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84 second generation offspring, female branch, of Warned to Win *

NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
FrankmDEC 1982USRConfirmedHy PayerLorded00000
JessemDEC 1982USRConfirmedHy PayerLorded00000
Jessica PayfDEC 1982USFConfirmedHy PayerLorded20000
Just JamesmDEC 1982USRConfirmedHy PayerLorded00000
Mona ShongoldfFEB 1982USRPresident ElectHy PayerLorded80000
Paul PaymDEC 1982USRConfirmedHy PayerLorded00000
PaulinefDEC 1982USRConfirmedHy PayerLorded00000
Santa Fae FayefDEC 1982USRConfirmedHy PayerLorded30000
AckleyfMAR 1983USBKUnrulyHy ShellyLorded100000
Brown StylefJAN 1985USBKNicky FinnHy ShellyLorded170000
Cascadingm 198xUSUnrulyHy ShellyLorded270000
CrescofMAR 1983USBKUnrulyHy ShellyLorded10000
ExirafMAR 1983USBKUnrulyHy ShellyLorded00000
Gray StylefJAN 1985USBKNicky FinnHy ShellyLorded100000
HabilemJUL 1982USBKRocket ChargeHy ShellyLorded00000
HattonmMAR 1983USDKBDUnrulyHy ShellyLorded00000
HautefMAR 1983USBKUnrulyHy ShellyLorded50000
Henry's HawkmJUL 1982USBKRocket ChargeHy ShellyLorded00000
Hobo BoymJUL 1982USDKBDRocket ChargeHy ShellyLorded00000
HussarmJUL 1982USBKRocket ChargeHy ShellyLorded00000
Keota fMAR 1983USBKUnrulyHy ShellyLorded20000
Lil VioletfJUL 1982USBKRocket ChargeHy ShellyLorded00000
Lyrical StarfAPR 1981USBDPresident ElectHy ShellyLorded160000
Mark HopemJAN 1985USBDNicky FinnHy ShellyLorded00000
Mark StylemJAN 1985USBKNicky FinnHy ShellyLorded00000
MyriadmJUL 1982USBKRocket ChargeHy ShellyLorded00000
NitafJUL 1982USBKRocket ChargeHy ShellyLorded00000
Precious DatafAPR 1981USBDPresident ElectHy ShellyLorded180000
Purple StylefJAN 1985USBKNicky FinnHy ShellyLorded340000
Reflect RapturefJUL 1982USBDRocket ChargeHy ShellyLorded00000
RenewablefAPR 1981USBKPresident ElectHy ShellyLorded13100A0
Rush AbbyfAPR 1981USBKPresident ElectHy ShellyLorded330000
SequencefAPR 1981USBDPresident ElectHy ShellyLorded110000
Shelly ButtonsfJUL 1980USBKMax DelaneyHy ShellyLorded00000
Sweet Helenf 1985USBKBanker HapHy ShellyLorded110000
Total RulemAPR 1986USBKMr. Buckaroo *Hy ShellyLorded00000
Traerf 198xUSBDUnrulyHy ShellyLorded120000
Glorious DaysmJUN 1984USBDK's FlakHy SkyLorded00000
Ask The Acef 1985USFPlacid AceHy SpunkyLorded70000
Dr. SpockmSEP 1982USRBDPrinter JudHy SpunkyLorded00000
Eyes of LovefSEP 1982USRPrinter JudHy SpunkyLorded00000
Gull's AccordmMAR 1985USBDGull's YakkiHy SpunkyLorded00000
Gull's Hy SpunkmMAR 1985USDKBDGull's YakkiHy SpunkyLorded00000
Hail AcefDEC 1983USRPlacid AceHy SpunkyLorded00000
Italian MissfNOV 1985USFRoman RuleHy SpunkyLorded00000
My Boy JudmSEP 1982USRPrinter JudHy SpunkyLorded00000
Nice AcefDEC 1983USBDPlacid AceHy SpunkyLorded00000
Roman ChiefmNOV 1985USBDRoman RuleHy SpunkyLorded00000
Ruler's WishmNOV 1985USBDRoman RuleHy SpunkyLorded00000
Slunky RosefSEP 1982USRBDPrinter JudHy SpunkyLorded00000
Cape VerdefNOV 1979USRBig Red MachineHy SunnyLorded00000
DevastatefNOV 1979USRBig Red MachineHy SunnyLorded00000
Dog Track TapermNOV 1979USRBig Red MachineHy SunnyLorded00000
GanymedefNOV 1979USWRBig Red MachineHy SunnyLorded00000
HostilemNOV 1979USWRTBig Red MachineHy SunnyLorded00000
Alberts NutfMAR 1983USBKBig ZiggyHy TimesLorded00000
BJ's BrendafMAR 1981USBDK's FlakHy TimesLorded100000
BJ's ClaymOCT 1984USBKK's FlakHy TimesLorded00000
BJ's JustinmMAR 1981USFK's FlakHy TimesLorded1755100OPEN0
BJ's MarkmMAR 1981USFK's FlakHy TimesLorded50000
BJ's RaefMAR 1981USFK's FlakHy TimesLorded180000
Bj's SammMAR 1983USBKBig ZiggyHy TimesLorded00000
Bj's ShaftmMAR 1983USBDBig ZiggyHy TimesLorded00000
BJ's SherryfMAR 1981USFK's FlakHy TimesLorded110000
Bj's SleepermMAR 1983USBDBig ZiggyHy TimesLorded00000
Bj's SmokymMAR 1983USBDBig ZiggyHy TimesLorded00000
Bj's StonemMAR 1983USBKBig ZiggyHy TimesLorded00000
BJ's SundownmMAR 1981USBKK's FlakHy TimesLorded00000
BJ's TartanfOCT 1984USFK's FlakHy TimesLorded120000
BJ's TerrymDEC 1981USFRev. RonnieHy TimesLorded00000
BJ's TimermMAR 1981USBKK's FlakHy TimesLorded00000
BJ's TweedfOCT 1984USBKK's FlakHy TimesLorded190000
BJ's White StarmMAR 1981USFK's FlakHy TimesLorded00000
Bj's WishbonefMAR 1983USBDBig ZiggyHy TimesLorded00000
Lucky Big BenmDEC 1979USBKOnie JonesHy TimesLorded00000
Lucky DebutantefDEC 1979USBDOnie JonesHy TimesLorded00000
Lucky Gold GalfDEC 1979USBDOnie JonesHy TimesLorded90000
Lucky Lady LeefDEC 1979USBKOnie JonesHy TimesLorded00000
Lucky MagicfDEC 1979USLTBDOnie JonesHy TimesLorded170000
Lucky ScottmDEC 1979USBDOnie JonesHy TimesLorded00000
Lucky Time GalfDEC 1979USBKOnie JonesHy TimesLorded50000
Talipedf 198xUSBKKithedHy TimesLorded180000
Toyedm 197XUSKithedHy TimesLorded160000
Twinedf 198xUSBKKithedHy TimesLorded10000