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Block Sporthounds, Inc.

Breeder   Kristin Block
City   Central North Carolina
Country   USA
Phone   980-721-2668

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Block Sporthounds is a state of the art, NGA approved greyhound semen collection and storage center located in North Carolina.

We provide the following services to our clients:

- Semen Collection and Storage.

- Artificial Insemination.

- Chilled Insemination/Shipping.

- Endoscopic Insemination (non-surgical)

- Progesterone testing.

- DNA collection.

- Brucellosis and Leptosporosis testing (required for overseas shipment).

- Standing of Sires by private treaty.

- Rehab of injured race dogs by Brett Gerst, with 15 years experience as a dog trainer in Dubuque.

Our staff:

Kristin Schwenke Block - Masters degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Licensed Inseminator and NGA Approved Semen Collection and Storage Facility. Oversees all studs standing on the farm, does all the progesterone testing, collects, freezes and stores all semen, does all the Artificial Insemimations and shipping of semen here and abroad.

Brett Gerst - Farm Manager. Oversees all daily operation of the farm. 15 years experience as a dog trainer in Dubuque. Has won the Iowa Breeders Cup, Dubuque Classic, Dubuque Inaugural, King and Queen Stakes 2 years in a row. Assists with the stud dogs.

We are very proud of our education, knowledge and combined experience in the field of canine reproduction. We use the Semen Preservation System for all frozen semen developed by Camelot Farms, the world leader in canine extenders.

For availabilty of frozen semen on top U.S. and foreign sires see our web site: