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Dogolphin Greyhounds

Breeder   Gary Noble
City   London
Country   United Kingdom
Email   dogolphin@hotmail.com

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

Dogolphin Greyhounds are a small syndicate of greyhound breeders and owners. To date most of our greyhounds have been reared and schooled at Rosegreen Kennels by The Mannering Family (pictured above left). More recently our greyhounds have been reared at Graigue Kennels by The Scurry Family.

We have bred and sold many dogs in our short time as breeders, with great success on the open race circuit and with the bloodlines our broods carry there should be plenty more in the pipeline. Most of our breeding derives from our foundation brood Castlerea Delia.

The majority of our greyhounds raced at Walthamstow, trained by Mark Wallis and John Coleman. Most carrying the ‘Special’ prefix; Special Trick, Special Event, Special Deal, Special Liberty etc.

Since the closure of Walthamstow, we have cut back on our number of racers.We have a variety of racers, pups, broods and saplings and usually have at least one litter for sale at any one time.