling them later,they are in with 2 bitch pups who someone has asked me to rear for them all 4 getting on well.