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Cashel Farm

Breeder   Anne R. Sheridan
City   Colorado
Country   USA
Email   willowcreek1@live.com
Phone   719-671-3197

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Cashel Farm in Penrose Colorado - sits on 55 isolated, rocky acres with gorgeous 360% views of the Rocky Mountains. On our farm we raise racing and coursing greyhounds of mostly racing lines with strong enphasis on imported Irish blood. We have had some success crossing the healthy strong race lines with show bloodlines. The result has produced several AKC show champions and some very nice lure and open coursers. In general though we prefer racing bloodlines made strong and healthy by hundreds of years of strict avoidance of the practice of inbreeding. One of our females of all racing and Irish bloodlines - 'Cashel's Evening' - competed in the prestigious Waterloo Cup in England as the first American dog to do so. Evie finished in 7th place overall beating several favorites in the process.

At Cashel we strive to produce pups that rise above the crowd. We are now able to regularly produce gorgeous blue pups of imported Irish lineage. We also just imported a strikingly beautiful Dun/Liver son of Premier Fantasy out of Ireland. We are hoping to have liver pups available in the future.

We work very hard to bring up healthy strong puppies. We keep a small herd of goats who's only job is to produce milk for our growing pups. The terrain our pups grow up on is rugged and makes for smart tough coursing dogs. We also spend lots of time walking on trails - getting the babies used to new and strange situations. Cashel dogs have never had any problems traversing ditches or jumping over obsticles while lure or open coursing. Since they grow up learning to go with a person off lead in open ground they are not prone to running off and will always recall at the end of an event.

All adult Cashel dogs intended for the lure course leave at least pre certified to run in ASFA trials and preferably already pointed. You can be assured with a Cashel courser to have a long fun run on the coursing field for years to come.

Our pups are also raised around children and come with sweetness and manners. We can also tell you if your dog is safe or not around cats and small dogs. Although many are not safe with cats they are usually fine with small dogs.

We are a third generation greyhound breeder and confidently send our pups out with a LIFETIME health guarantee, in writing against crippling congenital disease and are all fully vaccinated appropriate for their age so that you can be sure your pup is protected when he arrives. Cashel pups also come with AKC registration and AKC microchip with paid lifetime membership in the AKC's pet recovery data base.

We currently have puppies and show and coursing prospects for sale. Please feel free to contact us anytime for information at: willowcreek1@live.com or 719-671-3197. Or visit our website cashelgreyhounds.net