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Arie van Niekerk Jnr

Breeder   Arie van Niekerk J
Street   Mimosa
Zip   1459
City   Boksburg
Country   South Africa
Email   Arie.vanniekerk@flsmidth.com
Phone   0724081355

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

Arie van Niekerk Jnr is a young up and coming kennel that has been in the sport for more than 20 years helping with training and racing of some of the best dogs in SA.
Arie Jnr has just started its own kennel and will race for the first time with its own dogs in 2012 with young exciting pups.

With a year of exciting racing coming to an end I can look back to a successful first year of racing with my first greyhound. His name is Vivo. Vivo almost had a clean sweep of victories with a race record on the end of 2012 with 18 races 15 1st places 2 2nd places and 1 4th place. Vivo didnít lose one of his races from o/15 Ė o/18 and manage to win the SA Championship breaking the o/18 record and winning the Puppy Derby. We will see what lies ahead as he turns open next year.

#Well with the 2013 race year completed and 2014 laying ahead I can look back and say that Vivo has lived up to the expectation by winning the 2014 Sprint Dog of the year and missing Dog of the year with 1 point. The rest of my dogs had an average year but it looks like they are going to be late bloomers as they finished the year on a high note and starting the year in the open class. Looking ahead to 2014 we will be going all out for the SA Derby Trophy.

#With 2014 being a disappointing year of racing with Vivo and Caster getting injured we can look forward to a better year as Vivo is back to winning ways and Caster having here first litter to a imported dog from Aus. We have high hopes of this pupís doing big things in the future. Vivo is of the older dogs still around and we have our eyes set on the big titles this year if we can keep him sound.