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304 second generation offspring, female branch, of Ballymac Vicky
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Absolute RedmDEC 2014IEFVans Escalade *After SophieWestmead Hawk02544S468
Amazing AngelmDEC 2014IE/CZDKBDVans Escalade *After SophieWestmead Hawk00000
Black PandamDEC 2014IE/SEBKWVans Escalade *After SophieWestmead Hawk01617OPEN0
Brae DancermJUL 2013IEBKKinloch Brae *After SophieWestmead Hawk0201A770
Calean ClampettfJUL 2013IEBKKinloch Brae *After SophieWestmead Hawk00000
Cherrypark LadyfJUL 2013IEBDKinloch Brae *After SophieWestmead Hawk0911A462
County MixturemMAR 2014IEBKGodsend *After SophieWestmead Hawk02824S387
In Your HandsfMAR 2014IEBKGodsend *After SophieWestmead Hawk0301S558
Kinnins BraefJUL 2013IEBKKinloch Brae *After SophieWestmead Hawk01212A346
OrcafDEC 2014IE/SEBKWVans Escalade *After SophieWestmead Hawk02214OPEN0
Salems SlippymJUL 2013IEBDKinloch Brae *After SophieWestmead Hawk02557A395
Scart BraemJUL 2013IEBDKinloch Brae *After SophieWestmead Hawk0400A918
Scart JetmJUL 2013IEBDKinloch Brae *After SophieWestmead Hawk03048A391
Sophies MixturefMAR 2014IEBKGodsend *After SophieWestmead Hawk0620A472
Abigails PartyfNOV 2016IEBKWTyrur Big MikeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk01532A469
AmbitionfAPR 2018IEBKGood NewsBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk01000A637
Avondale AbifAPR 2014IE/UKBDKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0402A374
Avondale GypsyfSEP 2015IE/UKBKBallymac EskeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk00000
Avondale RovermSEP 2015IE/UKFBallymac EskeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk02519A279
Baghad BihouemNOV 2016IEBKWTyrur Big MikeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk00000
Barbican StagmAPR 2018IEBKGood NewsBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0720A195
Bounce BackfNOV 2016IE/CZBKWTyrur Big MikeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0801A730
BreathefAPR 2018IE/UKWBKGood NewsBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk00000
BreathtakingfAPR 2018IEBKGood NewsBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0451112A195
Brockadale BillymSEP 2015IE/UKBKBallymac EskeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk03978OPEN82
Brockadale BoymSEP 2015IU/UKFBallymac EskeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk04945OPEN75
CelebrationfAPR 2014UKBDKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0571016OPEN93
In a HeartbeatfAPR 2014IE/UKBKKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk102594A493
Leos RockettmNOV 2016IU/UKBKTyrur Big MikeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk03233D362
Likely MacmAPR 2014IEBKKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk03684A276
Miss LizziefAPR 2014IU/UKBDKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk02467OPEN116
Morgans MacmSEP 2015IE/UKFBallymac EskeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk079137A378
My Boy MaxmAPR 2014IE/UKBKKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk02224A282
Our FinmAPR 2014IU/UKBKKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0811OPEN110
Pukka DreamsfAPR 2018IEBKGood NewsBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0713A376
Pukka PiratemAPR 2018IEBKGood NewsBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk00000
Reggies RockettmNOV 2016IE/UKBKWTyrur Big MikeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0591011A295
Shimmering ZeusmAPR 2014IU/UKBKKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk05598OPEN126
Silvus Blue JayfAPR 2018IEFGood NewsBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk8581116GROUP397
Silvus FalconmSEP 2015IU/UKBKBallymac EskeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk03544S557
Silvus OspreymNOV 2016IU/UKFWTyrur Big MikeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk043414D358
Standing OvationmAPR 2018IEBKGood NewsBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk01132A283
Tuftys AngelfAPR 2014IE/UKBDKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0521113OPEN94
Tuftys LeadermAPR 2014IU/UKBDKinloch Brae *Ballymac AbigalWestmead Hawk03785OPEN92
Tullamore DollyfAPR 2018IEFGood NewsBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk0712A370
Tullamore HollyfNOV 2016IEFWTyrur Big MikeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk01223A368
Two TicksmNOV 2016IEBKTyrur Big MikeBallymac AbigalWestmead Hawk02891A1104
Amanita ChicfJAN 2014IEBDLeeview JetBallymac BraKinloch Brae *3251117A1115
Ballymac AustinmSEP 2018IEBDBallymac BestBallymac BraKinloch Brae *0411A3101
Ballymac BernicefJAN 2014IEBDLeeview JetBallymac BraKinloch Brae *6771216A187
Ballymac BrodymSEP 2018IE/UKFBallymac BestBallymac BraKinloch Brae *0610OPEN97
Ballymac CablemOCT 2012IE/UKBETullymurry ActBallymac BraKinloch Brae *02266OPEN112
Ballymac CachetfOCT 2012IE/UKBKTullymurry ActBallymac BraKinloch Brae *0791513A179
Ballymac CaifOCT 2012IE/UKBKWTullymurry ActBallymac BraKinloch Brae *03463OPEN94
Ballymac CalafOCT 2012IE/UKWBKTullymurry ActBallymac BraKinloch Brae *71433OPEN93
Ballymac ContimJUL 2019IE/UKBKBallymac BolgerBallymac BraKinloch Brae *0712813OPEN115
Ballymac DawnrunmJUN 2015IE/UKBDCrash *Ballymac BraKinloch Brae *046813A345
Ballymac DinglemAPR 2017IE/UKBKDroopys CainBallymac BraKinloch Brae *01441OPEN104
Ballymac JessicafAPR 2017IE/UKBKDroopys CainBallymac BraKinloch Brae *051118A195
Ballymac JetsetmJAN 2014IEBDLeeview JetBallymac BraKinloch Brae *041106OPEN96
Ballymac Jo JofJUN 2016IE/CZBKParadise MadisonBallymac BraKinloch Brae *128119OPEN0
Ballymac LeeroymJAN 2014IEBKLeeview JetBallymac BraKinloch Brae *0502A467
Ballymac LorcanmJAN 2014IEBKLeeview JetBallymac BraKinloch Brae *251551A5130
Ballymac MageenfJUN 2016IE/UKBKParadise MadisonBallymac BraKinloch Brae *05473A650
Ballymac ManmJUN 2016IEBKParadise MadisonBallymac BraKinloch Brae *01322OPEN91
Ballymac MariahfSEP 2018IEBDBallymac BestBallymac BraKinloch Brae *04266S180
Ballymac MavisfJUL 2019IE/UKWBKBallymac BolgerBallymac BraKinloch Brae *0691613OPEN91
Ballymac NewmanmSEP 2018IE/UKFBallymac BestBallymac BraKinloch Brae *0741715OPEN97
Ballymac ShonafJAN 2014IE/UKBDWLeeview JetBallymac BraKinloch Brae *60000
Ballymac TaximJUN 2016IEBKParadise MadisonBallymac BraKinloch Brae *01115A290
Billericay TonymJUL 2019IE/UKWBEBallymac BolgerBallymac BraKinloch Brae *0503OPEN86
Curragh FayefAPR 2017IEBKDroopys CainBallymac BraKinloch Brae *03428A374
Deanridge Five OmJUN 2016IEBKWParadise MadisonBallymac BraKinloch Brae *0200A357
Drive On IvyfJUN 2015IE/UKFCrash *Ballymac BraKinloch Brae *057107OPEN89
DumasmJUN 2015IEBKCrash *Ballymac BraKinloch Brae *03386GROUP1124
Esspea OnlyfJUN 2015IE/UKWBDCrash *Ballymac BraKinloch Brae *0610A735
ExactlymJAN 2014IEBDLeeview JetBallymac BraKinloch Brae *01535OPEN117
PetrogradmJUN 2016IE/UKBKWParadise MadisonBallymac BraKinloch Brae *01002A842
Pro DuchessfJUN 2016IEBKParadise MadisonBallymac BraKinloch Brae *91471OPEN112
QuietlymOCT 2012IEBKTullymurry ActBallymac BraKinloch Brae *24944207GROUP1151
Strategic FollyfOCT 2012IE/UKBKWTullymurry ActBallymac BraKinloch Brae *45611A483
Toremore EmilyfSEP 2018IEFBallymac BestBallymac BraKinloch Brae *120000
ZucheromSEP 2018IEFBallymac BestBallymac BraKinloch Brae *036610S193
Annas FortyfAUG 2018IE/UKBDBallymac BestBallymac CameoVans Escalade *2932A388
Arthur SproutfAPR 2019IE/UKBKBallymac BolgerBallymac CameoVans Escalade *04463GROUP298
Ballycowen PetfJAN 2020IEBKBallymac BolgerBallymac CameoVans Escalade *0511712A288
Ballymac AmanmSEP 2021IEFSuperior PanamaBallymac CameoVans Escalade *03191389
Ballymac AriafSEP 2021IEBDSuperior PanamaBallymac CameoVans Escalade *0235491
Ballymac ArielfAPR 2019IEBKBallymac BolgerBallymac CameoVans Escalade *028143GROUP1137
Ballymac CamsfAUG 2018IEFBallymac BestBallymac CameoVans Escalade *1311A283
Ballymac CandicefAUG 2018IE/UKBDBallymac BestBallymac CameoVans Escalade *01042715A389
Ballymac CantermSEP 2021IE/UKFSuperior PanamaBallymac CameoVans Escalade *02263OPEN100
Ballymac CharliemSEP 2021IE/UKBDSuperior PanamaBallymac CameoVans Escalade *0511OPEN100
Ballymac ChelseamAPR 2017IEBKRomeo RecruitBallymac CameoVans Escalade *00000
Ballymac ContemAPR 2017IE/UKBKRomeo RecruitBallymac CameoVans Escalade *04789OPEN119
Ballymac FreyafJAN 2020IEBKBallymac BolgerBallymac CameoVans Escalade *028710A1102
Ballymac JazzmSEP 2020IEFBallymac AntonBallymac CameoVans Escalade *071164
Ballymac JennyfJAN 2020IEBKBallymac BolgerBallymac CameoVans Escalade *60000
Ballymac LoganmSEP 2021IEDKBDSuperior PanamaBallymac CameoVans Escalade *0145284
Ballymac LunafJAN 2018IE/DEWFBallymac MattBallymac CameoVans Escalade *00000
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