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3525 second generation offspring, male branch, of Big Whizzer
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^SireSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Cliff OlsenfSEP 1982USRBDDowningA. BombBig Whizzer00000
Cliff's Skipperf 198xUSRBDDowningA. BombBig Whizzer60000
Doc BenefieldmSEP 1982USFDowningA. BombBig Whizzer00000
BabbafSEP 1982IEFSail On II *AbbaBig Whizzer70000
Dick a DhofSEP 1982IEFSail On II *AbbaBig Whizzer30000
Happy IssuemJUL 1983USBDDowningAbbey Breeze*Big Whizzer00000
Abbeyside DarkiefMAY 1985IEBKSail On II *Abbeyside LucyBig Whizzer70000
Abbeyside RosiefMAY 1985IEBKSail On II *Abbeyside LucyBig Whizzer00000
Mystery SailfMAY 1985IEBDSail On II *Abbeyside LucyBig Whizzer00000
Oldtown SailfMAY 1985IEBDSail On II *Abbeyside LucyBig Whizzer00000
Adequate AcefMAY 1979USDowningAbellaBig Whizzer40000
AttitudemMAY 1979USRFDowningAbellaBig Whizzer270000
Benji's AlibimAUG 1979USRBDDowningAbellaBig Whizzer155100OPEN0
InfomMAY 1979USRBDDowningAbellaBig Whizzer00000
Neet FeetfMAY 1979USRFDowningAbellaBig Whizzer120000
New BeginningmMAY 1979USRBDDowningAbellaBig Whizzer00000
Shake Well *fMAY 1979US/IERBDDowningAbellaBig Whizzer110000
Spirit StartmMAY 1979USRBDDowningAbellaBig Whizzer1000000
Chu CheamJUN 1988USBKJimmy's SmileAbideBig Whizzer00000
Coke ClassicmJUL 1984USBDJimmy's SmileAbideBig Whizzer290000
Go Lucky MaidenfJUL 1984USBDJimmy's SmileAbideBig Whizzer00000
Heza SavagemJUL 1984USBKJimmy's SmileAbideBig Whizzer0101OPEN0
Hopeful ThinkingmJUN 1988USBDJimmy's SmileAbideBig Whizzer00000
Passum KayfJUN 1988USBKJimmy's SmileAbideBig Whizzer10000
Sheza SpitfirefJUL 1984USBKJimmy's SmileAbideBig Whizzer40000
Abrupt PupmAPR 1983USBDDowningAbrupt EdgeBig Whizzer00000
Ceco JackmAPR 1983USBDDowningAbrupt EdgeBig Whizzer00000
Downing's DotfAPR 1983USBDDowningAbrupt EdgeBig Whizzer150000
Downing's EdgemAPR 1983USBDDowningAbrupt EdgeBig Whizzer00000
Downing's GhostmAPR 1983USBDDowningAbrupt EdgeBig Whizzer00000
My Boy FriendmAPR 1983USFDowningAbrupt EdgeBig Whizzer00000
My Girl FriendfAPR 1983USBDDowningAbrupt EdgeBig Whizzer60000
R Special EdgemAPR 1983USBDDowningAbrupt EdgeBig Whizzer230000
Missouri GiantmJUL 1983USBDDowningAdriftBig Whizzer00000
Stranger's KissfAPR 1982USBDDowningAdriftBig Whizzer150000
Kago KimfNOV 1984USBKJimmy's SmileAerodynamicBig Whizzer50000
Agi An's DeaconmAUG 1980USFAV's Adam's EdAgi An's AngelBig Whizzer00000
Agi An's DixonmAUG 1980USWBDAV's Adam's EdAgi An's AngelBig Whizzer00000
Agi An's DronemAUG 1980USBDAV's Adam's EdAgi An's AngelBig Whizzer00000
Agi An's OnefAUG 1980USRBDAV's Adam's EdAgi An's AngelBig Whizzer00000
Hoop's Big BoymJUL 1982USRAV's Chief RebelAgi An's TripodBig Whizzer00000
Hoop's LobomJUL 1982USRAV's Chief RebelAgi An's TripodBig Whizzer00000
Hoop's PinklandmJUL 1982USRAV's Chief RebelAgi An's TripodBig Whizzer00000
Hoop's RebelmJUL 1982USRAV's Chief RebelAgi An's TripodBig Whizzer00000
Hoop's ScootmJUL 1982USRAV's Chief RebelAgi An's TripodBig Whizzer00000
Jna's Bit O LovefJUL 1982USFAV's Chief RebelAgi An's TripodBig Whizzer00000
Aglish SailmOCT 1986IE/UKBKSail On II *Aglish TulipBig Whizzer00000
Dandy ZipmDEC 1984USBKJimmy's SmileAgree With MeBig Whizzer00000
Mr. TuffmDEC 1984USBKJimmy's SmileAgree With MeBig Whizzer00000
Black ForestmNOV 1983USBKJimmy's SmileAh Pick YouBig Whizzer00000
Flying NighthawkmNOV 1983USBKJimmy's SmileAh Pick YouBig Whizzer00000
Lady GwenivierfNOV 1983USBKJimmy's SmileAh Pick YouBig Whizzer80000
Midnight StridermNOV 1983USBKJimmy's SmileAh Pick YouBig Whizzer00000
On Cloud NinefNOV 1983USBKJimmy's SmileAh Pick YouBig Whizzer00000
Photon PhnatomfNOV 1983USBKJimmy's SmileAh Pick YouBig Whizzer00000
Silver SmokefNOV 1983USBKJimmy's SmileAh Pick YouBig Whizzer90000
Tropic MoonfNOV 1983USRBDJimmy's SmileAh Pick YouBig Whizzer200000
Airmount GemfFEB 1982IUBDSail On II *Airmount RoseBig Whizzer00000
Airmount GuardmFEB 1982IEBDSail On II *Airmount RoseBig Whizzer70000
Airmount JewelfFEB 1982IEBDSail On II *Airmount RoseBig Whizzer13110GROUP10
Lisheen MissfFEB 1982IEBDSail On II *Airmount RoseBig Whizzer00000
Albury BeautyfJAN 1985IEFSail On II *Albury DuchessBig Whizzer00000
Belmont BillmJAN 1985IEBDSail On II *Albury DuchessBig Whizzer00000
Cornish LadmJAN 1985IEFSail On II *Albury DuchessBig Whizzer00000
Fast  OperatormJAN 1985IEBDSail On II *Albury DuchessBig Whizzer00000
Little PtofitfJAN 1985IEBDSail On II *Albury DuchessBig Whizzer00000
White ThroatfJAN 1985IEFSail On II *Albury DuchessBig Whizzer00000
Albury HeromMAY 1985IUFSail On II *Albury GirlBig Whizzer00000
Albury Princess*f 198xIE/USFSail On II *Albury GirlBig Whizzer50000
Albury SparkfMAY 1985IUFSail On II *Albury GirlBig Whizzer00000
Belmont SailmMAY 1985IUBDSail On II *Albury GirlBig Whizzer00000
Phantom PrincessfFEB 1983IEFSail On II *Albury GirlBig Whizzer30000
Toby the SailormMAY 1985IUFSail On II *Albury GirlBig Whizzer80000
Albury AcemJAN 1988IEBDSail On II *Albury RoseBig Whizzer00000
Barnarue LassfJUL 1986IEBDSail On II *AlchesterBig Whizzer00000
Cappanuke RovermJUL 1986IEBDSail On II *AlchesterBig Whizzer00000
Dennys GoldmJUL 1986IEFSail On II *AlchesterBig Whizzer00000
Newbridge LadyfJUL 1986IEFSail On II *AlchesterBig Whizzer290000
Rearcross HopefJUL 1986IEBDSail On II *AlchesterBig Whizzer00000
Sail On SkinnyfJUL 1986IEBDSail On II *AlchesterBig Whizzer280000
West LakemJUL 1986IEBDSail On II *AlchesterBig Whizzer00000
Night SailingmJUL 1981IU/UKBDSail On II *Alert BellBig Whizzer00000
HumblingmAUG 1979USBDDowningAlice's Drive*Big Whizzer00000
IllustratingmAUG 1979USBDDowningAlice's Drive*Big Whizzer00000
PaintingfAUG 1979USRBDDowningAlice's Drive*Big Whizzer00000
PaintmakingfAUG 1979USBDDowningAlice's Drive*Big Whizzer00000
PapermakingmAUG 1979USRDowningAlice's Drive*Big Whizzer00000
SculptingfAUG 1979USRBDDowningAlice's Drive*Big Whizzer40000
SketchingfAUG 1979USBDDowningAlice's Drive*Big Whizzer00000
SpacingmAUG 1979USRBDDowningAlice's Drive*Big Whizzer00000
SqueezingfAUG 1979USRBDDowningAlice's Drive*Big Whizzer00000
All for WhofJUL 1984IEFSail On II *All for MeBig Whizzer120000
Play for MefJUL 1984IEFSail On II *All for MeBig Whizzer00000
Army BratfJAN 1980USBKDowningAll Heart *Big Whizzer250000
Big Hearted RedmJAN 1980USRDowningAll Heart *Big Whizzer180000
Bold FootprintmJAN 1980USRBDDowningAll Heart *Big Whizzer487100OPEN0
Brat's BrothermFEB 1981USBKDowningAll Heart *Big Whizzer00000
Dark RainbowfJAN 1980USBKDowningAll Heart *Big Whizzer120000
Dog WilliamsmFEB 1981USBKDowningAll Heart *Big Whizzer00000
High On InterestmFEB 1981USBKDowningAll Heart *Big Whizzer390000
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