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Damline of Ringlestown Bill

1Ringlestown RosefSEP 2017IEBKSuperior Product *Talitas Girl
2Talitas GirlfSEP 2011IEBKTyrur LeeTalita Beauty
3Talita BeautyfSEP 2003IEBKSpiral NikitaMartinstown Gold
4Martinstown GoldfSEP 1996IEWFCry DalcashMartinstown Lady
5Martinstown LadyfJUL 1990IEBDManorville MajorMiss Rambo
6Miss RambofSEP 1984IEWBDSand Man *April Maid
7April MaidfDEC 1981IEBDGlen RockApril May
8April MayfJUL 1977IEFWestpark MintMay Venture
9May VenturefMAY 1973IEFSpectre Ventureless
10VenturelessfAPR 1970IEDKFYanka BoyOne Side
11One SidefJUL 1963IE Odd VentureRathcormack Lass
12Rathcormack Lassf 195xIE Mello CountBeer Money
13Beer Moneyf 1951IUBESelyomNuala's Pride
14Nuala's Pridef 1947IUBENuala's DasherStrange Dancer
15Strange Dancerf 1943IUBKStrange LadBorder Dancer
16Border Dancerf 1942IUBECreamery BorderDancing Comet
17Dancing CometfFEB 1935IEBDPrudent TurnTaughmon Girl
18Taughmon GirlfJUN 1932IEBDSlanebegGibstown Girl
19Gibstown GirlfJAN 1929IEBDRevolliVerdict Ivy
20Verdict IvyfJUN 1923IEBDWDurmanHush III
21Hush IIIf 1919IEWBDOsprey HawkStephens Fancy
22Stephens FancyfMAY 1913IEFWRaby FreemanSweet Cherry
23Sweet Cherryf 1903IERPit o'FireSimple Kate
24Simple KatefSEP 1900IEBKJolly Rover IISprightly Nancy
25Sprightly Nancyf 1898IEBKClanmauriceBashful Molly
26Bashful MollyfJUN 1892IEBKBlue ChiefCaution III
27Caution IIIfAPR 1887IEBKWLucky at LastFly (Bourke)
28Fly (Bourke)f 1878IEBDWLuck's AllLook Out
29Look OutfMAR 1875IEBDWPrenez GardeLaughter
30LaughterfMAY 1871IEBKSir StaffordFly
31Fly f 186xIEBKWSpicy BittOld Fly
32Old Flyf 185xIE unknown dogunknown dog