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Sardar Lodhi Group.

Breeder   Sardar Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan
Street   B-4 321 Wapdatown
City   Gujranwala
Country   Pakistan
Email   ali_zulfiqar_4@hotmail.com
Phone   0300-8434881
Phone 2   0300-8404139

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Sardar lodhi Group is oldest and most successful Group of Pakistan from 1947 onward till now. Our ancestors migrated from India at the partition and they brought this sport with them. We have been among the pioneers of The Greyhound Racing in Pakistan. The founder of this Group is the two brothers Sardar Shamshad Ahmed Khan and Sardar Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan. They both had born before partition in India. The Name SARDAR is the title name given by the people of India to the father of these two brothers mention above. Because The Father was late Sardar Abdul Rashid Ahmed Khan was (Judge High Court In India before partition) and he was one of the biggest landlords of India, he had got 18750 arch or 750 (miles) of lands. He is the owner of 35 villages. This all land is in the State of kapurthala, village begowala. So this family is know as Sardars of Begowala in India. After Migrating to Pakistan they have not got that much land, which they have in India but they still manage to get 5000 arch or 200 (miles) of land in different district of Punjab. But the major unit of land they got in district Gujranwala, kamoke, and village kotlee dilbagh ray. They still manage to save their repute of India as biggest landlord of begowala and then the biggest landlord of district Gujranwala, state Punjab.
These two brothers started their carrier of Greyhound racing by importing different pedigree of Greyhounds from England, Ireland, and USA, AUSTRALIA. I am going to mention few name of those greyhounds, you can check them in www.greyhound-data.com
· Crazy Bruster (Crazy Parachute and ticker tape)
· Ruby (clonalvy romance and tinkers peck)
· Crown Spectre (Spectre II and Clomney sue)
· Aster Cloud (Ceili Band and Foundling)
· Brilliant Silver
· Chef
· Just Jock
· Foxlee wildman
· Tcs Zak
· Bohemian Simple
· Txs dallas
· Red hot lee
· Shoshone
· Pat Cheire.
Sardar Lodhi Group had won All the Championship manage to run in Pakistan many time, there is no such competition, which they have not won. This Group produced 50 to 60 pups every year. This Group bred some of the finest greyhounds in the history of Pakistan, which beat direct imported Greyhound Came from Ireland, England etc by distinction victory. Name of those greyhounds are Dominator, Dragon fire, Speed. The key of Success of this Group is that the leader of this group Sardar Shamshad Ahmad khan lives in United States and he is in the business of greyhound racing in USA. He bread more then 500 greyhounds every year in USA and he are got three racing kennels in top three tracks by the name of Shamshads Kennels. And Sardar Shamshad Send top Greyhound From America to his Brother Sardar Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan who leads this group in Pakistan. And Second Success of this Group is that, this is the only Group of Pakistan, which have never ever have been change or renamed due to greyhounds. This Group belongs on top qualities persons, which are not only group member but also are family terms and relationships. Group member names. Sardar Zulfiqar (leader), Ali Zulfiqar son of Sardar Zulfiqar, Rana Asghar Ali Noon, Rana Khalid Mehmood, Main Amjad of lathainwala, Main Mehmood, Javed Sadiq Khan Lodhi, khavar Zaman khan lodhi, Shahrooz Sadiq khan lodhi, Rand Saeed of khanawala, Muhammad Arshad Goraya, Imran Arshad Goraya, Rana Shazad Bashir khan, Rana Anwar noon, Rana Ifthkar noon, Rana Sarfraz Subay khan noon, Adeel asghar noon, Rana Abid of sharyianwala, Zahid hussain Numberdar, Syain Alyes of pirmhal.

The Target of This Group is to produce the top Class Greyhound, which will easily beat imported greyhounds import in Pakistan every year. And Inshallah we will be successful as we did in the past.